Nexxus 45: Deep Wrap, Strong Charge, Aruna’s Green Artifact


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Author: 邵壁林

In the WTT Doha Star Challenge, Aruna defeated three Chinese national players (Liu Dingshuo, Zhao Zihao and Zhou Qihao) in a row. What kind of weapon is supporting this violent madman?

Today, we are reviewing the “Nexxus 45” of the Venom series. At present, the two-sided rubber used by Aruna are: backhand Nexxus 53 green, and forehand Nexxus 53 black.

Although the hardness is different, from the Nexxus 45, we can still glimpse some of the mysteries of the Nexxus series.

From Storm to Nexxus

Before using Nexxus 53, Aruna had already galloped around the field with a powerful forehand circle. The Storm EL 53 Hard was used at the time. Also marked 53 degrees, what is the difference between storm and Nexxus ?

The thickness of the storm sponge has reached MAX+, while the thickness of the Nexxus is a little thinner, and it will be more transparent as a whole. At the same time, the sponge technology of Nexxus has been upgraded, and the friction of the rubber surface has been further improved.

The current Nexxus series has three degrees of 45, 48 and 53. 45 Generally, we still define it as backhand use. 53 Although Aruna is also using his backhand, for amateur golfers, he can still hold his forehand. 48 is basically suitable for both pros and cons, depending on the individual skill level and the type of blade that is matched.

Bright “green”

Beginning in October last year, the era of colored rubber was restarted. And Aruna’s touch of green on the field has also become one of the most eye-catching colors. In addition to being colorful and attractive, green is not as accustomed to us as red and black. As an opponent, it is actually not just dazzling, but also a little “dazzling” interference. I have to say, it’s a bit like a secret weapon.

The rubber surface of Nexxus 45 does not feel the matte feeling of many German sets. It feels like the friction is normal and it will slip. In fact, the overall friction of the rubber sleeve is really good, and the ball-wrapping feeling of the medium-pore cake sponge is really deep. The particles of the rubber skin are relatively tight. Although the sponge is only 45 degrees, it is a bit fleshy, but the rubber part is not too soft.

The measured uncut weight is 68.9g, and it is about 47g attached to the horizontal plate.

Let’s fight

Paste them on the external ALC (Butterfly Viscaria) and the seven-layer pure wood (Offensive) for inspection.

billiard ball control

Generally speaking, the rubber skin of the sponge is like this. In fact, the rubbing ball does not turn too much, but the arc is low and does not go forward. It is not easy for the opponent to pull the ball to the point. The same is true for Nexxus 45. The arc of the ball is very low and the spin is not too strong. It’s very easy to swing short and add a little force to split long.

The billiard ball twists a board, very obedient and very easy. First of all, this rubber noodle will not be too hard. Secondly, the hardness of the sponge is low, and it eats the ball deeply. It can be twisted or hung without too much force. At first it didn’t seem like it was moving. But with Nexxus 45, you have to dare to use your wrist, because it really holds the ball, you can boldly swing and exert force without fear of mistakes.

Backhand tearing, bombing

After hitting it twice, I gradually touched the doorway, hung it with my backhand or pulled it up, and the rotation was still really strong. It’s just that it relies more on the sponge to wrap the ball, rather than the matte feeling of the rubber surface that many German sets have, so I didn’t get used to it at first.

After the first board is up, if you “tear” quickly, some of the balls will drop. This shows that the support force of the sponge is not enough. If you play the first board, and then you like to tear quickly, it is recommended to choose a higher degree, such as Nexxus 48 degrees. If you use Nexxus 45, it is suitable for the first strike, and then the next attack. That would be ideal. Because it is very penetrating, it is fast and effective in continuous shooting. Not to mention, Aruna’s backhand style is exactly that.

In terms of defense, the combination of tightly arranged particles and soft sponges makes the ball eat deeply after impact, and the defense is really stable.

Speed value, rotation value

Backhand at medium power, it’s a little slow. A trick between amateur masters, Nexxus 45 is not fast enough. But for junior and intermediate golfers, it has a very good feeling of wrapping the ball, is very comfortable to use, and has a high fault tolerance rate. And the more you try to rub it, the better its spherical quality. It has a strong sense of ball and spin. It’s just a little meaty at 45 degrees, resulting in average speed.

When the strength increases to a certain level, the Nexxus 45 can be said to be more powerful, the faster the speed, the stronger the rotation, and the more stable it is. This is really a piece of rubber that eats the ball deeply and has a lot of power. As the official atlas said, “guarantee the pause time of the ball, which can create stronger rotation and better charging to increase the ejection speed”.

Overall, it’s a rubber with excellent control and spin. The speed under medium power is relatively average, but it is suitable for thugs who like to exert their own power. Although the force is increased, the speed is accelerated, and the more stable it is. At the same time, you will feel that the upper limit of power is not low. I believe that Nexxus 48 and 53 can give people more surprises.

In terms of board matching, Nexxus 45 will not be very picky. However, from the backhand alone, it will feel better with a softer and more powerful baseboard. If the backhand sticks to a relatively soft point such as Nexxus 45, the forehand will also become a ball eater. But forehand support is limited. If you want a more solid forehand, Nexxus 48 is generally recommended.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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