Butterfly’s super ALC and ZLC


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Author: 邵璧林

In this issue, our theme is: Butterfly’s super aromatic carbon and super fiber Super ALC/Super ZLC, is it really super? Really surpass their ancestors?

In fact, super fiber has been on the market for some years. Super Zhang Jike was launched in April 2013. Then in 2014, the Super Mizutani Falcon was launched. Therefore, the Super ZLC mentioned in this article refers more to Fan Zhendong Super ZLC. And super aromatic carbon, as the name suggests, refers to Super Vis (Viscaria Super ALC) and Fan Zhendong Super ALC.

From Viscaria, which is linear, faithful, stable and crisp, to Super Vis and Fan Zhendong SALC, which are easier to hold the ball and have high elasticity; Fan Zhendong’s SZLC, which spins and speeds up the ball more softly at the same time, what exactly is the concept of plate making?

Hold the ball more, it is easier to add spin, and it is easier to speed up

Resilience is undoubtedly a powerful catalyst, from Vis to Super Vis , Fan Zhendong SALC . The thickening of the carbon layer and the densification of the fibers are all in order to achieve better elasticity. The increase in flexibility means that a breakthrough in speed can be achieved without the need to exert force.

At the same time, through the adjustment of the fiber ratio or the treatment of the wood, a “softer ball holding” can be achieved, so as to have a better sense of arc and rotation value. From Vis to Super ALC, from Chao Zhang to Fan Zhendong SZLC, it’s all like this.

Dark Horse: It turned out that people who played Vis, when they first came into contact with Super Vis, would feel “playing” and not easy to control. Although the forehand holds the ball more, it seems unfaithful because of the high bounce. Fan Zhendong SZLC is the same. Compared to Super Zhang Jike, it becomes more flexible. The elasticity is a little unreal, the ball is a little hard to control, and the rhythm is a little false. This style is actually similar to Super ALC in direction (Super Vis and Fan Zhendong SALC). In fact, the Ball ALC 70th anniversary limited edition is also treated similarly.

So, does that mean that this is the future direction of external fiberboard? At least butterflies think so?

Pony: Void is definitely a notable feature and trend of Butterfly blades right now. Because you have to solve the “force-speed combination” (combination of strength and speed), but also softness and good control. If it is too rigid, it will not work. Moreover, relatively speaking, the quality of the external forehand is almost inferior to that of the built-in.

Therefore, it is necessary to rely on a hard rubber, so that the bottom plate can not be too hard.

Dark Horse: Actually, both Fan Zhendong SALC and SZLC have similar feel. Soft play, eat the ball but some vain.

Pony: The result is the same as what you summed up before. That is, the head is heavy and the handle is empty (there is a chance to disassemble the handle and see), which causes the center of gravity to move forward. Basically, it just increases the swing of the paddle. This increases friction and strength. Hitting is the kind that feels good in control and a little more powerful.

However, the consequences are: the restoration may not be fast enough, and the shape control is unstable.

Dark Horse: Although 业余 use this type of board, it will feel easy to produce quality, because of the high bounce, it is better to hold the ball. But will it actually be easier for professionals to use it?

Play fast and soft, and hold the ball, but always a little indecisive. I don’t even feel as stable as the specially noted Inn ALC or Yoshimura Masaharu. Because of these two pieces, a little bit of force can give you a “real” feedback.

Pony: They’re Ayos cores. I think, external + paulownia core is still the mainstream. The bottom plate of the paulownia large core, as long as it does not bounce out of control, their ability to press down the arc circle is still the best. This is especially conducive to the topspin stalemate of professional teams.

Moreover, the external structure of butterflies is a magic weapon and a technical prison for them. It can be fine-tuned, but it is difficult to make major changes. Unless the surface material of precious wood is changed, of course they will not take this risk.

Dark Horse: Are Super Vis, Fan Zhendong SALC, and SZLC actually a compromise, designed to better match the Kuangbiao series rubber. Of course, we can also change the angle. After all, Kuangbiao or Dignics are high-hardness sponges. In order to match Dignics, the bottom plate must be designed to be more flexible. – After all, rubber is more profitable…

Relatively speaking, the effect of Tenergy with these newly launched blades is not so good. For example, I put T80 on the backhand of Vis, Lin Gaoyuan ALC, the effect is better, and the solidity is just right, but when I put it on Super Vis, Fan Zhendong SZLC, I feel that the support is not enough. The feel feedback is “virtual”.

Colt: It is also possible to cooperate with the mad Biao. At least, the craft of “empty handle” can increase the ball holding and complement each other with the mad Biao.

And, indeed, the ball has changed now, and the material is being improved every year in order to make way for a new set of rubber. The design of the new board must fit the new rubber, which makes sense.

Dark Horse: In fact, everything changes. To put it simply, players with a good forehand who like to retreat from the stage and try again, still choose the built-in + Ayous core structure. The backhand is better, and the one closer to the stage is more suitable for the external + paulownia large core. The reasoning is simple, but very core.

Pony: Yes, but the combination of the two is by no means good for the forehand, suitable for built-in, and good for the backhand, suitable for the external.

Dark Horse: At this stage, Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC and Viscaria are still great shooters. Although the combination of force and speed under medium strength is not as good as Super Vis, Fan Zhendong SALC and SZLC, that is to say, Lin A and Vis need more force from the players to have quality. But maybe the national team, at least China’s national players, prefer to be stable and faithful, and then make their own efforts.

Colt: First of all, the training mode of the national players is relatively fixed and will not change easily. Unless the training mode is changed, that may change a group of people who may be suitable for the new equipment. Like Ma Long, there are not many people who run back and forth between the middle stage and the near stage, and have comprehensive training. More player training is to rush close to the stage. You can see the video of Fan Zhendong and Lin Gaoyuan training, they are all serving from the near table, short near the table and turning outwards, side up and down, try not to serve long balls. Let the other party get up, just to fight “fast”, this is obvious.

Dark Horse: Once the equipment needs to be combined with technology, analyze the specific individual, and then choose the equipment. It’s actually quite complicated.

In other words, some golfers said that Fan Zhendong’s SALC has a feel close to the special Vis, such as that kind of elasticity. But not as tough as Special Note Vis. In fact, I have a similar feeling on Fan Zhendong’s SZLC. What should be the reason for this? Material selection or craftsmanship? I feel that the craftsmanship should be difficult to get better.

Pony: I feel like it’s mostly wood. The current international market, including the war problem, has caused the timber market to be relatively sluggish. Most of the hardwood producers are at war or are involved in war. Prices also rose quickly. It feels like a lot of the wood today is rougher than it used to be.

And the quality control is getting worse. It used to be said that Stiga’s quality control is poor, ranging from more than 70 grams to more than 90 grams and 100 grams. Isn’t this the case with butterflies now? What is the main reason for poor quality control, can it be a process problem? Obviously not. It’s just that wood is not good, there is no room for wood material selection, then everything can be used.

Super Vis, Fan Zhendong Super ALC and Super ZLC have indeed achieved a better “combination of force and speed”. Elasticity is activated with less force, which in turn enables better acceleration. At the same time, it can also hold the ball very well. However, although the “Jiuyin White Bone Claw” is sharp, it is also a problem to hold it or not. Whether they are really more “super” than the existing classic magic boards, it will take a little time to test.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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