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On January 12, Author wrote: Butterfly super aromatic carbon is coming, and once again mentioned that it will “increase the bomb”. Finally, Butterfly Super ALC is coming

Today, a week later, Butterfly’s official website announced the launch of the first new blade with super arylate carbon Super ALC: VISCARIA SUPER ALC. Everything seems to be under our control. 😛

So, what will this Super Vis be like? How is the performance and how is the price trend? Will it affect Vis?

In this article, the 7 issues that you are concerned about, the author throws bricks and draws jade, and analyzes it.

What will the performance of Viscaria SUPER ALC (Vis salc for short) be?

Officials say it’s “a more powerful Vis”. How to define more powerful? Mainly “enhanced resilience”. The rebound performance is much higher than that of Vis without substantially changing the vibration characteristics. The power is stronger, and the control may become weaker, but considering that the parameters are actually similar, it is easy to adapt.

Vis, rebound characteristic 11.8, vibration characteristic 10.3, thickness 5.8mm

Vis salc, rebound characteristic 12.1, vibration characteristic 10.1, thickness 5.7mm

That is, while Vis salc is more bouncy than Vis, it’s still slightly shocking. Is it good to shake hands? easier to deform. Offense is better, defense is a matter of opinion.

Brief summary: What is Vis salc? Flex version of Vis. (Specially note that Vis actually has a soft and elastic flavor.)

How about the price?

It was announced today, but there was no news of the dealer’s reservation before, indicating that this time is still relatively rushed. Therefore, it will be listed globally on March 1, but the volume will not be much. This first batch will still be popular.

Suggested retail price: 1980 yuan. What does it mean? First, here’s the pricing for the gold-label Viscaria. Explain, in Butterfly’s eyes, this is the gold standard Vis? ! Secondly, 1980 yuan, 25% off is 1485 yuan physical store can buy. It’s not limited, it’s coming. Therefore, the price of the physical store cannot be increased. And this is a global launch, not just in China.

However, because the second batch (estimated in a few months) will only have large goods, the first batch is reserved for speculators to speculate.

If you are not in a hurry, you can wait a few more months. Moreover, according to the general laws of history, Author thinks that the later super sheets, super sheets, and D05 are better than the first batch…

Will the main national player be used?

I wrote a few years ago that salc isn’t really necessary because the denser weave of the fibers makes it look somewhat like zlc. But since Wang Xiaotong can use Boer ZLC and Chen Xingtong can use Lin Gaoyuan ZLC, why can’t they switch to Viscaria SALC? Of course.

At least “try it out”. No, you want to ask, Butterfly can help you figure it out. The information has not been updated a few days ago. Today, Vis salc just released the news, and Lin Zhongxun’s bottom plate has been changed. This company is really full of details, I like it. In terms of “dedication”, in addition to the account of mine, it is the official website of Butterfly

What about “Butterfly Fan Zhendong”?

This method of cutting leeks must be professional. First of all, I didn’t say that Fan Zhendong would use this Vis salc, he must have tried it. Good or bad, hard to say. But it is secretly paving the way. We can even look forward to the end of this year: Butterfly Fan Zhendong, Fan Zhendong ALC or Fan Zhendong SALC. Of course, there are both Lin Gaoyuan and Lin Yunru in super zlc. You can’t ignore Fan Zhendong’s szlc.

At present, I can’t see the relationship between Vis salc and Fan Zhendong, so Fan Zhendong’s market has not yet been developed! For the time being, Chuan Ruiji, Lin Zhongxun, Gatos, Diaz, etc. will appear first. The follow-up, maybe the butterfly has not thought about it.

Will there be new products from salc in the future?

It is a must! Ochalov or Harimoto and Innerforce Super ALC can also have. At the very least, with an external salc, there must be an inn salc built in. Those who are used to playing built-in don’t have to worry about whether this Vis salc is suitable for them, because there will be an inn salc structure.

Would that be similar to inn zlc? May be more friendly than inn zlc in terms of dispensing

Who is Vis salc suitable for?

This is just a soft-bounce version of Vis. Anyone who can play Vis can also play this Vis salc. For those who feel that Vis is a little hard, you can also try this. What’s more, Lin Zhongxun who played inn ALC tried it, Diaz who played Super Zhang Jike tried it, and Gatos who played Boer ALC tried it, you still haven’t tried it?

The good board can’t be burnt out, and the rich heart is born again!

Butterfly officials said that this is a blade that is very suitable for top players and intermediate and advanced players. How to understand this? In the minds of all golfers, we all believe that we are at least middle-level and upper-level players, haha. Moreover, the price of Vis salc is higher than that of Vis. Does Butterfly have to say that this is a blade that is more suitable for amateur golfers? – That’s Rozena, not Dignics.

Moreover, how does the dark horse think that amateur golfers can get used to it, after all, the soft-play version of Vis will be more labor-saving and ball-eating than Vis.

Will Vis salc affect Vis sales and price trends?

Certainly in the short term. Because the price of 1485 (at 25% discount) is similar to Zhang Jike ZLC, if you think Vis is not expensive, then you will not think Vis salc is expensive. Why not buy the “more powerful” one?

But in the long run, this question has to be asked of the fat man. Only if Fan Zhendong can use Vis salc (at least at the level of Ocha and Zhang Ben) can we characterize the “level” of this blade.

Of course, there are also some internet celebrities who will contribute to or attack the sales of this blade, such as “Dark Horse Chatting Ping Pong”. So pay attention to this public account, the latest and most real, all here.

Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/oplRRGjtqXmw-901labvSQ

Author: 邵璧林

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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