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main contract players of Tibhar

Source: Author: 黑马 A true veteran powerhouse has an evergreen tree. Undoubtedly, Samsonov is the one who stands Tibhar . In the 1/8 finals of...


Butterfly’s super ALC and ZLC

Source: Author: 邵璧林 In this issue, our theme is: Butterfly’s super aromatic carbon and super fiber Super ALC/Super ZLC, is it really super? Really surpass their...


Banda Offensive: All-round Crisp Cao Zhen Shouban

Source: Author: 黑马聊乒乓 After Stiga restarted Banda, Fang Bo endorsed Carbon SF, and Cao Zhen endorsed Offensive. We have already reviewed the Fangbo ‘s blade...


Fang Bo’s new blade, Banda Carbon SF

Source: Author: Lao Shao Tea Shop Once upon a time, Banda and Stiga were the twin stars of Stiga AB Sports, the famous brand of...