How can I spin the ball so much?


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Author: 老王乒乓

The principle of rotation is a physical knowledge, and the argument is omitted here and only the conclusion is stated:

1. The greater the force away from the axis, the stronger the rotation;

2. The farther the force deviates from the axis of rotation, the stronger the rotation;

3. The longer the force is applied, the stronger the rotation.

2. Application of the principle

1. The source of rubbing power.

We know that rubbing the ball depends on friction, but the force of friction is positively related to the pressure. There is no friction without impact. If the force of friction is large, it must be impacted. Within the allowable range, the greater the force of impact, the better.

2. The force must deviate from the center of the ball.

Although the power of the rubbing ball comes from the impact, only the impact is not only difficult to deviate from the center of the ball, but only the impact is easy to make mistakes, which must rely on friction, so after the impact, the bottom of the ball must be rubbed as much as possible.

3. Extend the rubbing time as much as possible.

With strength, it deviates from the center of the ball, and it is not necessary to rub the ball very much. It is also necessary to prolong the interaction time between the racket and the ball as much as possible, that is, when rubbing the ball, it is necessary to “follow the ball as much as possible.” ball run”.

Three, the skills of rubbing the ball

After knowing the principle and application, we also understand the three links of rubbing the ball.

1. Top: Stand the racket a little, withstand the incoming ball, and eat and hold the ball through impact, so as to increase the friction force and prolong the friction time later.

2. Prying: According to the length and rotation of the incoming ball, the plate shape is flattened to facilitate the control of the arc of the ball and the subsequent bottom friction.

3. Sending: On the basis of eating and staying the ball and the shape of the ball is appropriate, send it forward quickly in an instant, in order to strengthen the friction force and prolong the holding time of the ball.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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