V>22 Double Extra and Blue Hurricane 9


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Author: 邵璧林

V> 20 and V 22 >Double Extra

Here are two new Victas rubbers for 2022. The first is V>20 Double Extra, which will also be available in the upcoming March. The main emphasis is on the “sense of stability”. Nominal 52.5°, but the actual touch will not be so hard. The author feels that it should be biased towards something like the DNA Platinum Edition. Comfortable to eat the ball, good sense of arc, strong fault tolerance. The initial price is the same as V>15 Extra.

What is more worth looking forward to should be V>22 Double Extra, which will be available in September. V>15 Extra was listed overseas in 2015, just 7 years later, 15+7=22, V>22 Double Extra was launched. The price is also by far the most expensive Victas rubber. More speed, more spin and a long arc are the official hopes. We also hope that it can give V>15 Extra more power in the forehand. At present, the V>15 Extra on the market is still relatively thin in the forehand.

China Light and China Shadow

As the sticky sleeves in the XIOM flagship rubber sleeve series, China Light and Shadow are not the kind of “sticky” in the traditional sense. It’s just that the upspin and downspin are also very easy, and the spin value is also very high. However, for golfers who are used to Hurricane 3, to meet the “hard” and “sticky” of “Chinese forehand”, they may not be as easy to transition as the tall and straight K2. Because they are not really sticky. Secondly, China is still a bit meaty. Although the elasticity is good, the speed is fast enough when slapping and bouncing, but when pulling the ball, because of the “meat”, the support is not too strong, so the speed of pulling and rushing out seems slow. The Chinese shadow has improved the hardness, and the pulling speed will be faster than that of the light, but it is definitely not as fast as the hard top.

It can only be said that there is still a small difference in style. You can use it well. But with China light and shadow, it’s best to have a harder blades. Moreover, it is necessary to change the thinking. It is no longer just to pull a strong rotation to score points. Light and shadow are better than Hurricane at a speed, but spin and strength are still inferior.

Hurricane 9

There is no doubt that when the color hurricane come, the sales must be quite strong, after all, the market share occupied by the hurricane is too large. As far as we know, in addition to the registered red and black colors, Hurricane 9 has more pink, purple, green and blue colored faces. Some national versions, or Hurricane 9’s experimental products have been available since last year’s Sports Expo, but the official version will be released this year.

Regarding the Long 5 of the Golden Slam, according to the known information, it is guessed that the performance is still the same as that of the Long 5, which remains the same, but the packaging is changed. But there should be a Ma Long limited gift box, including the blade and rubber cover. The blade in this gift box is a higher-level W968.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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