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Author: 黑马聊乒乓

For at least the past ten years, the butterfly Viscaria (Viscaria, or Vis for short) has been known as the “magic blade” in the equipment industry. Because Zhang Jike won the men’s singles championship at the 2012 London Olympics and achieved the Grand Slam fastest, and his main blade is Vis.

Rather than saying that people finally discovered the brilliance of Vis, it is better to say that Vis just fits the development of the times, and Zhang Jike is the pioneer. Before this, Vis was not perfect, but Zhang Jike defined the way of Vis

opened up the way to the top of Vis. So, the god blade was cast.

What’s so good about Vis? Linear and faithful under small and medium strength; sharp backhand, strong overall support; able to attack and hold; stable and free, with a combination of rigidity and softness. The combination of rigidity and flexibility is actually the characteristics of aromatic carbon, and the external aromatic carbon such as Vis also has the following characteristics: compared with the built-in aromatic carbon, the de-plate speed (one speed) is faster, the deformation recovery is fast, the vibration is small, and the overall The penetration is controllable, and the hitting effect is clean and neat.

Then, when Butterfly launched the first blade equipped with SUPER ALC on the 1st of this month: VISCARIA SUPER ALC, it is directly defined as: the more powerful VISCARIA. We can’t help but ask: Is Super Vis (Viscaria SALC) ready to surpass Vis?

better than VIS

Super Vis, which is a way of saying “easy” at the moment. Because Zhang Jike SUPER ZLC (Super Zhang Jike) was previously referred to as “Super Zhang”.

Indeed, Super Vis was born out of Vis. Structurally, the two are basically the same. The same koto face material, external ALC and paulownia wood core. The main difference is that the aromatic carbon layer is thickened and encrypted. Visible to the naked eye: the aromatic carbon fiber layer is darker and thicker. In fact, the fibers of Super Vis are also densified, and the spacing of the fibers is smaller than that of Vis. But maybe the ratio of blue aryl groups has been increased, so it doesn’t feel stiffer.

The thickening of the carbon layer and the densification of fibers can achieve “enhanced elasticity”. The wood treatment, and the adjustment of the blue aryl ratio, can soften it.

Vis: rebound characteristic 11.8, vibration characteristic horizontal plate 10.3 straight plate 10.6, thickness 5.8mm

Super Vis: Rebound characteristic 12.1, Vibration characteristic Horizontal plate 10.1 Straight plate 10.4, Thickness 5.7mm

Interpretation: Super Vis is more elastic than Vis, and it is slightly shocking. (The higher the vibration characteristics, the less shaking.) In terms of thickness, the Super Vis is 0.1mm thinner. We know that the thinner the board, the easier it is to deform and eat the ball better.

Looking back at the real thing, compare the Vis and Super Vis in your hands. The measured thickness of Vis is 5.78mm; Super Vis is 5.65mm. Both Vis and Super Vis are about 92g.

At the front of the handle, the Vis is slightly fuller, and the Super Vis is slightly flatter, the difference is small, but it can be seen. In terms of center of gravity, Super Vis relies more on the head than Vis.

In the evaluation of this article, we will conduct a direct comparison in order to more effectively help golfers choose.

(The above is a friend of the left-handed straight board, trying to hit my horizontal board Super Vis)

Play more softly and eat the ball more

The most obvious is that the Super Vis forehand is dead. The feeling of catching the ball is more obvious than that of Vis, and the pause time of catching the ball is longer. The backhand position, twisting and pulling, and reverse tearing all feel that the technique is more adjustable. Yes, some tastes are indeed like Gold Label Vis, Ball ALC 70th Anniversary Limited Edition. Anyway, it is more catchy, and it is easier to add more turns.

You can spin more freely. But at the same time, the crispy taste is slightly lighter than that of Vis. It seems that the explosive power of backhand blowing is not as strong as Vis. When Vis retreated to the far platform, the upper limit of power seemed to be higher. Super Vis is more inclined to the middle and near Taiwan.

More speed, longer arc

Stronger elasticity makes Super Vis faster. Especially backhand pulling and tearing, it is obvious that the speed is sharper than Vis, and the directivity is very good. More bounce and longer arc.

Differences in Defense

Although the more flexible Super Vis is stable in defense, especially when blocking the forehand, you need to pay attention to controlling the height of the arc. Because the original Vis was dull and naive, the defense became more linear and stable. If a board wants to be “more powerful”, its elasticity and speed are often improved. At this time, the control difficulty becomes higher. Super Vis is more flexible and faster than Vis, so it is naturally less faithful and controllable in control and defense.

So, going from Vis to Super Vis, you need time to get used to it, its elasticity and speed. To some extent, Super Vis may be more suitable for high-tech golfers.

Choose one of the two, which one?

Super Vis catches the ball better and makes arcs easier because of the addition of an amplifier for faster acceleration and afterburning. But at the same time, it’s not quite as faithful as Vis.

For golfers who want to hit the ball in a consistent manner, Vis’s firm feel will provide clearer feedback and more stable leverage when hitting the ball. In other words, for older golfers who don’t want to always attack by themselves, but are more about defense or afterburner, then Vis is still a more rational choice.

Super Vis is better for “those who want to attack”. Because it does have better offensive power than Vis. Eat the ball more and be faster.

Contrast with Lin Gaoyuan ALC

When Lin Gaoyuan was just listed, the author evaluated it and described it as: agile, stable like an old dog, with a natural sense of arc. It is predicted that it will have broad market prospects. Although many golfers in the early days thought that it was not as good as Vis, it was put into the cold palace. However, the use of the national players and the rediscovery of the golfers finally confirmed my prediction: because it is stable enough, it has a feeling of eating the ball like a built-in aromatic carbon, so that when using it, you can use it to the best of your ability. Technology.

Compared with Lin Gaoyuan ALC, Super Vis still sucks the ball, but the arc is not as linear and natural as Lin Gaoyuan ALC. Because its power is amplified! It’s more bouncy and faster than Lin Gaoyuan ALC, so you can’t be too stable. The reason why Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC is stable is to a certain extent because it is soft, and at the same time, its elasticity, speed and strength are not as high as Super Vis.

Do you want a sharper attack, or would you rather sacrifice power for stability? It decides whether you choose Super Vis or Lin Gaoyuan ALC.

The center of gravity of Super Vis is more head-shot than Vis and Lin Gaoyuan ALC, which means the attack is more powerful. But Vis and Lin A’s are more on the handle, which means “more stable ball control”.

In terms of rubber, Lin A and Mad Biao 3 are a little out of the ball, unless they are filled with more oil. But the more flexible Super Vis with Crazy Biao 3 is better than Lin A. But with a two-sided jacket, I feel that the arc of Lin A is better and more stable.

Compare Super Zhang Jike

Compared with Super Zhang Jike, Super Vis is softer. Super ALC is still more paused and more controllable than Super ZLC when grabbing the ball. ALC is the existence of relaxation, ZLC is the existence of more direct rebound, higher elastic speed.

Contrast Ball 70th Anniversary Limited Edition

The Super Vis feels a little firm and firm, and the Ball 70 can almost be said to have no brains to go on stage, but when it is not exerting force, although it is easy to go on stage, it is soft and a little empty. The support feedback of the Super Vis is between the Ball 70 and the Vis.

In terms of style and actual combat effect, Super Vis does not surpass Vis or Lin Gaoyuan ALC. It’s an evolution of a different flavor. But at the same time, it is worthy of the description of the “more powerful Viscaria”, because it does hold the ball more, and it also achieves better elasticity, faster acceleration, and sharper.

Viscaria is still the magic board, but this time, you have a different choice.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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