What does “All-DHS configuration” mean?


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What does the All-DHS configuration mean? This week, Author will analyze the main representative players one by one.

Yesterday, DHS released the list of main signing players for the new cycle. Of course, the official is not written like this, but “DHS New Cycle Players Appear in the WTT Macau Championship”. In this dry propaganda poster, a few conspicuous words appeared: All-DHS configuration.

What does “All-DHS configuration” mean?

It means that the player’s blade and rubber on both sides are made of DHS (in fact, the national team’s cloths and shoes are also from DHS/Li Ning). That’s right, Your Excellency is absolutely right, that’s what you mean…

However, through these few words,Author saw more. For example, these words are really “penetrating into the hearts of the people”, fully controlling the hearts of fans/fans. It is no less shocking that the official website of Butterfly Japan lists the blade and rubber used by all the signing players. Just one sentence: “Look, the top national players all use my brand’s stuff, so why don’t you hurry up and keep up.”

The “All-DHS configuration” is Ma Long, Sun Yingsha, and Wang Chuqin, while Chen Meng and Liang Jingkun are both “double-sided hurricane”, and Wang Yidi is “Hurricane configuration”. What does this show? Be real! A true and appropriate description of the DHS equipment used by these national players – with Viscaria, we only talk about the double-sided Hurricane he used, not what was said in the advertisements a few years ago, “Li Xiaoxia and Ding Ning used the special hurricane”. Facing the fans with truth, progress has been made, which is a good thing.

Ma Long , Golden Slam Hurricane Long 5

The golden slam blade is expected to be launched in March, so it generally has to be listed in April. The price is unknown, what kind of limited gift box is unknown, whether it is the same as the official W968, just change the packaging, unknown. But the price is more than the official W968 which is a must.

In terms of rubber, we are still familiar with the NEO Blue Country Hurricane and the 37-degree NEO 37° Orange Sponge Hurricane 3. In this regard, Ma Long, Wang Chuqin, Liang Jingkun and Sun Yingsha are similar.

Chen Meng, Liang Jingkun, double-sided hurricane

Chen Meng, the backhand used is a special Kuang Biao 8, the sponge is Kuang Biao 3, but the rubber surface is Kuang Biao 8. I guess it feels more solid and firmer than the Crazy Biao 8. But we are amateurs, just play 37 soft mad Biao 8 or mad Biao 8-80.

Because Chen Meng and Liang Jingkun are both currently using Vis, they only write “Double-sided hurricane”. Getting the Olympic champion to change the blade itself is also very difficult. But in DHS ‘s plan, it is imperative to have a DHS external aromatic carbon that can replace Vis. Hurricane Meng and Hurricane Kun may be listed this year.

Sun Yingsha, Blade: Hurrcane Long 5

We all know that the small shark(Sun yingsha) uses W968, and it has some external flavors. After fine-tuning, some tend to swing-speed W968. Here we can guess the production direction of “Hurricane sha”. Of course, for DHS, it may take a while to build a new model “Hurricane sha” or to “compact” the Hurricane Long 5.

Wang Chuqin,All-DHS configuration

Although in the World Cup, Wang Chuqin borrowed Xu Yingbin’s special system. But Author wrote very early that Wang Chuqin had signed with DHS before, and it was the men’s single number of DHS after Ma Long. However, I also thought that a new external aromatic carbon plate would be developed for him.

Now it is directly said that he is equipped with a All-DHS and used the Hurricane Long 5. It seems that he has really started to use the W968.

Wang Yidi, Hurricane configuration

The configuration of Hurricane Long 5 (W968) and forehand NEO Blue Country Hurricane . Just won the women’s singles runner-up in the World Cup, which obviously gave Wang Yidi an extra weight in the team and the DHS Army. The reason why she didn’t write “DHS configuration” for her is because Dignics was used in the backhand, which should be D09c.

So, what is the difference between D09c and Hurricane 3 in terms of features? The sense of pressure and the power, the Author still feels that hurricane 3 is better. In the eyes of former national players, D09c even felt that it was a bit fleshy and not enough to spray. But compared to Hurricane 3, after all, it has the characteristics of astringent, it will not be as sensitive to the rotation of the incoming ball as Hurricane, the counter-pulling and counter-attack will be more stable and the speed will be slightly faster.

However, to replace the Hurricane 3 in the forehand? In the Author ‘s opinion, D09c is not as powerful and spray as T05 and D05. Only with a relatively high elastic blade can it make up for the lack of power. Remember when Zheng Yijing mentioned the only drawback of this rubber after D09c was launched? It is the weak point of the long range table power.

But many Butterfly signed players use D09c forehand differently. Except for some boards that are thick enough or powerful, such as Super Zhang Jike and Aocha ALC, many of the D09c at the national level are made of sponge, and secondly, they are more powerful when they are brushed with oil. The core is hardened.

So, is Hurricane 3 relatively invincible? The arc is still invincible, but the speed and transparency of the ball still need to be achieved through oil and bottoming.

Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/jEmA2Hcf5v2–oBAXBKkiA

Author: 邵璧林

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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