What is the difference in the racket performance of the DHS Hurricane Long series


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Everyone knows that Ma Long uses the DHS Hurricane Long 5 baseboard, but the DHS Long series is not limited to Long 5, the DHS Long series has already become a family, today we will talk to the DHS Hurricane Long, and take a look at the DHS Hurricane Long What is the difference in racket performance between Long, Long 2, Long 3, and Long 5?

DHS Hurricane Long

The Hurricane Long series is a soleplate tailored by DHS for Ma Long, and it is also a national-level series sought after by high-end enthusiasts, making great contributions to Ma Long’s grand slam achievement.

Ma Long wins the 20th crown

In the 2018 Table Tennis World Cup team competition that ended a few days ago, the national table tennis men’s and women’s team led by “Grand Slam” DHS signing players Ma Long and Ding Ning won the Japanese team and achieved their title defense.

The captain of the national table tennis team, Ma Long, won his 20th world championship title in his career. As a result, he surpassed Zhang Yining, who had previously won 19 championships, and became the player with the second most champions in the history of national table tennis, only ranked first. Wang Nan, who has 24 crowns, missed 4 titles.

The win this time is also the first show of the new version of the 2018 “Hurricane Long 5” at the World Series.

The Hurricane Long series is a racket tailored by DHS for Ma Long. It is also a national-level series that has been sought after by high-end enthusiasts. It has made great contributions to Ma Long’s grand slam.

DHS Hurricane Long 2

There are currently four generations of products: Hurricane Long, Hurricane Long 2, Hurricane Long 3, and Hurricane Long 5.

【Hurricane Long】

DHS is based on the early technological development of Ma Long, and it is also a first-generation product of the Hurricane Long series, and it is also the high-end carbon ball of DHS.

The emergence of the Hurricane Long is exactly the time when Ma Long tried the 5+2 carbon ball board, and presumably the Hurricane Long with the same structure was born for this. Among the three fiberboards of Hurricane Wang 3, Hurricane Hao 3, and Hurricane Long in the same period, the latter is strong and flexible. Hurricane Long adopts a stronger Ayous core, so it is rigid, and the ball is fast and the arc is low and flat.

What’s interesting is that it didn’t take long for Ma Long to replace the pure wooden seven clips, which is a special 506 with Jinji handle, at the suggestion of Liu Guoliang. The effect was better. The Hurricane Long 2 with the same structure was out of stock as soon as it was launched. The 1st generation fiberboard is better, but the 2nd generation robbed the limelight. But Ma Long already has a fiber feel, and it is only a matter of time before it returns to fiber.

【Hurricane Long 2】

If Hurricane Long is a little unpopular, then Hurricane Long 2 was a big hit when it was first launched. In 2011, Ma Long created a miracle of 51 consecutive victories, and DHS also revealed Ma Long’s mysterious equipment-the second generation of Hurricane Long, which was born.

Hurricane Long 2 is a big-core seven-clip which is different from the traditional seven-clip. Because the structure is slightly different from the traditional big-core five-clip, the big core of Hurricane Long 2 is a “horizontal core”, perhaps because of the “horizontal core”. So overbearing, the five-fold feel and seven-fold power of Hurricane Long 2 made Ma Long unstoppable, and it also made many fans crazy for snapping up a Hurricane Long 2.

DHS Hurricane Long 3

【Hurricane Long 3】

In the Table Tennis Super League after the London Olympics, people were surprised to find that Ma Long’s racket was replaced by a blue and yellow crescent handle of the Hurricane series, and Ma Long’s color portrait was added to the bottom. This is the DHS combined with Ma Long’s improvement opinions. The Hurricane Long 3.

Just looking at the appearance, Long 3 does not seem to have changed much on the basis of Long 2, but the appearance is changed.

In fact, in response to Ma Long ‘s needs, Long 3 adjusted the adhesive inside the board to make the board more brittle and harder to hit the ball. If Long 2 is soft and brittle, then Long 3 is a bit brittle and medium. The taste is soft, and the tingling sensation after hitting makes people linger.

Although many people think that Hurricane Long 3 is more of a small upgrade for Hurricane Long 2, in terms of performance and appearance, the synchronization rate of Hurricane Long 3 and Ma Long’s prototype is already quite high.

【Hurricane Long 5】

After the World Table Tennis Championships in Paris in 2013, Ma Long updated his equipment again and replaced the board with Hurricane Long 5. This function was out of control: during the trade, he won the 13th National Games championship, and afterwards The 2014 Tokyo World Table Tennis Championships won two points, and finally realized the dream of the 2015 Suzhou World Table Tennis Championships men’s singles. He also won the 2016 Rio Olympic champion, won the career grand slam, and won the 2017 Dussel continuously. The laurels of men’s singles at the Dorf World Table Tennis Championships. It can be said that Ma Long is now a real “six-star warrior”! With such a terrible record, what is this Long 5?

DHS Hurricane Long 5

(Long fans should all remember that after Ma Long scored the last point in Düsseldorf, he lay down and let the classic scene of “Flying Dragon in the Sky” in Hurricane Long 5).

Hurricane Long 5 adopts a core-protecting aromatic carbon structure, and the fibers are placed on both sides of the large core to ensure that the board has a pure wood feel when controlling the ball. At the same time, it can give full play to the advantages of the board’s leverage and bottom strength, which is more versatile. . After the fine-tuning of DHS “No Word”, Long 5 has been completely synchronized with the artifact in Ma Long’s hand. The transparent feel makes it almost a natural pair with Hurricane3 sets of rubber. Even if it is two-sided Hurricane 3 rubbers, it can still kill the Quartet.

What? Don’t tell me you didn’t know that the Long are now Hurricane Rubbers on both sides.

In 2018, “Hurricane Long 5” was updated again, and the portrait at the bottom of the handle was replaced with the glorious moment when Ma Long reached the top of the Rio Olympics and achieved the grand slam achievement.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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