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Errata first. In the last article of the top 16 men’s singles, I wrote that Zhuang Zhiyuan used super Zhang, which was based on the information on the official website of Butterfly. But I watched the game yesterday, and I used this one, which should be the player’s note with the Vis structure.

In the women’s singles final, Sun Yingsha took the lead and won the first game, and then Wang Yidi pulled four games in a row. Speaking of the final winner, in addition to the champion Wang Yidi, it is obviously a 红双喜 . Because the formula of W968 has been successfully verified, both in the men’s team and the women’s team.

In this article, we analyze the equipment configuration of the top 16 women’s singles, and see if there are any interesting new discoveries.

Women’s Singles Final Four

Champion Wang Yidi: W968, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , D09c
Runner-up Sun Yingsha: W968, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , NEO Hurricane 3 National Orange Sponge

Wang Yidi and Sun Yingsha’s W968 is still different from Ma Long’s. It is said that the speed of the backhand has been improved, which is more conducive to the left and right swing speed, although the charging time of the forehand is not as long as the original W968 version. We look forward to the early launch of the rumored “Crazy Biaosha” to experience a feeling different from Crazy Dragon 5.

The backhand position, whether using the mad Biao or D09c, is sticky and is a kind of protection for the arc, and the player can attack more freely and steadily. Relatively speaking, the speed of D09c will still be faster, while Kuang Biao 3 has more abundant rotation changes.

2nd Runner-up Wang Manyu: Stiga Wang Manyu Carbon, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , D05

Wang Manyu Carbon, which everyone has been waiting for, is about to be launched. 5+2 external fiber structure. Wang Manyu also used it in this competition. The structure is satisfactory, but the parquet may be fine-tuned.

3rd Runner-up Kasumi Ishikawa: Viscaria, Nitaku Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , T05

We know that Nita Valley and DHS have a cooperative relationship, and we don’t need to go too deep into the difference between Nita Valley Blue Sponge Country Crazy and the commercially available NEO Blue Country. Anyway, if you want to pursue the highest quality, it is good to go to the star country set. Backhand, T05 or D05 are possible, Ishikawa girl chooses it according to her competitive state.

The rest of the top sixteen

Du Kaiqin: Xu Xin Blue Label, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , D05

Du Kaiqin explained it with personal experience: the blue label of the horizontal board is also very easy to play. It is also a weapon of mass destruction. The W968 has a longer charging time and stronger rotation, but the power of the blue label is even stronger after the full force. Anti-glove glue D05, the same is the force can be used well. Du Kaiqin’s style of play has also become more and more fierce from steady and steady play.

Hayata Gina: Nitta Valley Special, Nittaku Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , T05

In terms of rubber configuration, Hayata is the same as Ishikawa. But the bottom plate structure is quite different. Ishikawa used a Vis with an external blue aromatic carbon, and Hayata’s seems to have a built-in yellow aromatic carbon structure, the same as W968. Coincidentally, this month, Hayata Gina H2 was just launched. It is a bottom plate of W968 structure. At present, it is also quite popular in the market.

Mima Ito: Mima Ito Carbon, G-1, Moristo SP

The Ito Mima Carbon, which was launched last year, has a clearer feel and a faster shot than carbon guitars. G-1 is a rubber that is suitable for slaps. It was only 2.0mm thick before, and the overall support was not too strong. Now that the G-1 in Max thickness is out, it should be able to gain some market share. As for Morristo SP, it is also regarded as the king of raw rubber by many professional team players. The sinking of the ball is one of the main characteristics.

Fan Siqi: Gold Label Vis, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge , Unknown Backhand

Gold Label Vis is an advanced variant of Vis. The backhand is more supple and the ball control is more stable. The lighter Vis with the gold label is easy to disperse, so the national players tend to choose the heavier ones.

Sutassini: Super Viscaria, D05, T05

Compared with the Houston World Table Tennis Championships at the end of last year, Sutassini’s racket configuration has changed a lot. Last time, her blade was still Boll ZLC, and her forehand rubber was still T19. However, it is also understandable that the Super Vis is softer than the Bol ZLC, and it is reasonable to match the D05, which is harder and more bomb-spraying than the T19.

Polkanova: Innerforce Layer ZLC, D05, T64

This bottom plate is commonly known as “Minions” because of its color scheme. This is the evolution of the prototype of Zhang Yining, the former great devil. Later, it was also used by many powerful players in the world, both men and women. Overall, it’s well-balanced and defensively quite strong. For example, Liu Shiwen is also using a special design of this structure now.

Miyu Kihara: Fire Fall VC, V> 15 Extra, VO> 102

Fire Fall VC appears to be a bit empty when it is pulled and punched, but when it is slapped, it is transparent. Forehand V>15 Extra is the flagship rubber of Victas. We always said that the defense is strong and the shot is good. In fact, from the backhand to the forehand, doesn’t “the shot is good” mean that the shot is also good? This is exactly the technical characteristics of the little girl Kihara Miyu.

VO>102, as the current king of positive glue, is used by too many people. Although it is a positive glue, it can draw an arc like a reverse glue.

Ni Xialian: Swat, VO> 102, Curl P-1R OX

One is one long and one is long, and it is a maverick in the international arena. Perhaps, only by being different can we grow old and grow stronger. The granules of Curl P-1R are elongated and varied. 102 is a positive glue that is suitable for pulling and playing.
As for the Swat bottom plate, although the price is not high, the performance is also comprehensive. There is no problem for beginners to use it for practice, or for players of a certain level to use it for actual combat. It feels clear and easy to handle.

Han Ying: Victas Koji Matsushita, TSP Spectol Blue

Han Ying has mainly used two boards, Matsushita Koji and Matsushita Koji Defensive. Last year, Victas also had a limited edition soleplate named after her. In terms of backhand raw rubber, Spectol Blue was mainly used before, and Spectol S2 was tried in the previous paragraph.

Miu Hirano: Viscaria, T05 Hard, T05

From the forehand T05 to the backhand T64 to T05H and T05, the bottom plate also changed from CL to Vis, and the replacement of Hirano’s equipment is also adapting to the higher demands of the ball board and rubber support in the era of plastic balls.

Li Shiwen and Takahashi Bruner: The equipment of these two has not yet been known

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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