Yinhe PRO-01X: control under diversified offense and defense


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The Shanghai amateur table tennis community has always had a legend that “the one who wins Zhu Yi wins the world”. We may consider Zhu Yi, who “failed to put on the Shanghai team cloth and enter the national team” as “amateur origin”, but it is undeniable that he can match the technical level of professional players. Therefore, the PRO-01 endorsed by Zhu Yi is called “Professional No. 1”.

Yinhe PRO-01X

“Professional No. 1” also has another meaning. Last summer, Yinhe investigated the 16 provincial teams it sponsored and found that a certain Japanese brand had an external ALC board share of 42%. The 5+2 structure of “Koto face material, external ALC blue carbon, paulownia core” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. PRO-01 is such a structure. What about PRO-01X? It is a professional version with “no words”.

Yinhe PRO-01X

What are the advantages of this structure? First of all, ALC is a combination of blue aryl and carbon. The former is soft and the latter is rigid. The two-phase combination creates a “soft and rigid” feel. The combination of koto face material and external ALC presents the characteristics of crispness, transparency and crispness. The paulownia core with small vibration is also transparent and controllable. For golfers who are looking for speed and fierce ball quality, the external aromatic carbon is naturally suitable. As long as the forearm is retracted fast enough, the built-in aromatic carbon with a good veneer killing ratio will not do too much.

Today, let’s explore this professional version of PRO-01X to see the level geometry.

See big in small

Yinhe PRO-01X

The measured thickness is 5.75mm. The board surface size is 157*151mm. Comparing with the U-code Viscaria at hand, you will find that the large core of 01X is a little thinner, and the other layers are basically the same. The shoulder is a little wider than VIS, so that the center of gravity will move to the handle appropriately. In general, the center of gravity is still on the head, but it is not obvious.

The handle is similar to VIS, but the front end is a bit fuller. Strike the board, the pitch of 01X is a little higher than that of U code VIS.

Spinning VIS

Although it has the same external blue aromatic carbon structure like VIS, it is more like a spinning VIS. In other words, it was originally an external ALC, but it was handled with a taste of built-in ALC.

On the whole, there is still the crispness of the external aromatic carbon, and it maintains a good speed in bounce and attack. However, the wood processing is softer. I feel that the feeling of holding the ball will be more obvious than the U-code VIS at hand, and it will be easier to rotate. For the author who is accustomed to the built-in carbon, it is quite easy to switch over and play 01X.

If we carefully observe Zhu Yi’s playing style, we will find that his technique is balanced and his attacking styles are diversified. Whether it is a high-speed stalemate or an offensive and defensive transition, it reflects his excellent feel. This is what we call “control of the ball”. The PRO-01X is a baseboard that emphasizes “control”.

Yinhe PRO-01X

The speed of stripping is not as fast as VIS. With VIS, you will feel that the wood is tougher and more crisp, especially on the backhand position, which will give you more shots. 01X has less backhand shots, which is a bit more meaty than VIS, but has a higher stability and eats more shots. In the use of the arc circle technology, 01X gives you a higher sense of stability, you will find it easy to adjust the arc, and you can still easily increase the spin even when the forearm is not fast enough. But with VIS, it may drop the ball. In this regard, the technical threshold of 01X may be more close to the people.

It has to be said that VIS has a harder sense of support, so that it will be stronger than 01X when it is borrowed, and the speed of hitting is faster than 01X. The overall feel of the 01X is very good, especially when it is “friction”. At the same time, in terms of overall deformation, 01X will be easier to punch out. You can feel the deformation and the feeling of eating the ball, but it is not the “presumptuous” sense of enlargement of the DHS 506X. The magnification of 01X is not as sturdy as 506X, but the sense of scale is very good. And the feeling of rotation is better than that of 506X.

Especially in the backhand position, because the 506X’s center of gravity is too close to the head, it is not easy to twist and pull the backhand. 01X is very easy. There is an instant sense of pause when eating the ball, which can be more spin, with higher grasp and good directivity.

The ball that the opponent uses VIS to rush over will be a little bit higher than 01X. However, he also reflects that 01X has a deeper kick, and it is better to “snap” out the arc when the footwork is not in place. Moreover, VIS has to sling high, which is a little prone to drop the ball. 01X is more stable at this point.

Yinhe Rubber

In terms of rubber distribution, as an external ALC base plate with better ball holding, 01X can be applied with a higher hardness rubber to further strengthen the overall support force. The Asian version of Jupiter 3, a new product of the Milky Way, has a relatively deep ball, and its fault tolerance and arc ability are quite good. However, after the preset primer, 39 degrees is a little bit fleshy, and 40 degrees is better. Of course, it works well with Big Dipper 2 and Hurricane 3.

With double-sided non-china rubber, 01X is highly compatible with high-hardness non-china rubber . At the same time, there will be no shorting. Generally speaking, I do not pick rubber, but it is best to “come harder.”

It can be said that PRO-01X is an external ALC blade with different flavors. While maintaining the “rigid and soft, transparent and crisp” of the external aromatic carbon, it also emphasizes the sense of holding the ball and the control of the ball. From the perspective of technical requirements, it is more close to the people. The balance of speed and spin is also higher.

Source: https://www.sohu.com/a/439220845_120763247

Author: 黑马聊乒乓

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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