A hands-on experience worth 5,000 yuan – Double Happiness Gold Slam Hurricane Long 5 trial VS official W968


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Author: 小貔同学

In a hurry, I got the Golden Slam Hurricane Long 5 (hereinafter referred to as Golden Long 5), which I had been waiting for for a long time. After all, the gossip said that such a batch of goods can be regarded as a limited product (the authenticity is not sure). In terms of appearance, the tail logo has been replaced with a new one, and the faucet behind the handle has a Ma Long ‘s signature on it. Compared with W968, the combined thickness of the surface material and the strength material is slightly thinner, and the large core is thicker. Regarding the thickness of the handle that everyone is very concerned about. Compared with my 968 in September 21, the handle of the Golden Long 5 is slightly thicker. In fact, the buttocks are the same, that is, the place where the tiger’s mouth is thicker. During the interview later, I also felt that the Golden Long 5 was thicker and more comfortable, but the W968’s tiger’s mouth is thicker. A little thinner there, the serve and in-table control feel more flexible.

Golden Long 5: The weight is 91.2g, the thickness is 6.0mm, the balance point is 129mm, and the balance point on the official card is 124mm. I don’t understand where this difference is. The previous test of Hurricane Long 5 was the same as the data card. W968: Weight 89.8g, thickness 6.0mm, balance point 125mm. They are all brand-new blade, with brand-new oil-filled General Hurricane and Hurricane 8 Soft. I feel distressed while posting, this is too expensive to try a blade.
Let’s talk about the experience of W968 first. It is still a small force that does not move the ball very much, the control in the table is extremely stable, and the rotation and power of the ball after the force is very good, but it requires a lot of users. The W968 holds the ball for a long time, and can have more control. It is suitable for hitting and controlling and then making a surprise. If you want to continue, it is no problem. To say that it is similar, in fact, the style of W968 is very similar to that of Tianji 2 sets of glue, both of which are control + rotation type. The control is stable, and the power is particularly explosive, but there is a little break in the middle. If you want to play W968 well, not only physical strength is required, but in fact, the pace is more demanding. If your feet are in place and you can stand firm and work hard, the quality is absolutely first-class; if your feet are not in place, you will have no quality. The style of the Golden Long 5 is more eccentric and Hurricane 3, and the performance shown by the user’s exertion also increases linearly. When I first started playing the Golden Long 5, I felt that the de-board speed was a little better than that of the W968. It didn’t feel like the 968 under medium and small power, but it was not as bouncy as the market version. After exerting force, it is also very linear, the speed is better than 968, and the performance rate is also higher. After the W968 exerted force, it felt very solid, and the feeling of resisting the ball and spitting out was very solid, which was similar to the Super VIS that I played some time ago. After the Golden Long 5 exerts force, it grabs the ball and throws it out like a big net. When playing the ball, it feels so similar to Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC, and the fault tolerance rate and attendance rate are also higher than those of the 968, and there is no market version. A situation where sometimes a sudden burst of force suddenly flies around. When it comes to the backhand position, the feeling of the center of gravity is actually a little more obvious. My feeling is that the center of gravity of the 968 really rests on the head, but the Golden Long 5 does not rest so much on the head, and the experience is more in line with the balance point I measured. Golden Long 5’s leverage is better, especially the leverage link will have more advantages than 968. Like the forehand, the fault tolerance of the Golden Long 5 is better than that of the W968. If the ball is not in place, it is better to go to the stage.

in conclusion. I feel that the Golden Long 5 seems to trade speed and fault tolerance for absolute quality. Lower than the W968 upper limit, but with better fault tolerance and leverage and slightly faster speed. Compared with the market version of Long 5, there is less blind JB spray and a little more stability. If your own strength and pace are very good, W968 is still the best choice. But for our amateur friends, maybe better fault tolerance and stability is a better choice. I think this board is a small upgrade over the market version of the Long 5.
Finally, let’s talk about the glue. For the forehand, I would recommend the Orange Sponge Hurricane, which is more suitable than the Blue Sponge. If you use the backhand, you can match the glue according to your usual combination. You don’t have to use it because the cake sponge is too elastic like the old Long 5. Its compatibility should be better than the old model. However, I still recommend trying Hurricane 8 Soft, the effect is really good, leveraging force is better than Hurricane 3 Soft, the rotation and control are much stronger than some cakes, and the Double Happiness family buckets are really comfortable to stick together.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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