Banda Offensive: All-round Crisp Cao Zhen Shouban


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Author: 黑马聊乒乓

After Stiga restarted Banda, Fang Bo endorsed Carbon SF, and Cao Zhen endorsed Offensive. We have already reviewed the Fangbo ‘s blade in front of us, and today we will try to play this Banda Offensive.

When playing this piece, the author thinks of two blades: Donik Ocharov’s seven clips and Stiga’s classic Clipper Wood (CL for short). Orchha uses walnut as the surface material. Although it is hardwood, it is very ball-eating, and the hand feels soft. At the beginning of the inorganic era, many national players used it, such as Liu Shiwen and Feng Yalan. And CL, we talked too much. As a blade that helps many national players realize the dream of world championships, it can’t be more classic, and its biggest feature is its faithfulness and linearity.

Coincidentally, Banda Offensive has the characteristics of these two pure wood seven-layer blades: catch the ball, comfortable deformation and soft enough support. Moreover, why did the author pull the Orchha seven clips and CL together? The former Ochha seven clips are made in Zhongshan, and so is Banda Offensive. The latter CL is produced by Stiga, and so is the Banda series.

The structure is very common and the feel is very prominent

The structure of the Banda Offensive is ordinary. Two-layer lymphatic surface material + five-layer Ayous pure wood seven-layer structure. The strength material is very thin, and the three layers of Ayous in the middle are almost the same thickness. Similar to the Stiga CL. The difference is that it appears that every layer of the Banda Offensive has been charcoal fired. The official introduction: the use of vacuum water absorption process, after high temperature baking, effectively improves the rebound of the bottom plate.

Indeed, a piece of pure wood with seven clips has a fairly good resilience. And the support is enough. Not meat at all. Has high penetration and high resilience. Considering that the final price is lower than that of the Stiga CL, the author is not amazed: the craftsmanship of the seven clips made by Zhongshan is really high! In fact, many high-end soleplates of foreign brands are also made in Zhongshan, and among them, the seven-layer heat of pure wood is obvious to all.

The measured thickness is 6.08mm for Banda Offensive; the board surface is 158*151mm; the measured weight is 88.7 grams.

From this thickness, we can roughly guess that the Offensive of the thin seven clip is easier to deform than the CL, and the ball holding ability may be better.

Practical test

Consistent with the CL, although the Offensive is thinner, the overall support is still good, so there is no problem with attaching two-sided jackets. Not to mention the madness.

After some trial play, the high-elasticity and large-deformation bottom plate brought a crisp feel. I think if you like the feel of the ball, the shape and the spray that the built-in aromatic carbon blade brings, then you will probably love it. If you like a one-dimensional, more “honest” external aromatic carbon plate, then the CL may be more faithful. In any case, the Offensive level is not low, so that it is difficult to find works that definitely surpass it when compared with various pure wood seven clips of the same structure.

Very penetrating, high ball eater, strong deformation

After all, it is a thin seven clip, which is close to the feeling of eating the ball with five layers of pure wood. Moreover, after the whole charcoal is burned, it is very transparent and the deformation is very sufficient. It feels very crisp. At the same time, the charcoal burning and the unique bonding process also make the board body highly integrated. The spray feeling after exerting force is also good, and the more force, the more force.

Accelerate and increase rotation, easy to grasp

For the author who is accustomed to built-in fibers, there is no sense of disobedience in the hands-on experience of the Banda Offensive. Because it really eats the ball, it is also very easy to add and spin. In the backhand position, because the center of gravity is not as close to the head as the CL (the handle is also fuller), there is no feeling of falling hands when twisting and pulling.

Because the overall sense of deformation is prominent, and I exert myself to pull and punch, the speed of this bottom plate is also very fast. You can wrap the ball around and then speed up, it’s really easy to hit. Crispy and firm.

Are there really no flaws?

A piece of charcoal-fired pure wood Qijia achieves this level, and at this low price, it can be said to be amazing. If you really want to be picky, there may be two points. The board is easy to deform, bounces high, and the ball in the table is slightly easy to rise. When it is on the top of the big board, it is a little hollow because of too much penetrating force. At this time, it is recommended that the hardness should not be too low for the combination of the two-sided rubber.

Although the structure is almost the same as the CL, the thinner board and the easier to achieve deformation tension make the Banda Offensive very good for the ball, and it is also very good for speed. I have to say that it is indeed a surprise to have such a masterpiece when it was just restarted. Combined with its price, it can be said to be unpretentious and full of surprises.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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