Equipment configuration of Yukiya Uda and Qiu Dang


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Author: 邵璧林

Yukiya Uda: Inn ZLC

Two years have passed, and Yukiya Uda has not changed the equipment. In the public account in 2020, the dark horse has revealed the configuration of Yukiya Uda . This time in the WTT Singapore Championship, it can be seen that his ball has risen, and the full arc and impact of the mid-table forehand are quite good. His configuration: Inn ZLC player special note (Vis handle parquet), forehand D05, backhand D80.

In my mind, the built-in ZLC is a perfect structure, especially with a two-sided jacket. The up and down spin is stable, the force is enough to burst, and the defense is also quite stable. There are also many amateur masters in this city who use Inn ZLC.

Comparing the Innerforce Layer ALC with built-in blue carbon and the Hurricane Long 5 with built-in yellow carbon, both are better in terms of speed and stability in defensive counterattacks. Although with the fiery Vis structure, there don’t seem to be many title contenders with Inn ZLC. But in fact, there is still a wide audience. The first is that Japanese women’s teams use Inn ZLC everywhere, and secondly, many male players use a variant of Inn ZLC (Francesca ZLC, Apollonia ZLC, Harimoto ZLC, etc.).

Qiu Party: Boll ALC

The handle parquet is from Innerforce Layer ALC. I think that Qiu Dang has used Inn ZLC before, so some friends will guess whether it is the player who used Innerforce Layer ALC.

In fact, he answered this question himself. Bottom plate: Boll ALC, D09c forehand, D05 for backhand.

Speaking of Boll ALC, in fact, the Vis board, but for amateur golfers, Vis may be the most difficult to use. Vis does have the highest strength limit, but he needs more explosive power to use it well, and his forehand is not enough to hold the ball compared to Boll ALC, Zhang Jike ALC and Lin Gaoyuan ALC.

As for the D09c used by Qiu Dang’s forehand, although the author thought in the earliest evaluation that the D09c was not strong enough to spray, it was not bad. But on the one hand, the D09c is actually better adjusted than the earliest version. On the other hand, it has been proved by practice that it is better to use on a supportive, hard-bounce board. Generally speaking, external configuration is better than internal configuration. Of course, if the built-in support is stronger, such as Ocha ALC and Super Hiramoto Tomokazu, the effect will not be bad.

At least, the author feels very good when the D09c is equipped with Super Zhang Jike, Zhang Jike ALC, Vis, Super Vis, and Super Zhangbook. But with Minions Inn ZLC, Yoshimura Limited Edition, and Golden Slam Dragon 5, it’s not good enough, it’s a bit out of touch and looks fleshy. This rubber needs a bit of “hard support” to get better spin and strength.

V> 20 Double Extra

Although it is nominally 52.5°, after Kishikawa Seiya tried to play, he also reported that the actual touch was still relatively soft. The concept is still similar to V>15 Extra. It doesn’t take much of the opponent’s spin, and there is no sense of compulsion in countering the opponent’s high-spin arc, and it is somewhat arbitrary.

Although the ball quality of V>15 Extra is not as heavy as T05 and D05, its concept and characteristics are quite suitable for some people. Especially in the backhand position. Twist and pull at will, with high fault tolerance, especially when defending and attacking, it is quite stable, and the speed of borrowing is fast. A few years ago, the dark horse Jun really practiced the backhand’s defensive unloading force and leveraging on the afterburner, which also depended on this rubber.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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