Briefly comment on 3 popular built-in fiber blades made in China


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“The best built-in fiber racket is DHS Long 5 (w968) and while the external fiber racket is Butterfly VISCARIA.” due to the love of first-line table tennis players at home and abroad, these two soleplates have almost become standard accessories for table tennis equipment enthusiasts. In particular, the Long 5 structure with built-in fiber is more similar to the strengthened five clip bottom plate, so it is more suitable for Chinese technical schools dominated by forehand arc and fast break, so it is more sought after by enthusiasts at different levels. In addition to the Long 5 structural base plate of DHS (including the market version of Hurricane Long 5, special w968, Bofang carbon and the newly launched Long 5 X and box base plates), other brands such as Yinhe, Sword, 729 and other companies have also launched base plates with similar structures.

DHS Hurricane Long 5
Sword 997 plus special
Sword 997 plus special
729 KLC 7
729 KLC

On the occasion of the launch of the new DHS product, the author will make a slight comparison with the type of structural floor that I have played – DHS Market Edition Long 5, W968, Sword 997plus special, 729 KLC, and I hope you will have more exchanges. .

Structure: the same with small differences, each with its own style

Except for the special structure of Sword 997plus special, which changed the Ayous strength material to spruce, the structure of the other plates is “Limba surface material + Ayous strength material + KLC fiber + Ayous core + “KLC Fiber + Ayous Force Material + Linba Face Material” has a built-in fiber structure.
However, after carefully savoring the structure of each floor, each has its own style:
DHS Long 5 can be regarded as a basic model. The face material and strength material layer are slightly thinner, the large core is slightly thicker, and the selection of materials is not rigorous enough, so the overall presents a kind of feel that is not stiff enough and lacks leverage.

Long 5 and 729 KLC 7
W968和729 KLC

The W968 special edition can be described as the Long 5 Exclusive Edition. After all, it is a special equipment for national players. Not only is it strictly controlled in terms of material selection and craftsmanship, but the KLC fiber is also thicker than the market version of the Long 5.

Sword 997 plus special
Sword 997plus special

The Sword 997plus special can be regarded as an upgraded version of Long 5. Although its fiber thickness is similar to that of Long 5, the hard and brittle spruce strength material greatly increases the power transmission of the bottom plate. It is a classic five of “Spruce + Ayous”. An enhanced version of the folder core structure. Because it is also a special product, the selection of materials is also very meticulous.

729 KLC 7
729 KLC

729 KLC is a new base plate developed for the performance of DHS W968, which can be regarded as a friendly version of W968. The face material and strength material layer of 729 KLC are slightly thicker, and the large core is slightly thinner; the wood is older, with larger pores and better drying.

Try it out: each has its own merits

DHS Long 5: Because of the quality control problems of the market version of Long 5 products, almost every rackets is not consistent, but the overall feeling is not clear enough. But generally speaking, it is a relatively balanced racket. It is a bit poor in bouncing and has general control; it has a stronger sense of holding the ball with active force, the ball stays on the board for a long time, the ball is stable, and the rotation is sufficient.

729 KLC 7 and Long 5

W968 Special: Compared with the market version of Long 5, W968 has better material selection, which enhances the overall support and toughness of the bottom plate. The bottom plate can be pulled and beaten. It is a bottom plate between the traditional fast arc and arc fast type. All indicators are relatively balanced and excellent, inevitably becoming the “hexagonal warrior” Ma Long ‘s hand.

Sword 997plus special: Specially made by Sword 997plus. Due to the replacement of the force material, the hardness of the outer layer of the bottom plate has been relatively increased. Therefore, the performance of small ball control and bouncing with force is very good, and the bottom force of the platform is still surging. Both fast Continuity and Sustainability performed well. The racket is very well controlled in terms of strength and control. The ball is off the board quickly, the shot is sharp, the speed is fast, and the pressure is strong, and the return of the ball after full force is more threatening.

729 KLC: The bottom plate and core material are made of hard Ayous wood with very good drying treatment, with uniform pores and sufficient support; the fiber layer also uses KLC aryl carbon mixed fiber, so the bottom plate has strong rigidity. The feel when dealing with small balls is slightly vague than the feedback provided by Sword 997plus, but the advantage is that the ball is not bouncing, so it is not easy to rise when the ball is received and the swing is short. , It is not easy to make mistakes; another advantage is that the rate of the ball in the table is very high. The slight disadvantage is that the short ball that the opponent pushes over is not very good. The racket with adhesive rubber is easier to produce and spin, and the racket can be easily lifted to enter the stalemate stage. You can raise the arc ring or pull the arc ring forward. After entering the stalemate, the advantages of the soleplate can be fully utilized. The racket handles the two major factors of strength and control very well. When pulling the ball with medium strength, you can hear the crisp sound of the penetration, and it is easy to feel the experience of the penetration of the strength. After the end of the force is more abundant without losing control performance.

Summary and comparison

The order of the four rackets in order of hardness is as follows: Sword 997plus special>729 KLC 7≥DHS W968>DHS Long 5. Combining the author’s test-playing experience, the comprehensive comparison of the four rackets is approximately as shown in the figure below. :

The above are the four 968-structured rackets that the author has played. However, due to the limited level and energy, there are still many baseboards of the same structure that have not yet been tested. I hope you will join us and talk about your feelings!

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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