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A brand-new high-vacuum packaging is enabled, the packaging is simple and clear, and the metal texture is strong. Without too much introduction, there is the table tennis federation logo below, 40+ new material application, H-EPO high-elastic particle penetration technology, high-elastic flexible sponge, ultra-elastic full astringent rubber (ATTACK+LOOP\fast attack + arc circle), These items are affected by technical conditions, I will introduce what I can see.

High-elastic flexible sponge: (new #65 sponge) is it really high-elastic, is it super soft, please see the most direct sponge PK with T05. Leaving aside performance, the workmanship of this sponge is great! ! !

Super elastic and full astringent rubber: This rubber surface is made of full astringent, transparent and shiny particles. Compared with the previous products, this rubber surface reminds me of the old bus that has been used for many years. This rubber surface Certainly the speed is extraordinary.


To wrap around 60 grams, I cut a larger circle (because I have to test different base plates and forehands and backhands), after reducing 45 grams, it is estimated that the weight of the backhand paste will not exceed 45 grams. I am quite satisfied with this. As a candy bar, the choice of anti-glove glue is very picky: the first cannot be too heavy, the second cannot be impenetrable, and the third cannot affect the forehand transparency. (These three points are based on my personal feelings. Used Hurricane 3 to beat it horizontally)

Thickness and hardness:

The thickness of the sponge is 2.0 and the hardness is 35 (the sponges are 2.0 and 2.1 respectively, and the hardness is 35 and 37). I feel a little regretful about this hardness. Combined with the test, if the sponge with 39 degrees can be used as a forehand, it will be very powerful. Maybe the original intention of designing this set of rubber is to design for backhand.

Blade matching:

In order to try out the maximum performance and real level of this set of glue, I matched a variety of different types of soleplates. There are 7 clips of pure wood CL, pure wood and carbon CLCC, five clips of YEO, the domestic classic Yinhe U1 burned;

Stiga CL CC+ Tin Arc 5, Hurricane 3

CC is relatively soft, with 39 degrees Hurricane 3 for the forehand just right, the change of the Tin Arc 5 for the forehand means a lot of pressure, small power is very thorough, the big power is too weak, it is almost impossible to hit the ball, and the return is all kinds of weakness. . . I immediately switched back to the backhand. I felt that it was just right. The horizontal hit was very stable. I could feel the rubber holding the ball obviously. There would be no phenomenon of imperviousness under small force, and no false play. At least I feel that the force is just as much as possible. How much quality is produced without magnification, and it will not be degraded. . . The highlight is the controllability, the control of the drop point is very stable under medium and small forces. There is a feeling of throwing out the board that exerts force. It is fast and has a clear directionality. It can be said that there are both forehands and backhands. There are disappointments and surprises.

CL+ Tin Arc 5, Hurricane 3

This CL is relatively hard, and feels very transparent. It has been equipped with F1 as a forehand before and is known for its speed. This time, we will focus on testing the forehand ability of this rubber set. . . It is said that Tin Arc 5 is much better than CC forehand on this soleplate. It is not impossible to hit at all, but it is not very ideal. It may still be soft. If it is 37 degrees 2.1 I believe it will be very good. For me, try it. The 35-degree 2.0 can only be a fast attack. To be honest, the speed is indeed not as fast as the F1 I have ever played. The highlight is the control and feel. The small ball rarely rises. Basically, where to hit, the defensive circle—— stable. The same can be trusted when used as a backhand.

Yinhe U1 Burn

Recently, the very popular one, the power of charcoal makes the shot feel very transparent, the quality of 7 clips, the feel of 5 clips, I personally like it very much, and I will introduce it separately in a while. The same Tin Arc 5 has a good performance on this blade, and heard the long-lost metal sound. It is recommended to match with Forehand Hurricane 3, if you like a non-china rubber , S1 can be used, and if you have a backhand, Tin Arc 5 35 degrees 2.0. Of course, if you have more fast breaks, you can also use 37 degrees 2.1 as a forehand.


I played 10 YEO blades. This is the Japanese version that I just started, and the appearance is quite rare. I personally think that the best configuration is forehand Hurricane 3 or Skyline 2, backhand Sriver EL or Bryce 1.9. . . So will Tin Arc 5 subvert my view of YEO’s backhand configuration? . . We will wait and see. This time I tried very hard, with multi-ball practice, fixed-point and variable-point practice, and finally a rivalry. There is no surprise, no loss, it is difficult to replace Sriver EL and Bryce in my heart. . . To say that there are bright spots, first, no glue is needed, and the performance is stable. I don’t want to be invincible when the Sriver EL and the Bryce are filled well. It is very difficult to use if it is not filled well. As for how long it can last, it will take time. Further verification; Second, the weight Tin Arc 5 is not heavy nor the lightest, but it is very suitable, and it will not affect the transparency of the forehand. . . So I will improve and try to see how long his internal energy is.

Glue articles

As the internal energy rubber product launched by DHS, everyone will definitely wait and see its internal energy effect. Then I am definitely going to compare inorganic glue with organic glue. For those who don’t have inorganic glue, two thin layers of organic glue are fine. I recommend 3 layers of inorganic ones, because the rubber layer feels very comfortable. After testing, Tin Arc 5 fully meets the standard of internal energy. If it is used organically, it will not improve the performance much. The next step is to look at its durability.


Astringent rubber has always been the world of non-china rubber, and the domestically produced full astringent is not very successful. This time the launch of Tin Arc 5 full astringent is a qualitative leap, which is a challenge for domestic products to coats. Compared with the previous Tin Arc astringent and sticky, Tin Arc 5 has made a breakthrough without hesitation, more and more successful cakes, and improved the quality of the glue surface. . . We have seen your progress, and the problem is real. A successful set is not only suitable for backhands, but also for forehands. . . Maybe your original intention was to design for the backhand, but the face we chose was too small. I suggest adding a 39-degree Tin Arc 5 to make up for this regret and give us an extra choice.

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This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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