He is the number one backhand in the world! Kreanga, remember?


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The Greek table tennis player Kreanga was born in 1972. He holds the racket horizontally in his right hand and combines the fast attack style. Since the 1990s, he has become a popular player in the world. In the first decade of the 21st century, it was one of the main opponents of Chinese men’s table tennis.

Kreanga is the flag of Greek table tennis and the glory of European table tennis, and has won the world runner-up for many times.

As early as the mid-1990s, Kreanga played against the Chinese team’s main players, Ma Wenge and Wang Tao. Due to his gymnastics practice in his early years, his physical fitness is outstanding, and he can often deal fatal blows to opponents in extremely difficult situations when hedging and hedging in middle and far table

In his overall style of play, the backhand technique is particularly prominent. The backhand is capable of explosive punches and pullbacks, both in the middle and in the distance. The angle and the opening of the landing are unmatched by others.

Kreanga serves in general, and there are obvious loopholes in forehand receiving, especially forehand straight line and half ball return line is single, and the stability is not high. But once the stalemate is fought, and in the case of a tailwind, his strength is enough to defeat any master. In the game with Chinese players, Kreanga was often tightly controlled in the first three boards due to his too single serving technique and rough handling of the ball.

Every time Kreanga played, the audience could hardly feel his psychological fluctuations, there seemed to be no tension and fear of the game, and he played very well almost every time. But in the men’s singles world championship final, Kreanga was still nervous. Therefore, in the two men’s World Cup finals, he was reversed by China’s Ma Lin despite the upper hand, and he failed to become the king of men’s singles. And Ma Lin, who reversed him twice, was also reversed by his teammate Wang Liqin in the World Table Tennis Championships men’s singles final. How to be detached under heavy pressure is the top charm of competitive sports. At this point, we can appreciate the slam history of the men’s Grand Slam players represented by Lao Wa.

Kreanga , a tragic figure in men’s table tennis in the world

Kreanga is not a very famous athlete, and he doesn’t have many fans, but he is such an athlete: if you know him and watch him even a game, then you will never forget this person in your life.

Kreanga from the kingdom of the gods has amazing super backhand skills, blocking close to long distance table, attacking in the middle distance table, and pulling from far away. The power that is so powerful that it is almost beastly makes people puzzled: Is this a backhand? I’m going, even if some people’s forehands may not be able to play! Yes, Kreanga ‘s backhand is a super technique that integrates the movements of legs, abdomen, waist, arms, elbows, and wrists. In addition, this guy used to practice gymnastics when he was a child, and his physical fitness is quite outstanding, so he is only 1.68 meters tall, but he can make full use of every inch of his muscles to exert the ultimate strength, which makes him an international player. A beautiful landscape on the table tennis arena. However, the tragedy of Kreanga is that he was born in the wrong era more than anyone else. In the era of small balls, table tennis techniques were precise and delicate. Kreanga ‘s ball movements were too large, and he was often killed by various hair-receiving and short-handing masters before he even shot. Finally, in the organic era of big balls, Kreanga can finally give full play to his advantages of big moves and great strength; then ushered in the 11-point reform of the game system, when he can finally let go of his hands and feet to fight tactics with passion – he has already 30. Years old. 30 years old, this age is an absolute old age in any sports, but even so, Kreanga , born in 1972, still eliminated Samsonov, who was four years younger than himself, in the 2003 Paris World Table Tennis Championships. Fourth, he lost to the small-ball player Zhu Shihe; he reached the final in the singles of the two World Cups in 2003 and 2004. How magnificent! However, both times, he was defeated by Ma Lin, leaving a permanent regret. It is said that Kreanga has a lot of wins against Shirag, who is the same age as himself, but unfortunately, Old Man Shi seized the opportunity and was crowned the jewel in the crown in World War I, while Old Man Ge could only be a green leaf to foil Zhu Shihe and the old man. applied. In 2008, he changed to inorganic glue, which was a good thing for Kreanga ‘s style of play, but he was 36 years old at this time. But even at such an advanced age, he still defeated Bol in the World Cup that year and advanced to the top four, but was eventually defeated by another Chinese player Wang Hao and failed to reach the final.
After that, there is no after. Because no one can beat the word age, and Laowa is still like this, let alone an athlete like Kreanga who eats his body. Kreanga is not without skills, and the combination is also very good. In my opinion, Kreanga ‘s backhand is by far the most powerful in Europe – although many European players think that Roscoff’s backhand is more powerful than him, I am not a person who blindly follows other people’s opinions. As far as I have seen about fifty or so games of the two games, Roscoff’s backhand is indeed better than Kreanga in the mid-near table, but after retiring from the stage, the White-browed Eagle King can only find opportunities to attack with his backhand, and vigorously attack. God has the ability to backhand and pull back all over far table, and his strength is greater than that of Roscoff. In addition, Kreanga in the big ball era is obviously more capable of winning the championship than Roscoff, because his physical fitness is better, and Roscoff is basically in a state of retirement after 2000. It’s a pity that Kreanga is already old at this time. If he was 5 years younger in 2003 and 2004 (that’s three years older than Ma Lin), can Ma Lin win him? No one knows, but the reality is that Ma Lin was narrowly victorious both times, especially in 2004, when Saburo almost fell into the hands of Hercules. But, after all, it was a little bit worse. Summary: Although Kreanga has never won a championship, in my heart, he is still the number one violent backhand in the world. And if you want to appreciate the real extreme violent art in the world of table tennis, then check out Kreanga ‘s video, it will be a chic treat.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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