Darko DJC, Cybershape 6, and Banda


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Author: 邵璧林

Darko DJC

Darko won the men’s singles title in the European Round of 16. Holding the Darko DJC, this is a really explosive blade. It’s really not an exaggeration to describe the dark horse as “high elastic energy, high-speed oppression”. In the era of plastic balls, speed is the number one winning factor. Apparently, this board did it. The speed is really sharp and the feel is transparent. Even if you want to pull and turn, it is easy to become a forward thrust with rotation.

But there is a problem, that is, it is too bouncy for the average golfer. Even though high bounce brings more speed advantage and offensive threat, not so many people adapt to high elasticity. Moreover, the large board surface of 160*150mm is not popular with many people.

Moregold’s Cybershape 6

Still in the final is Moregold. Having used Cybershape 6, he has obviously undergone a qualitative change, and the World Table Tennis Championship is not a flash in the pan. This board is really powerful forehand lethality, like a hammer. However, the glue should be appropriately soft to make it more transparent. The backhand position, because of the center of gravity of the beat, twisting and pulling, etc., really takes time to get used to. Shots are fine.

At the same time, Joe Persson and several Stiga contracted female players (Italy, Sweden and France) have all tried out for a period of time and truly embraced Cybershape 6 and DNA rubber. It shows that although this blade is too individual, its performance is really good. The DNA Platinum Edition, as a new generation of German sets, has a transparent feel and good acceleration, and is gradually loved by everyone.

Liang Jingkun: W968

He Zhuojia: CRW (Rosewood CL ) + DNA dragon grip

Cao Zhen: Banda Offensive

The three big players (Double Happiness, Butterfly and Stiga) have similar strategies, all tending to sign as many stars as possible. Butterfly has always been like this, and Double Happiness and Stiga have put more energy into the hands of the country. Including recently Wang Chuqin and Liang Jingkun also used W968. Although it is still built-in aromatic carbon, after adjusting the thickness of the wood, the softness and hardness of the hand feel change, and the ball wind can also change. A blade that was originally deeply charged and high explosive, the speed is getting faster and faster, and the forehand and backhand are more and more even. As long as the opportunity comes, Kuang Biaosha, Kuang Biao Qin and Kuang Biao Kun will be on the line.

However, Double Happiness has always been cautious, and the pace is always a little slower, so up to now, Color Hurricane 9 has not yet been launched.

He Zhuojia used the dragon grip forehand, as we talked about earlier. This side is placed in the backhand position, and it can be regarded as a cheap version of the D09c, but it is also not light.

The retired Cao Zhen will endorse Banda Offensive with seven layers of pure wood. Using high-temperature baking treatment (charcoal burning?), the feel becomes crisp and crisp, and the speed will also improve.

It’s just that the “rebirth” of Banda has started since April 2020. The distribution of goods is too slow, which is the biggest problem of Stiga at present. Don’t you see, how amazing was Cybershape 6 when it came out, but now it has already been robbed of the limelight by the mixed reviews of Super Vis.

Regarding the evaluation of Super Vis, as well as the evaluation of Super Vis in the new issue of “Two Horses Talk”, Dark Horse will provide them one by one tomorrow and the day after.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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