Butterfly Glayer 09c, Fan Zhendong Gold Label, Stiga Wang Manyu


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Author: 邵璧林
  1. Glayzer 09c

Butterfly’s new rubber Glayzer 09c seems to be coming out.

In March 2019, Ball piloted the Tenergy 09c. At that time, in the account of “Dark Horse Chatting Ping Pong”, we had already guessed that it was sticky. But later, T09c was not listed, but D09c with smaller sponge pore size was listed. According to Ma Liang’s observation, in the European market, the combination of micro-viscous surface, high friction and low hardness cake sponges mostly ended in failure, perhaps this is the reason why T09c is not listed.

Glayzer 09c, as the name suggests, should be made of 09 particles, which is also a sticky surface. The main concern is the word Glayzer. Separated is the G-layzer. Out of the instinct of an English major, I thought about it. The last time the Bryce Highspeed bus was high-speed, it used a micro layer to describe it. That model has a very thin rubber surface and is very easy to use, but the rotation is not too strong, and the ball quality is not heavy.

Glayzer may also make a fuss about the rubber surface. There is a generous richness in English words starting with g, which may be a thick rubber surface to further improve friction and rotation. It can be said to be “returning to the basics”. In the 38mm era, 729 and 红双喜 both made thick rubber surfaces to enhance the rotation of products, such as G888.

From the picture, it seems that the particles are indeed opaque, which may be because of the thick rubber surface layer. Of course, G may also be an abbreviation for a new technology.

*Latest information: G in Glayzer means grey, which is similar to arrogant carbon sponge, referring to the color of Glayzer’s sponge.

2. Fan Zhendong Gold Label

Fan Zhendong Gold Label Limited Edition. We all knew it would come out, and we were eagerly waiting for it.

“Butterfly Ping Pong” reads: “As of July 19, 2022, this racket (Fan Zhendong ALC) is only being used by Fan Zhendong players. The trademark buckle of the handle is rendered with golden embellishments.” This is definitely true, Because Fan A was not listed at that time. However, enthusiasts have different understandings of the sentence originally in Japanese, that is: the handle tail is a gold plate, not just the trademark buckle is gold embellishment.

Simply put, currently only Fan Zhendong uses the gold standard Fan Zhendong ALC. Perhaps, the gold label indicates ambition; or, it can bring good luck. Or, this is the foreshadowing of Butterfly China: when Fan Zhendong wins the men’s singles championship at the World Table Tennis Championships, it will be when Fan Zhendong’s gold standard limited edition breaks through the shackles and appears.

In the past, the gold standard limit was only after the players won the individual championships of the World Table Tennis Championships. For example, the limited edition of Zhang Jike (the second generation is obviously giving back to fans), the limited edition of Chen Jianan and Zhuang Zhiyuan (who won the men’s doubles championship), the limited edition of Yoshimura Masaru (the mixed doubles championship with Kasumi Ishikawa), etc. Only Mizutani Hayabusa, as a veteran of Japan’s perennial brother, won the Olympic mixed doubles championship, and only “exceptional” out of the Mizutani Hayabusa gold label limit.

3. Stiga Wang Manyu

In fact, we almost already know what the structure of Stiga Wang Manyu will be. The 5+2 structure of Koutou surface material, paulownia large core and external fiber is the same category as Lin Gaoyuan ALC. Stiga table tennis has also been released, and fans are waiting to feed.

The key point is on this fiber. The famous plates such as Carbon 45 and Xu Xin Blue Label are all pure carbon without exception. I heard that the INSPIRA PLUS used by Wang Manyu this time (translated as “inspiration upgrade” for the time being, refer to inspiration carbon INSPIRA CCF) will be a mixed fiber, in addition to carbon, there are other things, no spoilers for now. Waiting for the official release.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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