Comparable to Hurricane 3 NEO Blue Sponge National and D05 [King of High Explosion – Tibhar MXP]


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Products reviewed in this issue

DHS Hurricane 3 neo blue sponge national

Butterfly Dignics05

Tibhar revolution MXP



Hurricane3 has ruled for a long time in the Chinese people’s forehand rubber, and he has to admit that Hurricane 3 has excellent performance after filling with glue or oil, otherwise it will not become a classic forehand for most national players.

For many top foreign players, Butterfly’s rubber was once the choice of their front gloves, such as Sriver and Bryce in the organic era, and later Tenergy series and Dignics series. The Dignics05 equipped with Spring Sponge X was highly sought after as soon as it was launched, and many players who originally used Tenergy05 switched to Dignics05.

In addition to the above two traditional big brands, many other brands have also begun to “explore territory” in the field of positive glove rubber. For example, the European brand Tibhar has launched the revolution series. The high hardness of “52.5°” can undoubtedly be used for the front glove glue. Among them, MXP also has fans like Samsonov.

VICTAS is derived from the old TSP and inherits its deep technical accumulation. Its launch V 15 EXTRA> is the rubber for the forehand of Takaki Niwa, “Long God”. Mr. Niwa can always hit unexpected magic balls, making opponents look at the ball and sigh, V 15 EXTRA> contributed.

So what are the characteristics of these classic glove rubbers, and what are the differences between them? Let’s take a look together~

This article is an in-depth article, please watch it patiently~

Basic parameters

Hurricane 3 Neo Blue Sponge National

Sponge type: high density sponge

Hardness (for this evaluation): 40° (Shore A)

Thickness (for this evaluation): 2.15mm

Weight (after cutting): 50g


Sponge type: cake sponge

Hardness: 40° (official hardness) ≈ 40° (Shore A)

Thickness: 2.1mm

Weight: 47g

Core Revolution MXP

Sponge type: cake sponge

Hardness: 52.5° (official hardness) ≈ 40° (Shore A)

Thickness: 2.1-2.2mm

Weight: 54g


Sponge type: cake sponge

Hardness: 47.5° (official hardness) ≈ 39° (Shore A)

Thickness: MAX

Weight: 51.8g

Measured parameters

Hurricane 3 Neo Blue Sponge National
Types of sponges :High density sponge
Hardness (for this evaluation):40° (Shore A)
Thickness (for this evaluation):2.15mm
Weight (after cutting and filling):50g

Types of sponges :cake sponge
Hardness :40° (official hardness) ≈ 40° (Shore A)
Thickness :2.1mm
Weight (after cropping):47g

Core Revolution MXP
Types of sponges :cake sponge
Hardness :52.5° (official hardness) ≈ 40° (Shore A)
Thickness :2.1-2.2mm
Weight (after cropping):54g

Types of sponges :cake sponge
Hardness :47.5° (official hardness) ≈ 39° (Shore A)
Thickness :MAX
Weight (after cropping):51.8g



The degree of spin of the serve is not only derived from the rubber surface, but also depends on the ability of the ball and the rubber surface and the momentary squeezing of the sponge. I don’t think Hurricane serves much more than the astringent set. I feel that NEO Hurricane 3 and D05 and MXP are basically at the same level. After many tests, I feel that the overall sense of integration of D05 is better, the feedback is more real, and the layers are more delicate. Hurricane 3 NEO’and MXP are not inferior in rotation, but they are not as delicate as D05 in feel feedback.

The rotation of the astringent sleeve is actually not inferior to the sticky sleeve. There are also many athletes who are known for their good serve, such as Waldner and Schrager.


(1) With built-in bottom plate

The compatibility between Hurricane NEO Blue and Long 5 is very high, each gear can be well combined, and the quality of arc and hitting is the best. Followed by D05, the D05 sponge has a solid feel, which can make it easier for you to exert force when you are on the stage, and the arc is very full. So for the built-in blade, it feels better to pair with Hurricane 3 NEO and D05 when pulling topspin. I tried this with me. Zi Chen and Sun Jialu, nicknamed “Beihang Twins” in the college industry, also have similar feelings. They also have a built-in baseboard, and the power of each gear is not interrupted, so Cyclonus and D05 , in the test of the built-in bottom plate, won our favorite.

(2) With an external blade

In the test of Zhang Jike ALC with an external blade, the feeling is quite different from that of the built-in blade. Even with the oil-filled hurricane, the offensive performance released when paired with an external blade is slightly worse than that of the jacket. I have to say that the D05 performs very well both on the internal and external blade, and the MXP in the test of the external blade surprised us very much. In the attack of the mid-range stage, the arc of the ball and the speed of the ball can be completely pulled. Full, like a sudden release of a bow, while the Victas V15E feels somewhat moderate and stable.

