At 12 noon, Ma Long’s social media official announced the new identity, Liu Guoliang did not wait in vain,Chinese table tennis team will start a new dynasty again


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Author: 人人乒乓

On February 20th, Beijing time, the national table tennis team is actively preparing for the first WTT Grand Slam competition, which will start in early March. The champions of this competition will not only receive huge bonuses, but will also receive 2,000 ITTF points for each event. It is full of great attraction for any player, so the level and level of this event will not be inferior to the Olympic Games and the World Table Tennis Championships, or even surpass it. After the new reform of the World Table Tennis Federation The first WTT Grand Slam competition will become the main event in the international table tennis world in the future.

Entering the Paris Olympic cycle, in fact, everyone has been looking forward to the emergence of more new players in the national table tennis. After all, as veteran players such as Ma Long, Xu Xin, and Liu Shiwen grow older, they may gradually develop in the next Olympic cycle. Fading out of sight, so it is necessary to accelerate the growth of young and newcomers, and it is also a typical topic for the three veterans of Guoping in the future, especially these core players, if they retire in the future, they will stay in Guoping to serve as other Want a job? Or is it about returning to the family and leaving table tennis?

In particular, Ma Long is regarded by the outside world as China’s second Liu Guoliang. In the future, everyone is optimistic that he can become Liu Guoliang’s successor in the coaching and even management positions, but the premise is that Ma Long needs to take the first step towards becoming a coach. Ma Long is part-time coach of the Beijing team. If Ma Long can clarify the signal that his new Olympic cycle is gradually fading out of sight, this may speed up the reconstruction of the national table tennis men’s team, as well as accelerate Ma Long’s transition in a new position and strive for the future. Transform into a better table tennis coach.

It is worth mentioning that at 12:00 noon on the 20th, Ma Long updated his social media, released a message and attached a picture, this is a picture of Ma Long latest business endorsement, and through this Zhang Tuguan announced Ma Long’s latest identity, and is the image ambassador of a makeup brand. This also means that Ma Long is likely to carry out more commercial activities in the future, and this also means that in the next Olympic cycle, Ma Long will The signal that gradually fades out of sight, after all, during the critical period of preparation for the war, it is impossible for the core team members to receive advertisements and advertise at will.

Moreover, among the 9 recent social media updates of Ma Long, 7 are endorsement advertisements for commercial cooperation with various brands, which is enough to see that Ma Long, the Olympic champion, has won everyone’s recognition, but it also reflects that Ma Long is in the future. The attitude of the Olympic cycle, if Ma Long will continue to impact in the next Olympic cycle, it is impossible to receive so many advertisements in the near future. In fact, this is the beginning of Ma Long ‘s transformation. Liu Guoliang is also waiting for this day, and he may help Liu Guoliang in the future. In the future, Ma Long has grown into an excellent coach, and Guoping will usher in a new dynasty in the post-Ma Long era.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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