Ma Long denies giving lessons to young players: I work hard! there is no such thing


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Author: 微乒乓

Ma Long’s low-key in external interviews is a real low-key; but the more low-key, the more it reflects Ma Long’s inner love and confidence in table tennis, and he can really answer that sentence: low-key is the best show off.

On March 15, Ma Long and Wang Chuqin met with 16 to 8 in the men’s singles of the Singapore Grand Slam, and the two played five games. Malone won two games in a row with a 1-2 deficit and reversed to win. The five innings are: 12-10, 6-11, 8-11, 11-5, 11-6.

Judging from the fourth and fifth rounds, Wang Chuqin only scored 5 and 6 points, the gap is still relatively large, that is, the more he hits the back, the older and more “demon” Ma Long controls the situation and wins. After the game, Ma Long said that he did not give up when he was 1-2 behind, but went to play point by point. This also allowed the reporters who interviewed Malone to find the topic at once.

Reporter: So Ma Long taught all the young players a lesson today, let them see how the old players play every point and every point on the court.

When Ma Long heard this, he solemnly denied the reporter’s sentence: I don’t think there is anyone giving lessons to others. In the game, I also want to control the game smoothly, but Wang Chuqin’s current strength does not allow me to easily grasp his weakness or control the game. Therefore, we can only play point by point, and we can only use the serve, the landing point in the stalemate, etc. to make up! One by one to fight the whole 11 points!

Ma Long said that although he did a good job on the whole today, there was still a big problem in the return link. After the first game, Wang Chuqin changed his serve and gave the opponent countless half-high ball chances.

This is also the main reason why Ma Long lost in the second and third innings: poor handling of return and serve.

The reporter still couldn’t help but praise Malone: But in the fifth game, I think you’ve already controlled the rhythm and the game.

Of course, Malone is the most powerful.

Ma Long gave a wry smile, shook his head and said, “Not really, because it’s a tiebreaker, everyone is comparing will, who can hold on to one more goal.” Fortunately, at the time of 3-2 and 4-2, my tactics are still good, and I have a little psychological advantage in the score, so it seems to be relatively smooth in the back.

Reporter: How do you feel now?

Ma Long smiled and said: It’s normal. Because I didn’t expect to win Wang Chuqin before the game, I was very happy to be able to win.

Ma Long even said with a smile that after the lottery, his heart skipped a beat: Why did he meet Wang Chuqin again? As for the state, the training state is okay, but the training state and the game state are two different things. The game will not make you so comfortable. Let’s play one game at a time.

Reporter: How do you prepare for the next game? (The 1/4 final opponent is the winner of Lin Yunru and Darko)

Ma Long: Lin Yunru and Darko are both among the best players in the world today, and they are also the main opponents of the Chinese team. The rhythm of five innings and three innings will be very fast, and you have to enter the state from the first inning and the first ball. , the game will also be a difficult game.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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