How to smash the high ball in the game


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Author: 老王乒乓

Table tennis forehand smashing a high ball seems to be a simple and easy technique, but often in amateur games, when an opportunity arises, everyone is always eager to exert force, ignoring its essentials and skills, resulting in a very high error rate , the following editor will sort out how to (dunk) kill the golf ball. (Please forgive me for any inadequacies in the following views)

(1) Take the right hand as an example, the left foot is slightly forward before hitting the ball, and the distance of the stance depends on the length of the incoming ball. The arms are naturally bent and internally rotated so that the racket surface is slightly forward, the waist and hips are turned to the right and rear, the entire arm is pulled back, and the racket is led to the right back of the body, and the distance of the racket is appropriately increased to facilitate acceleration and force.

(2) When hitting the ball, turn the waist and hips to the left and push the legs to drive the arms forward to meet the ball. When the incoming ball jumps to the high point, the big arm drives the forearm to accelerate to the left front and bottom at the same time. (Optional batting time: hitting the ball in the rising period, which is a big threat, but prone to mistakes. The high point period and the early falling period are relatively stable and relatively less difficult)

The forehand smash action range is large, the power is heavier, and the speed of the ball is fast, which can pose a great threat to the opponent. This technique is generally used when the opponent picks up an opportunity half-high ball after using other techniques to gain the initiative and advantage. It is one of the important scoring methods in the game. Therefore, when completing this technical action, in addition to the correct action method of the forehand smash, we must also pay attention to three points:

1. The lead distance should be adjusted according to the distance of the incoming ball. Note that the lead distance should not be too small, and the hitting point should not be too close to the body, so as not to affect the power of the smash (should be based on the specific speed of the ball, the distance of the ball, and a reasonable choice of lead size so as not to miss the best shot timing)

2. The smashing technique must lean forward, use the waist, hips, legs, and upper and lower arms to cooperate with force. If you only use the arms to exert force, the strength will be insufficient, there will be no lethality, and the movement will not be stable. The force of pressure, there is a feeling of “tiger feeding”)

3. Before hitting the ball, the muscles of each part of the body should be relaxed as much as possible to fully ensure that the explosive force will be released at the moment of touching the ball.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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