WTT Star Challenge, equipment analysis of the men’s and women’s singles semi-finals


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Author: 黑马

On March 31, the WTT Doha Star Challenge came to an end. This time, the protagonist of the equipment has some new ideas. It has nothing to do with the annihilation of the young generals of our men’s and women’s national teams, and I have also seen the progress of foreign players. The men’s singles final is the collision of two butterfly boards, Viscaria and Viscaria SALC; while the women’s singles final is a showdown between two granule players who endorse Victas.

Men’s Singles Final Four

Garcina: Viscaria, Dignics 09c, Dignics 05

In the men’s singles final, after losing two games first, Croatia’s Gasina eventually reversed South Korea’s Lim Jong-hoon 4:2. This is a tall man with a large support area, high-quality offensive veneer, and average continuous ability.

In terms of equipment configuration, it is still very rare for foreign male stars to use Viscaria to win the championship. A sample glue mix is provided here. That’s right, Vis’s forehands with external blue carbon are not bad for Dignics. The high hardness of Dignics is easier to penetrate through the face material and external ALC, and it also seems to hold the ball.

The three D09c, D05 and T05 Hard have almost become the most common configuration among the current Butterfly signed stars. Choose two out of three, either forehand or backhand.

Lin Zhongxun: Viscaria Super ALC, Tenergy 05 Hard, Dignics 09c

Super Vis made a name for itself, just one final victory away. But Lim Jong Hoon showed bravery and wisdom in the match against Aruna. The lines are rich and the lethality is quite good. Lin Zhongxun gave us a good demonstration of how to play Super Vis, which is more ball-eating, more flexible, and faster near the stage than Vis. Active and active attack is the correct answer. It’s not nearly as faithful and responsive as Vis, if you play it straight.

Forehand, Garcina uses D09c and Lin Zhongxun uses T05H. In terms of absolute lethality, the T05H is more brutal. D09c is more stable in catching the ball and richer in rotation changes.

Aruna: Aruna Hinoki Carbon OFF, Venom 53, Venom 53 (Green)

This blade of Aruna is not really strong, but it is quite stable. Coupled with Aruna’s arrogant force, it can be said to complement each other. This board with cypress surface material is quite stable in the backhand position, and we can also see it in the game.

Venom 53 is an upgrade based on Storm 53. The sponge is a little thinner than the storm, the technology content of both the sponge and the rubber surface has been upgraded, and the friction and ball-eating feeling are also more obvious. Looking at Aruna’s powerful forehand circle, I finally understood: better power output must be based on the better bite and friction of the equipment.

Carlsson: Kerber SK7, Dignics 09c, Tenergy 05 Hard

The existence of Kerber SK7 as a pure wood seven clip is rare among the current male players. In the era full of ALC and ZLC, the speed of the Kerber SK7 is naturally not fast. High fault tolerance, less mistakes. The rest is up to the players themselves.

But, I think, even if it is pure wood five clips, with D09c and T05H, the bottom strength is enough.

Women’s Singles Final Four

Miyu Kihara: Fire Fall VC, V> 15 Extra, VO> 102

The women’s singles final is a showdown between the Victas stars. The young Kihara Miyu won two championships in women’s singles and women’s doubles. The bottom plate used is the Fire Fall VC from Victas. The price is affordable. Although the bottom strength is not strong, it has a clear feel and is very suitable for close-up.

Forehand V>15 Extra is Victas’ flagship rubber, which is good for grabbing the ball, and has a sudden back-and-forth. VO>102 is the most popular king’s positive glue nowadays. It can almost be approached as a reverse glue-like pull ball.

Han Ying: Victas Koji Matsushita, TSP Spectol Blue

Teacher Han Ying is said to have two boards, the main board is Victas Matsushita Koji, and the secondary board is Matsushita Koji Defensive. The author of the chipping board has not studied deeply, but the reputation of the Matsushita Koji series is not small. National player Wu Yang also uses this series of blades.

Spectol Blue was born out of the former king of raw rubber Spectol (in fact, it is also the king now), using a high-elastic cake sponge. Although it is raw rubber, the rotation changes are also rich. No wonder Hou Yingchao and other seniors also love to use this series to cut the ball.

Miyu Kato: Innerforce Layer ZLC, Tenergy 80, Tenergy 80

This is Kato’s unchanging configuration for thousands of years. Inn ZLC is the existence of magic board whether it is professional or amateur field. Offensive and defensive, with almost no shortcomings. The only shortcoming is that some golfers may feel that the matchmaking is not transparent enough.

The T80 is also an almighty masterpiece. The spin is between T05 and T64, and so is the speed, nothing is the strongest, but everything is great. Suitable for players who use a variety of techniques to win.

Chen Siyu: Special Note Innerforce ZLC, Tenergy 05 Hard, Tenergy 05 Hard

You will find that, except for Zheng Yijing, most of the female players in Taiwan Province use the built-in ZLC structure. Maybe Zhang Yining’s halo is too dazzling, or maybe this structure really can’t find faults.

We mentioned T05H in the previous article, but it would be too “overbearing” for a female general like Chen Siyu.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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