Our 10 Favorite Rubbers(2021 Edition)


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Author: 邵璧林

Foreword: After writing this, the official account is expected to stop for a week, take a good rest, and help the family sell tea. If you are interested in your spare time, you can also read the previous articles.

Relatively speaking, the difference between rubbers may be more difficult to accurately grasp than between the soles. Some are not difficult, such as all kinds of Hurricane of DHS. For details, please refer to [Elite Equipment] DHS Popular Anti-Glue Inventory, which one is suitable for you !

Some comparisons are not easy. For example, German sets are basically ESN OEMs, so even if each generation of ESN sets is a different brand, the gap between them is not big. But in any case, the so-called like, is with a perceptual color. And no matter whether you like a person or an object, it is often a matter of fate. You have never played this blade or rubber, so naturally you can’t talk about whether you like it or not (although most well-known equipment, Mr.Dark Horse has really played, After all, I have been writing for Ping Pong World for more than 10 years).

In this article, I will write: So far, the 10 favorite rubbers of Mr.Dark Horse(all are reverse rubber). The list will still be what I think is very sharp in actual combat. Of course, there will be some personal touches, such as the reason why the first one is an astringent jacket instead of a sticky sleeve. It has to do with personal technical style. But the key may not be “what are those rubbers that the dark horse likes the most”, but “why these things are liked”. Reasons we like can trigger our thinking and help us choose.

Considering that before writing, I did not receive “bribery and reward” from various brands, so this will be an objective impression.

1st place: Tenergy 05

What everyone is curious about may be: why is T05 ahead of D05? T05 is more likely to bring high spin value under small and medium power, and in the backhand position, it is obviously more accessible to amateurs. Why is it called an amateur “master”? Because the level is relatively general, I will feel that the T05 FX is more comfortable, and even the red V is more controllable.

T05 is suitable for both forehand and backhand. The backhand position is more stable and easier to spin than the T80 currently used by Dark Horse. The power is also higher.

Compared with Detao, its strong advantage lies in stable quality control. Some German sets will change the formula. Kaifeng a new T05, it is delicate and powerful in performance. The rubber surface is easy to scale, which is bad news.

No. 2 : Tibhar 1Q

This set of rubber should be discontinued, alas. In 2012, I participated in the City Unicom Cup for the first time. Not long after I changed from Hurricane3 to 1Q, I gained a good state and easily reached the semi-finals. It made me realize that biting the ball with enough astringent coat may actually make your performance more stable. Because you won’t be bound by the stiff feel and performance of hurricane 3 after playing for a long time.

But the Tibhar Revolution series obviously sold better. Officials believe that 1Q is not a product of the era of plastic balls, which is a bit out of date. But in the final analysis, what determines its fate is the price similar to the change and the sales volume that is not as good as the change. In the past 10 years, Dark Horse’s forehand has been dominated by 1Q and T05. Until the first two years, I found that the 1Q that was available on the market was really short-lived. (It is estimated that they have been in stock for a long time.) After playing for a month, the internal energy has been greatly reduced, so I still embraced the T05 again.

Still looking forward to Tibhar pulling out such a transparent, high-speed, powerful, ball-biting German sleeve, even if it is the exact same version as the original, as long as the internal energy can last for three months, it is really good.

3rd place: Hurricane 3

For many people, the most god is still Hurricane 3. I still remember that when I participated in the Guangdong Universiade, I used the Yasaka YE to stick to the two-faced hurricane. Hurricane 3 is also the author’s career, and it is the first time that the definition of “magic glue” is given to the rubber.

Break it down, there are many kinds of hurricane. National、 blue orange sponge, blue province orange province to NEO, and general hurricane. Both have very amazing arc ability, as well as excellent stage rate and overall performance after oil filling. But it just has to be filled, and the effect of organic filling will be better than that of oil filling, and the feel is clearer, which is trouble!

In the celluloid era, it was actually better to fight without irrigation than it is now. At present, there are 40+ plastic balls. If you don’t fill it, the speed is really not enough. It’s easy to pull people to death and be counterattacked.

No. 4: Dignics 05

The D05 has better support than the T05, and the topspin stalemate is more powerful. Comparing the two, D09c rotates slightly better, but not as fast as D05. Compared with T05, the spin of D05 is relatively average when the power is not large, but it is also very good to go on stage, and each board pulls the ball more topspin, because the sponge has a better sense of support.

5th place: Blue Fire M1

Under the small force, the ball is very delicately eaten. So it will work well in the backhand position. Later in his career, Lao Wa put M1 in his forehand. For me, the M1 is very easy to play, and Donic’s rubber does not have much power threshold and is very good to go on stage, but the M1’s strength is relatively average and not outstanding. Pilling is very good.

Regardless, it’s still pretty comprehensive.

No. 6: DNA Platinum Edition H

Not much time to play it, just stick it on Cybershape 6. It is precisely because of the blade surface of Cybershape 6 that it was not attached to the conventional blade to continue to explore the performance geometry of this piece of rubber? But the feel is very like, and the speed is really not bad. Consistent with Monet’s opinion, this should be the existence of better performance than M1.

No. 7: evolution MX-P

What is the best affordable alternative to T05? Undoubtedly the MX-P. Very close spin and speed. Even some players think that the power of the MX-P is stronger than that of the T05. But the shortcoming is that the rubber surface is easy to spend, and the internal energy lasts only a month. After the internal energy consumption is almost the same, it is difficult to fight. Short lifespans are not a problem for professional players. Boll changes one piece every time he trains, Mizutani Hayabusa changes one piece every day, and Kasumi Ishikawa changes one piece of butterfly every three days. In my opinion, as long as they change frequently, the MX-P level is actually quite high.

Bit 8: V> 15 Extra

I started with this piece of rubber, and really learned to “steer steadily and hit each other’s arcs”. In the backhand position, he has no brains and super defensive ability. In the eyes of the former national player, it has a very good spin value. However, many golfers may feel that it does not turn enough. In fact, if the wrist is used well, the rotation can indeed be very strong. It’s just that, compared to the butterfly series, it always seems not enough to spray.

Especially the mid-range power, when you can’t borrow the power, it seems a little slow. But with backhand tearing, fast belting, unloading, and leveraging, it really rarely makes mistakes and is as stable as an old dog.

No. 9: Blue Sponge BATTLE II

It is close to the overall characteristics of Hurricane 3, and the best substitute for internal energy. So far, it should be the Blue Sponge BATTLE II. One speed will be better than Hurricane 3, no need to pour, no foaming, no broken particles. The pulling feeling of the rubber surface is not as good as that of Hurricane 3, but the stickiness is still very strong.

10th: Dynaryz ZGR

I love it more than D09c. In the dictionary of the dark horse, the lethality of speed is very important. Dynaryz ZGR is obviously more sprayed than D09c, and it has stronger stamina

The Choice of “little Ma”


“I like it, it has a sense of age. Like it and whether it is useful or not are two different things.”

No. 1: DHS Hurricane

2nd place: Donic F1

3rd place: Butterfly D09c

No. 4: Evolution EL-P

5th place: Fuhe Anti-Arc 666

6th place: Xiom Musa

No. 7: DHS C8 long glue

No. 8: Nittaku P1

No. 9: Loki Tech

10th place: Andro R48

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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