Color rubber from major manufacturers, “show” is the most important, not performance


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Joola Purple Dynasty AGR, ACC, Dynasty CMD

Blue V15E by VICTAS

Tibhar Quantum X PRO Powder and Blue

GEWO Nexus 53, 48, 45


When the spring flowers are blooming, all the teenagers on the ping pong road, are your hearts also agitated?

From last year to this year, major manufacturers have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, and they have made their own colored rubber sheets. At present, I have seen four colors of blue, purple, pink and green. Can the colored rubber sheets of the major manufacturers satisfy you? The turbulent heart inside? Today I will briefly talk about the feel comparison of these color rubber sets I have tried.

In fact, compared with the normal color rubber of the same model, the performance of the colored rubber has neither improved nor decreased. They are all the same formula, just a different color.

Because of the different colors, the vulcanizing agent in the rubber raw materials will also be slightly different, but the impact is minimal and can almost be ignored. So which of these colored rubbers is more suitable for you? And listen to my analysis below.

At present, the top professional players in the color series are using only the two-sided V15E of NIWA teacher (one black and one blue), and the two-sided Nexus 53 of the African brother (one black and one green), and Romanian beauty player Sizo Coase is using the Quantum X PRO (Pink)

These color rubber sets can be divided into 4 types.

Brief comment

01 Types of Violence: Purple AGR and Green Nexus 53

The two types of rubber, AGR and Nexus 53, are very violent when tested. The rubber surface is astringent rubber, born for violence, and the hand feels very stiff and solid. If you exert your own strength well, you can exert the characteristics of strong rubber toughness. At the same time, it will be accompanied by the unique metal sound of Germany rubbers, and you will eat the ball very solidly, and you will feel the sudden release of the bow and arrow, and the ball will quickly fly to the ground. Opposite the table, a proper high-level player’s violent killer, it is very suitable as a weapon for extreme forehand attack. However, if the force is not good, because the sponge is harder, there will be a risk of dropping the ball.

Both of the above apply to the forehand

02 Stable Type: Purple ACC, Nexus 48, Nexus 45

These three rubber sets are stable series, the softened version of the violent version of the same series (AGR Nexus 53), the sponge support is not so strong, not so hard, so it becomes easier to hold the ball, so it is more stable. If used as a backhand for stable defensive control and friction, it works great.

48 has the same hardness as ACC, 45 is softer, and Nexus 45 has the same hardness as ELP

45 is suitable for backhand, Venom 48 and Dynasty ACC can be used for both front and back

03 Speed type: Dynasty CMD, Quantum XPRO pink blue

Dynasty CMD gives me the feeling that it is more suitable for backhand, it belongs to the feeling of small T64, and it belongs to a kind of anti-glove glue with both speed and control.

Quantum X PRO powder and blue also belong to the speed type. The hardness of the sponge is slightly lower than that of the Dynasty CMD. Although it is not as cool as the CMD shooting, it enhances a little sense of friction. It is good for backhand shooting and friction. If you want to use pure bombing, choose CMD, but if you want to have some rotation on this basis, choose Quantum XPRO

04 Comprehensive comprehensive type, blue V15E

VICTAS V15E is regarded as the most successful rubber set of VICTAS. The overall performance is also very good. The rubber surface is relatively soft, it is easier to hold the ball, and the rotation is very good. And after exerting force, the overall acceleration performance is also very good. As a forehand attack, it has both rotational performance and speed performance, and is also very stable. It is a relatively comprehensive rubber set. For amateurs, the threshold for use is not high, and it is suitable for both forehand and backhand. A person with good power can be used as a backhand, and a person with average power can be used as a forehand.

Which color rubber do you think is more “saucy”?

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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