WTT Singapore, the equipment configuration of the men’s and women’s singles semi-finals


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The WTT Singapore Grand Slam came to an end. In a peak match called a fight between gods, Fan Zhendong narrowly defeated Ma Long 4:3 and won the cup as he wished. It was exactly as Qin Gui had predicted before the competition, and it was indeed a showdown with the gold content of the championship no less than that of the Olympic Games and the World Table Tennis Championships.

Some of the techniques and tactics that hit the first few elements are incomprehensible to us. However, we can see clearly their equipment configuration. No, the author of this article uses low-dimensional technical knowledge to analyze the magic weapon in high-dimensional fighting.

Men’s Singles Final Four

Fan Zhendong: Special Note from Viscaria, NEO Blue Country Hurricane 3, Dignics 09c

For a long time, Vis + Hurricane 3 + Butterfly T05 or T64 is the main standard for national players. Fan Zhendong’s equipment configuration can be said to be a continuation of this idea. Forehand NEO blue sponge country Hurricane3, has enough stable ball holding, strong spin and arc making ability, and strong bottom force. Butterfly Vis Golden is not too strong on the forehand in the blade with the same structure as the butterfly, but with the blessing of Hurricane 3’s sticky rubber surface, there is no problem.

D09c is gradually becoming a new generation of backhand magic glue. The first choice for the backhand jacket was T05, but now it seems to be D09c with a certain stickiness. To be honest, it doesn’t spray as much as the D05, but it does grab the ball more stably, and the rotation changes are richer. Fan Zhendong has never lacked strength, so he pursues further control and rotation.

Malone: W968, NEO Blue Hurricane3, NEO Orange Hurricane3

In the era of plastic balls, in order to make up for the “lost spin”, the coaching staff of the national team put forward the suggestion of using the backhand Hurricane 3. Now in the hands of the country, it can be said that two-faced madness has become the norm. Although the sponge is not as transparent and elastic as the astringent coat, whether it is a blue country Hurricane3 or an orange country Hurricane3, as long as it is equipped with a blade with sufficient deformation force (high-quality representative: W968), it is not a problem! W968, which has high elasticity and high explosiveness and is prone to overall deformation, also needs a solid and linear rubber sleeve to match.

Regarding the recently listed Golden Slam Hurricane Long 5, which is a tribute to the legend, although it is not named W968, its structure is almost the same. And it is said that the formula of the golden slam is based on Ma Long’s current hand board, which can be said to be a special market version of the national player. Attention is strongly recommended.

Liang Jingkun: W968, NEO Blue Country Hurricane3, NEO Orange Country Hurricane3

The configuration can be said to be almost the same as that of Ma Long, the difference between the rubber is only the degree of degree. Liang Jingkun has always used the Viscaria structure, and when he switched to W968 with built-in aromatic carbon, there was no discomfort. Not long ago also won the Oman Station Challenge Championship. It can be said that both Vis and W968 are well-balanced and comprehensive boards with no obvious shortcomings. So many national players can switch seamlessly between the two.

However, enthusiasts must still look forward to the legendary “Kun” – a W968 built with Liang Jingkun’s personal characteristics, or even a ball with an external aromatic carbon structure of Double Happiness.

Yukiya Uda: Built-in ZLC special note, Dignics 05, Dignics 80

Yukiya Uda, who once defeated Tomoka Harimoto 4:3 in the All-Japan Championship, actually has a lot of potential. The backhand is still not very solid, but the forehand is tough and solid. Once he was given some space for his forehand to exert his strength, Xiao Chuan couldn’t hold it. In the semi-final, Fan Zhendong 4:2 Yutian Yukiya, it was really a thrilling game.

Built-in ZLC, that is, the structure of Innerforce ZLC, has been verified by the great devil Zhang Yining very early on. It has also been used by many famous players in the world: Niwa Xiaoxi, Li Shangzhu, Liu Shiwen and so on. It can be said that the amateur magic board, it can be regarded as one. The ball is stable enough, the defense is automatic, the speed is high, and the bottom line is very strong, and there are no loopholes. The backhand D80 is the same as Mizutani Hayabusa, and it is a rubber that can “score by a variety of technical methods”. That is, it is balanced and comprehensive, and it can be pulled and played.

Women’s Singles Final Four

Chen Meng: Viscaria, NEO Blue Country Hurricane3, Hurricane 8

No matter in the men’s team or the women’s team, the configuration of two-faced madness has accounted for half of the country. For the backhand position, some use the 36-37 degree NEO Orange Sponge Country Hurricane 3, and some use the specially made Hurricane8. After all, the national set of stars is too expensive. In terms of the market version, amateur golfers can consider the 37-degree soft Hurricane 8 and Hurricane 8-80. In particular, Hurricane 8-80 uses a high-elastic large-hole cake sponge, which does not rely on glue at all. It can also be used for friction and bombing, and the price is very high.

Wang Manyu: Lin Gaoyuan ALC, NEO Blue Hurricane3, Dignics 05

Although the Singapore Grand Slam lost 3:4 to Chen Meng and ranked runner-up, the qualitative change of Wang Manyu in the past year is obvious to all. Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC is a variant of the Vis structure. Its absolute power limit is not as high as that of Vis, but it has a natural arc ability, making it easy for a thief to come to power. Although it is an external aromatic carbon structure, its slight shaking and strong ball holding ability are comparable to the built-in fiberboard. Steady enough to better defend, connect, and push with impunity.

Compared with the D09c, the D05 is more spray, the first speed is faster, and it is a more ferocious existence.

Sun Yingsha: W968, NEO Blue Country Hurricane3, NEO Orange Country Hurricane3

From carbon 45, gold standard 45 to W968, Sun Yingsha’s rubber configuration has not changed. It can be said that it is the little Ma Long of the women’s team, and it is also a high-speed connection style. During this period of time, it may be because of the need to strengthen the forehand lethality, so the blade was replaced with the more powerful W968. It is said to be a W968 that has evolved in style. The strength material is thinned and the large core is thickened, which increases the speed and tends to be a W968 with a better swing speed.

We also look forward to the launch of “Hurricane Sha” one day sooner, so that we can taste new flavors different from Hurricane Long 5.

Wang Yidi: W968, NEO Blue Country Hurricane3, Dignics 09c

As mentioned above, the main blade configurations of the men’s and women’s teams are still W968 and Viscaria, and almost all the forehands of the rubber are NEO Blue Country Hurricane. The backhand position, if it wasn’t for the NEO Orange Hurricane3/Hurricane 8, or the Butterfly’s flagship rubber – in the early days, it was mainly T64, followed by T05, and now it’s basically D05 or D09c.

Compared with the T series, the main advantage of the D series is in the topspin stalemate stage, which is more stable and faster. However, it will be slightly more technically demanding. The hardness itself is also high. Therefore, when amateur golfers use the T or D series, they should also decide according to their personal characteristics and technical level.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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