More suitable than Long 5 for amateur players: DHS Fang Bo Carbon


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Hurricane Long 5 became famous because of Ma Long’s use, and the blade named after Fang Bo came to the front. Because both of them were using the DHS Hurricane Long 5 table tennis blades before, the carbon base blades of this DHS Fang Bo Carbon is very similar to Long 5. The most obvious change is the size of the handle, in addition to the appearance. The handle of the Fang Bo Carbon soleplate is significantly shorter, and the waist is more rounded. For Fang Bo, the handle he holds is more suitable for his own power. Of course, the long handle of Hurricane Long 5 was no problem for Ma Long. But after the handle is shortened, it is of greater significance to the enthusiasts, because we are not likely to have such accurate judgments as professional players, so when dealing with some table balls, especially when trying to use twisting and pulling, the short handle is more convenient. Another change comes from the surface material. The Fang Bo Carbon floor surface material is harder and the shot speed is faster. So to a certain extent, it also puts forward new requirements for the user’s control ability.

DHS Hurricane Fang Bo Carbon table tennis blade
DHS Fang Bo Carbon

DHS Fang Bo Carbon Test-The overall compact and sharp built-in fiber cutting-edge:

In the actual test play, the common provincial set of NEO Hurricane 3 sets of plastic 40 degrees, 2.15 mm thickness as the forehand, which is almost the standard in the amateur circle. The backhand pasted is the TSP CENTUS SPIN rubber set, which is more popular among fans. The performance of this rubber set is the same as the JOOLA brand “X-PLODE”, and it has a very strong surface rubber friction ability. At medium strength, the Fang Bo Carbon soleplate has a slight shock feel, which is somewhat similar to the hard pure wood soleplate. Only by increasing the force can you experience this from the vibration and the arc of the ball. A product with a built-in fiber structure. The blades needs to have a certain level of force to be able to experience the deformation in the round. The arc of the ball is lower than that of the Long 5 blade, and the style is more aggressive. At the same time, the blade surface of this Fang Bo Carbon blade is also relatively large, so if you want to increase the afterburner in the backhand position, you need a better level of force.

DHS Hurricane Fang Bo Carbon  detail

At the end of the blade handle, there is Fang Bo’s head portrait, which is also the biggest feature of this series named after Fang Bo.

DHS Hurricane Fang Bo Carbon  pen
DHS Hurricane Fang Bo Carbon  pen

DHS Fang Bo Carbon Comprehensive Evaluation:

The blades named after the national player first refers to the professional level , so it will exert its strength to be able to use the requirements of this Fang Bo Carbon blade, but even if it is still in the beginner stage, the price of this series of blade is very close to the people, it seems that there is no need to start. Reason.

The feeling of hitting the ball at medium power-★★★
The rebound force of the blade -★★★★
The rebound speed of the blade-★★★
Very easy to use-★★★
The ability to make spin-★★★★
The comfort level of the blade feel-★★★


This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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