Analysis of the equipment configuration of the 10 women’s stars in the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships


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Author: 黑马

The competition of the women’s team is extremely fierce. Except for the strong teams such as the Chinese team, the Japanese team, and Chinese Taipei, in other confrontations, there will be an upset at any time.

Let’s take a look at the equipment for female national players first.

Sun Yingsha

W968, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , Hurricane 8

Males have Ma Long, females have sharks, and they have become the most powerful spokespersons for W968 and Two-faced Maniac. Sun Yingsha is also a player with outstanding forehand, so it makes sense to use W968. This time, the shark used Mad Biao 8, and the sponge was still 20# orange sponge.

Chen Meng

Viscaria, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , Hurricane 8

The W968+ Two-faced Maniac is a powerful control and offensive lethality. In contrast, Vis+ two-faced maniac is more powerful defensive ability and stability. For Chen Meng, who has strong forehand and backhand strength, it is especially crucial to choose a more stable and firm bat, so that he can attack and defend more comfortably.

Wang Manyu

INSPIRA PLUS, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , D05

This is Stiga’s new blade. Judging from the promotional image, it is the face of Koutou. It is also expected that the structure of the external fibers. Wang Manyu tried Hurricane 3, D09c and D05 backhand, and finally settled on D05. Maybe speed is more important to her.

Wang Yidi

W968, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , D09c

In the backhand position, Dali Di estimated that he wanted to hold the ball more stably and he could exert his strength, so he preferred D09c. Both D05 and D09c are actually quite comprehensive, but one is faster and the other has better friction.

Chen Xingtong

Lin Gaoyuan ZLC, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , D05

There is a saying that Lin Gaoyuan ZLC can be used as a bombed version of Vis, with a sharper backhand. However, in view of the discontinuation of the bottom plate, it seems that there is not much need for discussion. If this structure and feel are suitable for the public, I believe that Butterfly Company has the possibility to continue it in the later types of bats.

Look at foreign players.

Ito Mima

Ito Mima Carbon, G-1, Morristo SP

Ito is indeed Nittaku’s most powerful spokesperson. With good results, it can be called the most powerful opponent of Guoping. The bottom plate and rubber used are all N-marked. The Ito Mima Carbon is an upgraded version of the carbon guitar. The G-1 has amazing friction. The thickness of the G-1 was only 2.0mm before, and now the Max thickness has been introduced. Among the professional players of raw rubber in China, Moristo SP also has many favorites.

Hayata Hina

Nita Valley Special, Nita Valley NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , T05

The bottom plate used by Hayata is the same structure as W968. The rubber on the forehand is also very close to DHS ‘s NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge .

Zheng Yijing

External ALC special note, D05, T05H

This Taiwanese sister is different from others in that her backhand is better than her forehand, so she used the harder T05 Hard.

Shan Xiaona

Competitor Speed, Morristo SP Ax

Yasaka’s speed of this competitor, although it is external, but also very stable with the ball, has become the choice of many positive rubber masters. For example, Wu Yangchen in China. Shan Xiaona also plays with positive rubber. Rubber Ax is a speed-type positive rubber. It is also an improved version of the Moristo SP originally used by Mima Ito. The shot sinks a little.

Han Ying

Victas Koji Matsushita, Spectol S3

In the quarter-finals encounter, Han Ying defeated Zhu Chengzhu of the Hong Kong team who had performed hot in the past few days, and led the German women’s team to advance to the semi-finals. The bottom plate she uses is a five-layer pure wood structure Victas Matsushita Koji, referred to as “Blue Pine”. A chopping board that can be attacked and defended, balanced and stable. The raw rubber used for chipping is Spectol S3, which belongs to an internal energy raw rubber, which is elastic and easy to change.

There are also golfers who are interested in the configuration of Zhu Chengzhu, who has performed outstandingly. This time Du Kaiqin was unable to play against Germany due to an elbow injury. In the end, the Hong Kong team ended 2:3 with the German team, which is really a pity. So I asked Kaiqin sister about Zhu Chengzhu’s configuration: Carbon Dynasty, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge 39 degrees, D05. And came with a hand board map.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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