In general, if you want to develop your hand feel, you can choose V15E; if you use the Long 5-type built-in blade to attack, you can choose Languo and D05; if you use the Zhang Jike ALC-type external blade to attack, you can choose MXP and D05.


(1) With built-in bottom plate

Many people think that the sticky rubber will feel better when rubbing with a small force, but this is actually a misunderstanding. If you rub thinly on the hard Hurricane, it will be easier to drop the ball. This is because the rubber surface of Hurricane is relatively hard, and when the friction is too thin, it is easy to lose the ball. Therefore, there must be a certain impact to squeeze the ball into the rubber surface and the sponge, so that the rubber and even the bottom plate can be deformed, so that the characteristics of the hurricane arc thief can be maximized.

When Hurricane NEO pulls the ball under the spin, the arc trajectory of the ball will be relatively low and flat, and it is more thief. This kind of ball path makes the opponent not easy to defend. Using Hurricane on the Long 5, Hurricane has a strange arc. Experience Very good, the arc feeling of using V15E on the Long 5 is better, because the rubber surface is softer and can easily rub the ball.

(2) With an external blade

Switching to an external blade to experience these rubbers is still different from that of the built-in blade. The MXP and D05 have excellent integration. When the ball is rubbed and pulled, the ball is more easily squeezed into the sponge, which produces high-quality deformation and is easy to pull up. This is indeed better than the experience of Hurricane. NEO will have the feeling of breaking gear under medium power, which will be a little unfriendly to amateur players.

Many fans will ask what is the difference between the blue sponge and the orange sponge. The blue sponge has higher requirements for exertion. If the force cannot be fully concentrated, there will be a sense of interruption. This sense of interruption is exactly the one that is a bit difficult for amateurs to break through. limit. However, if the force is sufficient and the performance can be fully released, the effect of Hurricane NEO will be very good.

In general, if the external blade is not very powerful, try the D05 and the MXP to pull the backspin.

twist and pull

D05 and the MXP perform very well in twisting and pulling. When the force is small, it can instantly eat the ball in and spit it out. The speed of the ball will be faster and the power will be very strong. The V15e is soft and easy to twist the ball up, but the sense of speed isn’t great. Hurricane 3 feels procrastination when twisting and pulling, making it difficult to create a threat.


In terms of small ball control, it has to be said that Hurricane has a top-notch feeling. Basically, he can control the ball very accurately, and it is difficult to take high heights. This is due to the sticky rubber surface and the unique small force of Hurricane Neo special sponge. V15E is also comparable to Hurricane in small ball control. The soft rubber surface is not easy to make the ball rise. The D05 and the MXP are slightly inferior to the two of them.


The Revolution MXP has a faster 1 speed when hitting the ball, and can slap a terrible speed ball. If you hit a lot, the Revolution MXP will be a very good choice. It was followed by the D05, then the V15E, and finally the Hurricane. Hurricane hits at a slower speed. When we watch national players play, we often find that they switch to the backhand and use the backhand rubber to smash the ball when they hit the high ball. Maybe this is the reason.


This level of rubber is very solid when defending, and it will not fail. However, Hurricane ‘s defensive experience will feel more stable, and the support of the sponge will be more solid, while D05 and Revolution MXP are relatively stiff, so it will be good to rely on defense. The V15E still feels quite satisfactory.


D05 and Revolution MXP are the strongest in terms of offensive ability. Based on their performance in the built-in blade and external blade, they have the strongest offensive ability. The difference is that D05 has a higher offensive arc than Revolution MXP. But the speed is that the MXP faster.

On the other hand, Hurricane NEO has the best fit in the built-in blade. With Long 5, the feeling of “fighting to the end” arises spontaneously. The friction of small force is very stable, and the arc feels full under high force, and the experience is very good. . However, if it is configured on an external blade, fans with insufficient power may feel a sense of disconnection.

The V15E is a rubber with good balance, but the characteristics are not obvious enough, and there is no obvious short board.

people suitble

Both D05 and MXP are very suitable for offensive play, if you want to have a more powerful offensive feel, there is no doubt that you can choose them.

Hurricane NEO is very stable and has excellent control. After fully exerting its strength, its power will be very abundant, and the arc of the second jump is very “thief”. In high-level confrontation, Hurricane ‘ power can be more vividly displayed, making it less easy for opponents to pull back. It is suitable for enthusiasts who have good power. If the power is not very good, and you want to experience the stability and “thief” of Hurricane, it is recommended to choose Hurricane 3 Orange Sponge.

Compared with the V15E , the performance is more balanced and moderate, and it is suitable for a comprehensive and steady game of technology. If you want to control the situation through comprehensive technology, you can also choose V15e.



This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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