DHS Hurricane 8 table tennis rubber test play — another choice for replace Hurricane 3


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I am very curious and curious about the new blade and new rubber, and I will try it if I have the opportunity. This time I tried Hurricane 8 rubber, which is a bit detoxifying, and the forehand is probably not changed for a while.

table tennis rubber - DHS Hurricane 8

Closer to home, first explain the equipment at hand.

blade: Butterfly Tim Boll W7.
Rubber forehand: DHS Hurricane 8 39° 2.15mm.
Backhand: Joola Express X-plode
Reference: DHS Hurricane 3 38° 2.15mm.

Basic explanation: There must be changes in inorganic potting, but it is not as big as Hurricane 3 (for amateurs, take 2 times as the standard, after all, most people are not in the mood to brush more than 5 times and then play). If Hurricane3 ‘s score is 10 before, it will be 50 after Hurricane ‘s potting, and Hurricane 8 is 20. I personally don’t like to apply glue before play games. The first is trouble, and the second is unhealthy, so all the experiences in this article are based on the standard of applying glue within 1 day.

DHS Hurricane 8 table tennis rubber test serve:

The biggest advantage of viscous rubber is the serve. In the amateur, countless masters rely on the hurricane series of serve as the technical basis. Hurricane 8 itself is not that sticky, but it feels very clear. Hurricane 3 is famous for its stickiness, and it can even stick to it and it won’t fall off. It’s definitely a bonus if you send down spin. T05, a very amazing piece of rubber, I suspected that it was sticky when I first used it, because its ability to make rotation is too strong. With an excellent sponge, it feels very good. The 05 can also show good results with techniques that have more friction and less impact like serving. Compared to Hurricane 3, Hurricane 8 is much softer, can hold the ball better, and can reach about 85% of Crazy Three. Compared to 05, DHS Hurricane 8 small wins.

DHS Hurricane 8:85
DHS Hurricane 3:95
Butterfly T05: 80

table tennis rubber DHS Hurricane 8 Sponge

DHS Hurricane 8 table tennis rubber test play rubbing ball:

Whether the ball is short or long, all you need is the rubber and the sea surface itself to be obedient, and it doesn’t need to be too elastic or rigid. From this point of view, Hurricane 3 sponge is too dead, not as easy to manipulate as the other two. Then there is the addition of twisting and non-spining. The non-spining itself is a relatively advanced technique, let alone for the time being. Adding spin is the most important technique for amateurs. If you have a good spin, it will undoubtedly be a nightmare for your opponents. This is because the stickiness of the Hurricane 3 has an absolute advantage. On the whole, the Hurricane 3 have the upper hand, but you need to adapt. That painful sponge.

DHS Hurricane 8:85
DHS Hurricane 3:95

DHS Hurricane 8 table tennis rubber try to attack/pull the ball:

Both of these offensive techniques require the support of sponges. If the ball is held for too short a time, the fault tolerance rate is extremely low, resulting in too many mistakes in the end, either not dare to attack or offensive failure. From this perspective, although the offensive power of DHS Hurricane 8 is indeed not as good as Hurricane 3, the soft and flexible sponge combined with the sticky rubber surface does add a lot of points. It’s not a heavy artillery but it can be endless. T05 is a typical coat sponge, strong in holding the ball and extremely tolerant, but the arc is too normal. The first arc is too high, the second arc is not tied enough, and it is too flat. If you are not a stale player, it is recommended not to consider as a forehand, and its super high price… There will be a distant platform pull or pull in the game. Counterattack, the hardness of the sponge is extremely obvious, Hurricane 3 is too hard and easy to make mistakes; DHS Hurricane 8 is average, and the support will support the long range table to pull the ball; T05 is like a fish in water, the success rate of the long range table makes you doubt whether it was pulled by yourself.

DHS Hurricane 8:90-good hand feel, high fault tolerance, relatively thief in the arc.
DHS Hurricane 3:75-extremely threatening arc, extremely low fault tolerance, and feel too deadly.
Butterfly T05:80——Excellent hand feeling, high fault tolerance, and too little threat (speed, force, arc rotation are not good enough).

table tennis rubber DHS Hurricane 8 black

DHS Hurricane 8 table tennis rubber test play challenge:

This technique is used less, and I tend to use it as a transition technique, so it is not violent. The sponge of Hurricane 3 gives me no confidence; Hurricane 8 can provide better confidence, whether it is landing or speed, can be controlled; T05 is excellent, the ability to hold the ball is too strong, although not threatening enough, but the landing point The success rate is extremely guaranteed.

DHS Hurricane 8:85
DHS Hurricane 3:70

table tennis rubber DHS Hurricane 8

DHS Hurricane 8 Table Tennis Rubber Trial Comprehensive:

DHS 8 Hurricane 8 In the case that I did not apply glue for more than a week, the sponge elasticity maintained good, which indirectly guaranteed the fault tolerance and flexibility. Although the veneer threat is not as good as Hurricane 3, being able to get on stage is the biggest threat. Hurricane 8 is suitable for players who don’t brush glue and are not violent and stalemate like me.

Finally, let me talk about a little excitement, that is the sponge of Hurricane 8 , not how good she is, but how improved she is. From Hurricane 3 to Tin Arc, and then to Hurricane 8, I saw the progress of DHS, because from die hard, to virtual bomb, and then to comfortable internal energy, this is a not easy road, but DHS has come out. I feel a little gratified for the strengthening of domestic products.

There may be some guys who have played with Blue Sponge who disagree. Blue Sponge has been available for a long time, and it is very easy to use. Yes, I have used it a long time ago, but I didn’t say that because there is no point in mass production because the cost cannot be lowered. There are not many golfers who can use more than 500 starting rubbers as consumables, including 05.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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