V>22 Double Extra, true flagship dares to upgrade


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Author: 黑马

Since the launch of V>15 Extra, its iconic performance features have won the favor of many fans in the past few years: easy to learn, no brain fault tolerance, super defense, no spin, easy rebound, balanced attack and defense, etc. Driven by Mr. Niwa, who has a smooth hand feel, V15 has gradually become a masterpiece of rubber with a smooth hand feel.

There is no doubt that V15 is indeed the flagship of Victas, and the most representative Victas stars all use V15. Including Pitchford, Niwa Koki, Zhang Yuzhen, Kinoshita Miyu and so on.

In the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships that just passed, the chairman of the Air Cut Club (he won, but the team lost) Pitchford used the latest V>22 Double Extra (hereinafter referred to as V22). Koki Niwa’s forehand is about to start. Everything points to it: the V22 looks to be just the next step up. How it actually is, our evaluation reveals.

Basic cognition

In terms of hardness, V15 is 47.5 degrees , V20 is 52.5 degrees , and the latest V22 is 50 degrees . The hardness of V22 is between the two, and so is the feedback on the feel. The V20 is indeed the most solid one. The height of rubber surface + particles is 1.8mm for V15, 1.48mm for V20, and 1.64mm for V22, which is also in between.

The measured uncut weight is 70.5g for V15, 71.7g for V20, and 70g for V22. Attached to the surface of the butterfly horizontal board, the V22 is about 47.5g.
The rubber surface of V22 presents an obvious graininess, which has always been subconsciously regarded as “strong ability to catch the ball”. V20 is almost completely opaque, and the corresponding rubber surface is astringent.

V20 is extreme, V22 is more “comprehensive”.

From 15 to 20 to 22, which is related to the year when the rubber was launched. But it’s not exactly a relationship of incremental performance. because V> 20 Double Extra is so extreme, it’s so self-contained. It simply brings the characteristics of V15 not afraid of incoming ball rotation to the extreme. But at the same time, the feeling of friction and holding the ball is not obvious, even more astringent than V15. Kishikawa also likes the V20 because it “dissolves” the opponent’s rotation to the greatest extent. But at the same time, its rotation values are so-so. Anyway, the author thinks it is more difficult to spin down than V15. The V20 needs a little more bump.
But the V22 is very different. In terms of graininess, it reminds me of the Evolution MX-P, and the Tenergy 05.

Overall, V22 can be said to be something between V15 and T05. The following actual combat will mainly compare these two sets of rubber.

Let’s fight, Sao Nian

Paste the V22 on the external Viscaria and the internal Yoshimura Maharu Limited (Inn ZLC) structure for trial play. Try both forehand and backhand.

Suppression at medium force:

It is indeed a “monster” reverse glue. Under medium strength, the ball is more elastic than the V15, and the arc is longer. Lighter and lighter than T05.
It is obviously faster than V15 and T05 for long balls. Bounce is also faster.
Moderate strength, up and down spin, easy to hang a board with the wrist. He eats the ball very much and has a strong spin. Although the V15 is also easy to use, the feeling of friction and grip is still much worse than that of the V22. V22 is the kind of ball with a more delicate rubber surface, similar to the change series.
In terms of medium power, the V22 can be said to have more rotation than the V15 and faster than the T05. And the landing point of the bullet is very precise, and the directivity is very good. If it is not improved to a high-strength collision, I will think that this is a better rubber than T05.
In the case of full force, the sponge of T05 is more tenacious and stronger, and the bottom strength of pulling is better than that of V22. At this time, V22 appears to be slightly thinner than T05.

Nearly all-round stability:

Regardless of whether it is attached to Vis or Yoshimura Limited, the V22 can emit a lot of downspin. The friction ball holding on the rubber surface is really good.

When receiving a serve, rubbing or splitting a long board, the arc can be controlled very low. Not in vain. It’s also easy to twist and pull. But in contrast, the rotation value when twisting and pulling is higher than V15 and lower than T05.
The spin up and down is very stable and spins very well. The force bounce is also stable. It just doesn’t feel stronger than T05, but the backhand is fierce enough, and the forehand is enough. Moreover, because of the excellent friction performance, it is indeed more reassuring than the V15. In other words, the spin and speed are well balanced.
But there is one thing, because the arc is significantly longer than that of V15, and it is slightly easier to go out of bounds than V15.

Defense and Counterattack:

The defense is very classic. Now that the grip and friction performance have been greatly improved, it stands to reason that it will be easier to turn around, right? However, V22 is still not very popular, and has inherited the biggest features of V15. This aspect is where V22 is superior to T05. Because, if the rotation is too extreme, like T05, it is actually easy to eat.
You can take it off until the ball doesn’t go very far, or you can hit it harder. It is very stable, some ambiguous balls are easy to get on the stage, and it is very forgiving.

Really well rounded performance. Forehand, although the pulling power is not as good as T05, it is obviously stronger than V15, and the speed is good, and it is also very stable and holds the ball.

It can be pulled very much, but in general, V22 is not as solid as T05, and its strength is not so thick. But compared to many German sets, its bottom strength is very good, unlike the V15, which is actually a bit weak in the forehand. In terms of defense, bouncing and some ambiguous ball handling, it can come to the stage with a lighter speed and higher fault tolerance.

If it can be summed up in one sentence, it is: V22 is like a balanced body of V15 and T05. It inherits the characteristics of “not afraid of the ball spinning”, and achieves a high balance of spin and speed. Although the upper limit of strength is not as thick as T05, it is enough. And its high fault tolerance and strong defensive characteristics make it quite distinctive. I think there may be as many people who love it as they love V15.

At this time, compared with the flagship V22, V15 has only one advantage: cheaper and softer (suitable for golfers who do not want to stick to such a high hardness on the backhand). At the same time, it is worth noting that in addition to red and black , the V22 also has blue .

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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