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A true veteran powerhouse has an evergreen tree. Undoubtedly, Samsonov is the one who stands Tibhar . In the 1/8 finals of the 2012 London Olympics, Lao Sa created the biggest trouble for Zhang Jike. He once led 3:2 and lost in the final game. I remember in the interview after the game, Zhang Jike once said that the ball from the old Sala was very high and heavy.
At that time, people may not have thought that the revolutionary MX-P used by Lao Sa at that time really became a revolutionary work of Detao, and it was enough to challenge the existence of Tenergy.

In addition to Lao Sa, in the Mesozoic era, the Tibhar legion also includes the former national player Shang Kun, Taiwan’s Chen Jian’an, and the more beautiful female stars Szokos and Li Qian. On April 1 this year, Kenta Matsudaira, the former representative of Butterfly, also switched to Tight Tibhar .

Obviously, in order for an established powerhouse to develop better, in addition to the representatives of evergreen trees and Mesozoic generation, it must also have enough excellent new generation.

Here they come! In addition to Dakko Yochik, who had already signed with Tibhar (the 2022 European top 16 men’s singles champion, beat Pitchford and Tomokazu Zhang in the Tokyo Olympics), at the beginning of this month, Tibhar also took over the Lebrun brothers together. The poster of “TIBHAR X LEBRUN2 Make History Together” is impressive.

So, now and in the near future, what collocations of the Tibhar equipment library are worthy of our pondering and expectation?


Fordino, National Change, Core Change MX-P

As a Tibhar flagship work, Fordino’s selection of the old Sa can be compatible with “high explosive energy” and “amazing control” at the same time. It is still dominated by speed. When rushing, the energy is amazing and the bottom is full; when it is unloaded, it is easy to defend. It is easy to switch between exerting and de-energizing.

Both the national change and the 5G core change are “solid versions” of the revolutionary MX-P. Some upgrades have been made, but the core content remains the same. They are all very ball-bearing, with strong ability to add and turn, and their power is mighty.

Chen Jianan


Chen Jianan, who has left-handed horizontal boards and two-sided arcs, has added twisting and pulling on the basis of his original backhand skills based on flicking and percussion in recent years. But even in the era of plastic balls, he still trusts the sense of security brought by the pure wood seven-layer blade. The CCA7 board is thicker and the rotation is not too strong, but it has a solid feel, solid defense and a strong sense of speed.

MX-S feels a little soft on the outside and hard on the inside, tougher than MX-P, and the ball is heavier after exerting force.


Hesa, MX-P, EL-P

Hesa comes from Samsonov, and the natural bat style has a “Tai Chi Tiger” flavor. Although not as fierce as the CL, the defense is very forgiving, and the low-power picks, picks and flicks are quite stable.

In the later period, Szokos actually used the Tibhar seven wood named after her own name. But it still tastes like black.

Forehand MX-P and backhand EL-P were once a popular combination for Tibhar fans. The EL-P is less powerful than the MX-P, but has a better arc and is easier to pull on stage. EL-P with a thickness of 2.0mm is also regarded as a backhand magic glue by some golfers who play straight and horizontally.


Daktronics DJC, K3, MX-P

Even if you want to slow down and pull a high loop, the Daktronics DJC blade seems to be turning it into a “forward loop”. Because it’s too bouncy, too fast. Lymph face material, built-in Dyneema carbon fiber, large core of paulownia. Such a combination doesn’t seem to be out of the ball much. However, because of the strong craftsmanship and D carbon, Daktronics DJC is quite elastic and fast.

Matsudaira Kenta

MK, K3

After switching to Tibhar , it is expected that by the end of December, Tibhar Matsudaira will be released. At the same time, there is also a MK, which is the royal glove glue of Matsudaira Kenta. In terms of backhand, he currently plays K3.

Felix Lebrun

Shang Kun AC (candy bar), K3

Before signing the contract, Tibhar Jr used the Butterfly Inn ZLC. So, why doesn’t he use Shang Kun ZC now, which is closer in structure? Personally, I think that the Shangkun series of blades (including ZC and AC) are the best in speed among the built-in blades. Even in the built-in aromatic carbon plate of Shang Kun AC, the speed has not fallen behind Inn ZLC. If you choose Shang Kun ZC, it may be too fast for Lebrun, who is straight, and it is difficult to control.

Alex Lebrun

External AC, K3

Big Lebrun, like his younger brother, chose a double-sided K3. As for the blade, Tibhar is working with him to develop his own nameplate. The structure is basically an external version of the Shang Kun AC.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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