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Summarize some blades that can be used as common blades according to functional classification, so that everyone can have a direction for buy the blade. The Blades are ranked in no particular order, regardless of price. The following is only a brief summary, you can search and view the detailed evaluation in the official account. The words of one family are for reference only.

High fault tolerance rate type : Lin Gaoyuan ALC, Xian Yucheng L

Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC is better than the VIS arc and holds the ball better, especially for some balls that are not in the right position and cannot exert force. A little bit of action on the hand can carry the ball over, which is very useful for playing games. There are benefits. In our vernacular: this thing is about easy to hit the table . Xianyucheng L is a built-in blade with a large surface. The hit feeling is not as abnormal as the 968, but the difficulty of easy to used is lower. One factor brought about by the larger blade is that the ball is more stable. The technique can almost get the ball to the opposite table.

Balanced and stable type : VIS, Competitor Power, Super Hiramoto Tomokazu, Yu Ziyang Special Note, Stiga Carbon 45

These blades all have a common feature: they can stop the ball and then pop it out, and there is a moment of pause. If you can do this, you will have more adjustment space on your hand, making it more convenient for you to do your own actions. The hardness of several blades is relatively balanced, the external is not too hard and the built-in is not too soft, and the forehand and backhand supports are sufficient. It is also easier to match rubber, and it is a choice that can be given eight points (out of ten) if all items go hand in hand.

Forehand surging type : Long 5, Shang Kun ZC, Ochalov ALC

The center of gravity of these three blades is biased towards the head, and the forehand attack power is relatively fierce and powerful. The backhand feels heavy when thrown, and the test of the wrist is very large.

Enhanced spin type : Long 5, Lin Gaoyuan ALC, Pro-01X

Long 5 is also known as the big spray, the forehand whipped and pulled out the ball. Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC should be regarded as the one that can pull the ball the most out of the butterfly’s external ALC blades. The Pro-01X is slightly slower and has a longer holding time, which can better create spin.

Fast speed type : Butterfly external ZLC series, Joola Vyzrryz Hybird

The blade with an external ZLC structure is generally very fast, which is unmatched by ALC fibers, but at the same time, it means that the holding time of the ball is greatly shortened, and the rotation will be greatly reduced. The material used by Joola Hybrid can also be regarded as ZLC. Although the two sides are different, they are similar. The power of these blades will also feel very strong.

The above are the ones that come to mind. They are all blades that can be used in one step and can be used in actual combat. You can choose with confidence. Please leave a comment below if there is anything missing that you would like to know more about.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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