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You may have a lot of doubts about equipment. Well, we have a lot of answers. Although everyone has a different understanding of the answer. No, put it here, I, the dark horse; he, the shopkeeper Xiao Ma (you can search and follow: Himalaya FM night chat ping pong). Our two horses have different understandings. You can make your own judgment on who is right and who is wrong.

is for the title.

In this issue, our theme is: Unpopular Killer – Lin Gaoyuan ALC. From the very beginning, it was evaluated as a little fleshy, not as “powerful” as the Shenban Viscaria; later used by many national players (Lin Gaoyuan, Zhou Qihao, Zheng Peifeng, Wang Manyu, Xu Yingbin, etc.), Lin Gaoyuan ALC’s “rehabilitation” story, I have to say , bringing a different impact to our blade philosophy. Zhou Qihao beat Ma Long three times in the direct match; Xu Yingbin 3:1 Fan Zhendong in the WTT Macau Championship; Wang Manyu, who was even slightly weaker than Sun Yingsha, Sun Yingsha 4:0 in the National Games, and 4:2 in the World Table Tennis Championships final, as if Lin Gaoyuan ALC gave Unparalleled help. What is it that makes Lin Gaoyuan ALC an unpopular killer?

Definition of a good board

Starting with Carbon 45 and Lin Gaoyuan ALC, the definition of a good board in the author’s mind is changing. The original requirement must be “sharp” and “strong at the bottom”, and there is no short board in all aspects. However, Carbon 45 and Lin Gaoyuan ALC are obviously not strong players, but they shine in the hands of national players. Carbon 45, Sun Yingsha’s Olympic runner-up, broke Ito Mima. Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC, in the hands of Lin Gaoyuan, is not so brave, how can it be so sharp in the hands of others? ! You said that women like Wang Manyu are suitable for use, but it is understandable that women are not as good as men in terms of violence. Why, so many male national players are also using it now? ! Could it be that the board that allows you to attack recklessly and with confidence is a better board?

Dark Horse: Lin Gaoyuan ALC, what is the real level of this blade, and what is its biggest advantage, we need to discuss. You can see that after Wang Manyu used Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC, it was basically smooth sailing, except that he lost to Du Kaiqin when he was not in shape. But from the Olympic Games, National Games, World Table Tennis Championships to winning the WTT Macau Championship this time, the stable value is still quite high. The advantage of Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC is that it has a particularly stable sense of arc, so that everyone can fully display the technology with confidence when using it. Relatively speaking, the fault tolerance is high and the mistakes are few.

Colt: Lin Gaoyuan ALC, can be called an unpopular killer. Creating unpopularity and overturning the main force all come from this. Why this board often creates results when others are not optimistic? This is a phenomenon. We can discuss and discuss, Lin Gaoyuan is very average when he fights by himself, but when someone else plays, it seems that the effect is not bad. Where is the problem?

What role did this board play in the game, why did it beat the opponent, and where did it exert force, making the opponent sick. Including the game between Xu Yingbin and Fan Zhendong, why Xu Yingbin twisted the ball, Fan Zhendong couldn’t agree, whether it was light or heavy, long or short, all can be discussed.

Dark Horse: Lin Gaoyuan himself used it in general, so it should be due to some technical deficiencies. The forehand position is unable to exert force, and then the bottom plate of the bottom plate just happens to be relatively normal in the retreat. Although it is said that it feels good in hand and is relatively uniform in all aspects, there is indeed a gap between the power of retreat and Vis.

(And, there is another point, Lin Gaoyuan himself must use player bets, while Zhou Qihao, Xu Yingbin and Wang Manyu are more likely to be the market version. Because Lin Gaoyuan has so many player bets to send, not to mention it is forbidden by Butterfly. )

Pony: Here comes a topic. It is this thing that is designed according to your characteristics, but it may not be suitable for you. Some people use a certain board, but it is not the original intention of the board’s design that gives play to its characteristics, but other features, which play a role and achieve results. (Narrator from the dark horse: For example, Wang Yang used Zhang Ben ALC to play the ball?)

Wang Manyu was No. 3 before the Olympics, but now he is almost at No. 1.

Dark Horse: Yes, this is the problem. If a brand gives me more than a dozen boards, or builds one for me, at the beginning, I must have required strong forehand strength and strong deformation, so that I can use my forehand good characteristics. Just like playing a special bet on Innerforce ALC at that time, my understanding is that it suits me perfectly. The forehand is deep and the bottom is strong; the backhand friction is also good. But for more than a year, my defense was weak.

Later, the Innerforce ZLC structure was used, but the defense was practiced. (Inn ZLC is stiffer, less easy to spin, faster, and better with a jacket.) The final result is that the forehand depth of the Inn ZLC is not as deep as the Inn ALC, but it makes my record better.

I think Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC board is good for acquaintances, because it is characterized by high stability, and its lethality does not play a big role in acquaintances. But for strangers, Vis is better, because the first three boards are more powerful and easier to control the game. Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC’s veneer quality is still not as high as that of Vis.

Pony: There is a reason. If you can predict the opponent’s placement in advance, and a bottom plate defends well, it is a great advantage. Lin Gaoyuan ALC happens to be such a blade. But if it’s a match between strangers, you can’t predict it, you can only score by attacking. At this time, Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC is not as powerful as Vis, which is a disadvantage.

There is another problem. Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC’s anti-crazy arc ball is better than the anti-jacket. The opponent’s backhand uses Mad Biao, you are relatively easy to defend with Lin A, and the success rate is high; the opponent’s backhand jacket is relatively difficult to defend. Look at Zhou Qihao’s forehand circle in defense of Ma Long, how heavy is Ma Long’s forehand circle, he can handle even bead shells. On the contrary, when dealing with foreign opponents, the opponent uses a jacket, and the speed is greater than the rotation, but he does not adapt to it. This phenomenon is very strange. Let’s put it this way, Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC is like an artifact to prevent madness. Zhou Qihao fought against Darko and Bol, and his opponent’s blowout and blowout were all carried away.

Dark Horse: Then what do you think is the inadequacy of Lin A, and what do you think about the glue mix? I feel that I still need to use more elastic rubber. It is a bit fleshy compared to Vis, and the support is not so firm. At this time, the transparent rubber with high elastic point can optimize the feel and the speed of the ball.

Colt: There is a type of person who can’t beat Lin A. The backhand is huge and the force is too strong, and they can score directly, such as Zhang Jike, Fan Zhendong, Liang Jingkun. Everyone else will do. For those with a good forehand and great strength, you can refer to the configuration of the arc combined with the fast break, the forehand NEO hurricane blue sponge, and the backhand T05; the backhand is good, capable of defense, and has many changes, refer to the configuration of the fast break combined with the arc, forehand NEO Orange province hurricane, backhand D05.

Dark Horse: But this Lin A, I feel that the backhand and the hurricane will have almost no effect, and it will not be able to play the characteristics of agility and lightness. And the blades is not as strong as Vis, and the backhand is uncomfortable.

Pony: The backhand hurricane is too tiring.

At both ends of the offense and defense, Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC’s biggest feature is his natural arc ability, and he almost doesn’t need to adjust it deliberately. This is not obvious in other Vis-based blades. Seeing that the Viscaria Super ALC is about to be launched, the more powerful Vis is not necessarily better than the Vis (Lin Gaoyuan ALC) with a better arc. Anyway, we’ll see.

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Author: 邵璧林

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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