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dark horse

When Wang Chuqin narrowly defeated Malone 4:3 in the semi-finals, people placed expectations on him to “take over the baton”. In the end, in the men’s singles final, he defeated Moregold 4:1 and won the cup as he wished.

At a glance at the top 16 men’s singles match, although it is still a duel between W968 and the many artifacts of Butterfly, there are also some new ideas.

Men’s Singles Final Four

Champion Wang Chuqin: W968, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge, Hurricane 8

In January of this year, DHS announced the list of the main signing players in the new cycle. Wang Chuqin belongs to the representative of the new generation. These main signing national players are basically “full red and DHS configuration”. The configuration of Wang Chuqin’s forehand W968 and the two-faced Hurricane is similar to that of Captain Ma Long, except that the backhand is the rubber surface of Hurricane 8, not Hurricane 3. But the sponge is still the kind of 20# sponge like Hurricane 3. If you want to know the specific performance, you might as well start with Wang Chuqin’s backhand star national set that has already been listed.

Runner-up More Gold: Cyber 6, Double Sided DNA Platinum XH

Since the use of Cyber 6, Moregold has been completely reborn. Technically, we are not professional enough, and we simply talk about the characteristics of Cyber 6 in terms of equipment. This grotesque-looking guy increases the sweet spot, while increasing his lethality, especially the forehand. If you play Cyber 6, you will find that the strength is really one size larger than the general blade, and it really has a bonus to strength. The DNA Platinum Edition XH did not appear in Stiga’s product catalogue this year, and there may be no plans to launch it for the time being. 2.3mm thick sponge, 52.5°, thin rubber surface, it is said that the hand feels a bit like T05 Hard, it is not easy to penetrate, maybe the platinum version M and H are just right for us amateurs.

3rd runner-up Ma Long: W968, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge, NEO Hurricane 3 National Organe Sponge

If you have been following our articles for a long time, you will already be familiar with MaLong ‘s configuration. The forehand 42° Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge and the backhand 37° Hurricane 3 National Orange Sponge are both NEO versions with a thickness of 2.1mm. As a representative of two-faced Hurricane , Ma Long who were still enthusiasts in the early stages of their careers, have become so focused in recent years. Probably because the magic power of W968 and Backhand Hurricane is too strong.

Third runner-up Liang Jingkun: W968, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge, NEO Hurricane 3 National Orange Sponge

Compared with Liang Jingkun in the Viscaria period, after using the W968, the penetration of the forehand is actually enhanced. The configuration of the whole set of equipment is similar to that of Ma Long. The only difference is that the hardness of the backhand rubber is 37° for Ma Long and 38° for Liang Jingkun.

The rest of the top sixteen

Lin Yunru: Super Lin Yunru, both sides D09c

Super Lin Yunru has the taste of light Super Zhang Jike. The weight is generally lighter than the hypertonic. The main performance is still the style of fast, high fault tolerance, easy to go on stage, and not easy to eat and turn. The power is not overstretched. However, the backhand position appears to be smoother and more stable than overshoot.

Whether it is forehand or backhand, D09c is now used by many people at the level of professional players or amateur golfers. Compared with Hurricane 3, its internal energy and high speed are advantages. In the forehand position, many players began to use it as a substitute for the Hurricane. The backhand is also sharp, but a little heavier and stiffer, probably more suitable for professional athletes, or, at least, amateurs.

Daktronics: Daktronics DJC, K3, MX-P

The Daktronics DJC with built-in structure also eats the ball, but it is really too bouncy, and the time to eat the ball does not seem to be that long. Overall, it is still a board with high explosive energy and high speed pressure. The feel is transparent and the speed is quite sharp. It’s a master board.

The K3 used in Darko’s forehand is somewhat similar to the Butterfly D09c. They are all sticky sleeves, but they are not as sticky as domestic sticky sleeves. K3 is easier to penetrate than D09c, looks brisk, and the ball quality is not as heavy as D09c. Recently, Kenta Matsudaira, who signed a contract with a tall and straight forward, also used K3 in the backhand position. The revolutionary MX-P quickly became the flagship of Detao after its launch. The feeling of grabbing the ball, the sense of power accumulation, and the combination of speed and rotation brought about at the same time are all outstanding in the German suit. Whether it is used in the forehand or the backhand, it has a very good effect.

Lin Gaoyuan: Lin Gaoyuan ALC, NEO Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge, D09c

As a variant of Viscaria, Lin Gaoyuan ALC was even ridiculed for a time: boards are more famous than people. Many national players have used it, in addition to Lin Gaoyuan himself, there are also Zhou Qihao, Zheng Peifeng and Wang Manyu. It is easier to hold the ball than Vis in the hand, and it is more flexible and more stable in defense.

Jong Hoon Lim: Viscaria Super ALC, T05 Hard, D09c

The carbon layer looks noticeably thicker than the Viscaria, but the Viscaria SALC feels softer than the Vis, making it easier to pick up speed at moderate power. If you like the linear taste of the original Vis, you may not like the feel of Super Vis. But it is undeniable that the Super Vis is easier to hold the ball in the forehand, more elastic and faster, and it is still very good in actual combat. Lin Zhongxun’s recent progress, in a sense, Super Vis has helped him.

T05 Hard is the most violent of the butterfly rubbers in my opinion. But for amateurs, it’s hard to get through it with a forehand. Although the speed of the shot is lightning fast and the power is great, it is indeed a hard point. Relatively professional players are better to control.

Freitas: Freitas ALC, D09c, D05

The biggest difference in structure between Freitas ALC and Viscaria is that Frey’s face material is lymph, and Vis’ face material is Koutou. Lymph is relatively more ball-eating, and Koutou’s first speed will be faster and look crisp. In fact, many amateur golfers also like the structure of Freitas ALC, and they will be more stable when playing, especially in terms of creating arcs. Freitas’ forehand D09c and backhand D05. If you observe a number of foreign players who have signed with Butterfly, you will find that most of them now choose two of the three forehand and backhand rubbers among D09c, D05 and T05 Hard.

Ocharov: Ocharov ALC, D09c, D05

Orchha ALC is a structural adjustment of Innerforce ALC. Inner force ALC has a long ball holding time, good power storage and bottom force, which is suitable for both moderates and thugs. Compared with Innerforce Layer ALC, Orchha ALC, the board surface is increased to 158*152mm, and the thickness is also thickened to 6.2mm. The overall rigidity and support have also been improved, and the offense and defense have become more balanced.

Marjoris: Gewo Marjoris, Venom

Jiewo previously gave Marjoris a piece of seven-layer pure wood, which seems to have been discontinued. Judging from the screenshots of the video, he should still be Nanuki. In terms of rubber, it may be Venom 53.

Hugo: Hugo HAL, two-sided Omega 7 Tour

There is no carbon added to the bottom plate of Hugo. It is understood that Hugo is in order to obtain better feel and control. Indeed, his power is so powerful that he can slap the bat even without adding carbon. While speed is important, so is the balance of control and feel.

The Omega 7 Tour is still only available to professional players. I don’t know if it is possible to put it into the market in large quantities in the future.

Ball: Ball ALC, Double D09c

Bol returned to A’s embrace. He mentioned that the reason why he used common carbon before was because of some injuries, so he chose common carbon which was easier and faster to use, and it was easier to fight in practice. Now that the body has recovered, I hit the Bol ALC. During the year of Boldapu Carbon, this boss really took a small fire again.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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