Analysis of the equipment configuration of the 12 men’s stars in the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships


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Author: 黑马

If you watch the World Table Tennis Championships team games one by one, you will find that there are many unpopular ones. Then, when we analyze the equipment configuration of those popular male players, we will find that they have different styles and the same goal.

Let’s look at the national team first.

Ma Long

W968, NEO 蓝国狂 , NEO 橙国狂

This configuration has simply become an insurance formula for success. Many national players have followed suit. W968+ two-faced Hurricane not only guarantees the rotation + arc, but also has a strong bottom line. Moreover, the control performance is still great.

Although each national player’s W968 may have different fine-tuning, everyone also expects the legendary Hurricane Sha to be launched as soon as possible. However, now the official 968 and the Golden Slam 968 are already the top match, which can meet the needs of many 968 fans.

Fan Zhendong

Fan Zhendong ALC, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , D09c

From the gold standard Vis to the gold standard Fan Zhendong ALC, I think, sometimes, the “gold standard” means Fan Zhendong’s confidence and ambition to reach the top. The two blades are softer and hold the ball, which enhances the ability to spin and arc.

As the top rubber for the forehand,NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge is not only the favorite of the national players, but also has many fans among foreign players. Hayata Hina, Zhang Yuzhen, etc., all. And D09c, since its listing, has also become the standard for backhand top sticky sleeves, except for the mad Biao.

Wang Chuqin

W968, NEO 蓝国狂 , NEO 橙国狂

The division among the “two-faced madness” of the national team is whether the backhand uses Kuang Biao 3 or Kuang Biao 8. In fact, the special mad Biao 8 used by Wang Chuqin and Chen Meng before is also a 20# orange sponge. For 业余 golfers, there is no need to pursue it deliberately. With 37 degrees of mad Biao 8 or mad Biao 8-80, the performance is enough.

Now, it is said that Wang Chuqin, like Ma Long, uses the Kuang Biao 3 backhand.

Lin Gaoyuan

Lin Gaoyuan ALC, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , D09c

In terms of rubber configuration, Lin Gaoyuan and Fan Zhendong are the same. As for the bottom plate, Fan Zhendong ALC and Lin Gaoyuan ALC also have similarities. The feel is relatively soft to hold the ball. If there is a difference, Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC has a “natural arc” and has a stronger ability to wrap the ball. When Fan Zhendong’s ALC holds the ball, the ball is not as deep as Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC, but after exerting force, the threat will be higher than Lin A’s.

Liang Jingkun

W968, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , Hurricane 8

This configuration is already quite common. But what is unusual is that Liang Jingkun’s backhand madness 43 degrees is much higher than others, even higher than his forehand. This is the boldness of art masters. It reflects his technical characteristics of “winning by force”.

Zhang Benzhihe

Hiramoto ALC, D05

Earlier, in an interview with Zhang Ben Zhihe by Zhuoqiu Kingdom Magazine, he mentioned that the stability of the blade is very important and does not need to be too bouncy. So, although Hiramoto ALC doesn’t seem to have enough strength in the forehand as Innerforce Layer ALC, it’s really good at grabbing the ball. In the backhand position, Harimoto’s ALC’s rebound speed is faster than that of Innerforce Layer ALC, and the accuracy of line changes is also high, which is beneficial to Harimoto’s wisdom and skills.

Togami Hayabusa

Zhang Jike ALC, T05 Hard, T05

Originally I wanted to write about Hugo, but unfortunately, he lost 1:3 to Hayabusa Togami, and the Brazilian team was also eliminated by the Japanese team and stopped in the top 16. In Japan’s 3:2 win over Romania, Zhang Benzhi and 1:3 lost to veteran Ovidiu, but Togami scored two points alone to turn the tide.

Zhang Jike ALC is essentially a softer version of Vis. T05 Hard is higher than D05 and D09c in terms of hardness and sturdy ferocity. Initiating force is like a ray of light, but it is not very friendly to 业余 and requires high force. Or T05 is easy to control, wrapping the ball, high speed, and good penetration.


Cyber 6, Platinum Edition DNA XH

The oddly shaped Cyber 6 can hit significantly heavier balls than other boards. Pulling is more threatening. Backhand defense and flicking are also good. While the center of gravity and feel of the bat will take some getting used to, it’s without a doubt Styka’s most successful bat in the past year.

The platinum version of DNA XH has not been listed in China, but the hardness of M and H was also sold out of stock for a time. The price is not high, eating the ball, transparency, and speed are all good selling points.


Yasaka Falck Carbon, Rakza X, Rakza PO

Falke Carbon can be said to be Yasaka’s W968, with the same structure, equally ball-eating and fierce. The reverse glue of the Rakza series has an amazing bite feeling, not particularly fast, but the bite is particularly solid. Rakza X used to be a popular choice in the table tennis arena. However, for amtuer golfers, the hardness of the Rakza 7 and 9 is relatively friendly.


Victas Pitchford, V> 22 Double Extra

Pitchford did his best and scored two points alone, and both defeated the Lebrun brothers 3:2, but the team still lost 2:3 to the French team. Without the help of Ginkhall and Walker, he finally became the chairman of the Air Chopping Club.

Before, he posted V>15 Extra on both sides. It is said that this time it was changed to Victas’ latest flagship rubber V>22 Double Extra. The author has just tried it, and it is true that the spin ability and the sense of power exceed V>15 Extra.

Qiu Dang

Ball ALC Special Note, D09c, D05

Although the handle is the parquet of Inn ALC, Qiu Dang has introduced it himself, and he uses the Boer ALC special note. D09c forehand and D05 backhand have become the standard for many butterfly signing players. Maybe this way, the forehand can hold the ball better, and the backhand can speed up better.

lebrun brothers

Tibhar AC, K3

Although 挺拔 is more of a top player, Slovenia lost to Portugal and stopped in the round of 16. Or look at the Lebrun brothers.

Lebrun elder brother: external AC horizontal plate; Lebrun younger brother: Shangkun AC straight plate with built-in structure.
Shang Kun AC is a ball board with built-in yellow carbon, but the speed is comparable to the external carbon board. With the ball, and fast. Big Le Brun’s transom is expected to bear his own name, and the structure is an outboard version of the AC. The K3 is the common choice of the Lebrun brothers for the forehand and the backhand. It is also a sticky sleeve, with sufficient friction and 挺拔 .

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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