Butterfly Glayzer and Glayzer 09c a few questions


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Yesterday, Butterfly Ping Pong announced that new rubbers will be available on April 1: Glayzer and Glayzer 09c. In fact, as early as last October, “Dark Horse Chat Ping Pong” already previewed the Glayzer’s upcoming launch.

Weekly Bing Watch 152: Butterfly Glayer 09c, Fan Zhendong Gold Standard, Stika Wang Manyu

The name Glayzer, because the harmonic sound “Greyzer”, we look at the sponge figure will know. The color of the sponge is smoky gray, that is, grey. because we have not received the sample, it looks a bit like the carbon sponge of pride and fierce.

With the introduction of Glayzer 09c, the rumored Tenergy 09c test was basically a failure. The combination of a soft, flexible, porous sponge and a sticky rubber surface is often not that perfect.

In this article, talk about Glayzer and Glayzer 09c a few issues you may be interested in, the dark horse Jun shallow analysis of some, throwing a brick to draw in the jade.

Why did you set this price?

The suggested retail price for the Glayzer and Glayzer 09c is $330. The Tenergy 05 is $628 and the Dignics 09c is $668. At the regular brick and mortar pricing of 75% off, the Glayzer and Glayzer 09c would sell for $247.50 (say $248).

At the upper and lower $200 price point, Butterfly’s current best seller is the Rozena, which retails for $190. The Rozena was launched on April 1, 2017, when the suggested retail price was $390, which was $292.50 after discount (it actually sold for $290). But after a year of selling, Butterfly found that it didn’t work. The Rose rubber, which claimed to be more compatible and technically more adaptable to the average player, was not far from the Tenergy, and was not strong enough for the high-end German set. People either continued to choose Tenergy, or bought more affordable and better performing German sets. So then, from July 16, 2018, Rozena changed to a promotional price of $190, promotional until today. Since that day, Rozena has been a best seller and it can be said that this is a brilliant move in sales strategy.

On July 1, 2020, Butterfly listed the sticky set Aibiss, which actually sold for 198 yuan. Originally wanted to form a sticky and an astringent, crossed the situation, up to 50 degrees of Aibiss also happens to put the forehand. But the performance is really poor enough, forced, has now announced to stop production.

The pricing of the Glayzer and Glayzer 09c illustrates three points.

One, at least in terms of price, to appear more upscale than Rozena and Aibiss.

Second, in the German set of the general price increase today (for example, from next month, the price of each piece of Tibhar set of 15 yuan), butterfly and then out a more than 200 yuan, the performance of the set of rubber can be enough to share a large cake, as long as it does not pull too crotch.

Three, this pricing, basically can not expect too high performance. After all, one can not affect the sales of Tenergy and Dignics, and two can not affect Rozena ah. You are a little more expensive than Rose, but the performance is too much better. This does not work. Moreover, in the dictionary of butterflies, expect high cost performance, this thing is not reliable.

What is the performance and style?

Glayzer can be said to be the affordable version of D05, Glayzer 09c is the affordable version of D09c. exactly constitute a combination of one sticky and one astringent. Very clever. Since 40 degrees of D05 and 44 degrees of D09c you say can not play through, then each down two degrees, 38 degrees of Glayzer and 42 degrees of Glayzer 09c how?

With official butterfly data.

Glayzer 09c75879542
Dignics 0586858840
Dignics 09c79969644
Tenergy 0583767936

Should the backhand will be able to penetrate, for Amateur. And with one sticky and one astringent, you also just stick to the backhand and forehand. Of course, the clever thing about this hardness is that you can play both forehand and backhand.

Both Glayzer and Glayzer 09c emphasize the stability of the arc and the high spin value of the arc. The Glayzer 09c also emphasizes the advantages of short swing and front counter pull. After all, it is a sticky set.

Suitable for whom?

Essentially, it is still adapted to the average golfer who cannot afford or does not want to spend that kind of money to buy Tenergy or Dignics.

Is it easier to hit through than D05 and D09c? That’s for sure. After all, it’s softer. But the significance is not great. If you think D05 can not play through, you can choose T05, T80 or even T05fx; if you think D09c backhand is not good to play through, choose other brands of sticky sets, or to D09c thin oil once, can also be.

In any case, it’s unrealistic to expect Glayzer to be close to D05 and Glayzer 09c to be close to D09c. The worst possible scenario is that the Glayzer is just a Rozena with a harder sponge and the Glayzer 09c is an Aibiss with a softer sponge and maybe a little more bounce.

Of course, for Amateur players, D09c can not play through, and is a fan of butterfly, the backhand was a general power, with the G09c is completely understandable.

What are the advantages or benefits?

First of all, this is the butterfly set. This is the biggest selling point.

Secondly, Rozena although not talking about how much friction to give, but at least it is considered to pull the fight is appropriate. After all, less than 200 yuan, not unacceptable. Compared to the German set at the same price, there is no advantage. However, it is also true that no German set before the factory to fill so hard, not much will shrink the rubber. I believe Glayzer and Glayzer 09c are the same and are not expected to be very short-lived. And even if their rubber surface is not as wear-resistant as Dignics, it should not be as fragile as Tenergy.

Although some high-end German sets, especially sticky sets, such as the K3, and the Matsudaira Kenta MK, which is already available in Japan, do not sell for much more than the G09c in real terms. Or even about the same. But people often question about the German set because the rubber surface is easy to spend and the sustainability of the internal energy of the sponge. If I were representing Butterfly, I’d be making a big deal out of the durability on this point. If I were the manufacturer of the German set, I would do the opposite and emphasize that the new sponge can be very long-lasting.

P.S. Kenta Matsudaira’s current setup: MK Carbon, MK forehand, K3 backhand. MK is a fine-tuned version of K3, which is also a sticky rubber with bigger air holes.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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