Popular brands and their popular product (part2)


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After talking about the three big households, let’s talk about other brands and their popular fried chicken.


Shang Kun, Darko, Samsonov

Shang Kun ZC and AC, Lao Sa’s Fortino series can really be called the flagship of the tall and straight. The Shangkun series has become the speed performance of the built-in carbon plate close to the external Fang carbon blade, and has a quite solid support and slingshot effect.

The Fortino Pro is a blade that can unload force and perform very aggressively after afterburning. It really interprets the characteristics of “Tai Chi Tiger”. The equipment used by another one who signed a contract with Rising Star Daktronics has also attracted attention. The blade is Daktronics DJC, which is highly elastic and high-speed, and the topspin stalemate is very sharp. The backhand is still the flagship German-style MX-P, and the forehand is the flagship K3 with sticky sleeves.


Hugo, Jung Young Sik

Hugo also performed well in the recent World Table Tennis Championships and World Cup competitions. A piece of Hugo HAL without carbon, brisk wind and good hand feel, in the hands of Hugo with amazing physical fitness, it performed a violent performance full of tyranny. Hugo has always paid great attention to the balance of speed, control performance and feel, so HAL became his final choice.

XIOM Pride Hugo Hugo Calderano Sal Super SAL Fiber Table Tennis Blade

However, enthusiasts should look forward to the XIom Omega 7 Tour. At present, both Hugo and Zheng Rongzhi’s hand-held weapon. Great grip and spongy handling.


Yu Ziyang, Liu Dingshuo

Yu Ziyang became the new signing national player of Yinhe. Yu Ziyang’s Yinhe Special also came to the fore. However, in the past year, the most popular Yinhe blade is the PRO-01X used by Liu Dingshuo and Che Xiaoxi. This piece is also an external blue aromatic carbon structure, more like a rotating Vis. The feeling of holding the ball is more comfortable. The first speed of the ball is not as crisp as Vis, but the arc feeling is quite good, and the force requirement is not high. National player endorsement, external ALC, began to forge the success of Yinhe.

At the same time, the Korean national team’s Yinhe special series blades have always had many fans. Only limited by the impact of the epidemic, the North Korean national players have made fewer appearances in the international arena in the past two years. However, the special soleplates of the North Korean national team (such as Cha Xiuying and An Zhicheng) have a pretty good reputation.


Niwa Takaki, Pitchford

In fact, compared to Teacher Niwa and Pitchford, Teacher Ni Xialian has achieved more this year. She defeated Wang Yidi and won the bronze medal in women’s doubles at the World Table Tennis Championships. It further created the status of Victas 102 as the king of positive rubber.

However, the rare pure wood “Niwa Takaki pure wood” still has many fans in the international arena, and it is a pleasure to fight with Teacher Niwa’s freewheeling technique. The Niwa Koki carbon used by Gu Yuting is almost the most comfortable in the fiberboard.

Pitchford’s ZX-Gear Out is still the leader in boards under 1,000 yuan. Clear feel, fast style of play, balanced attack and defense.

In terms of reverse glue, V>15 Extra is the master of Victas. Added blue glue. It is not easy to eat and turn, the defense is invincible, the reverse pull and the reverse belt are sudden, and he is definitely a good guy who plays tricks.


Zhou Qihao

Just after the World Table Tennis Championships came to an end, Joola signed Zhou Qihao. Originally, the most powerful Joola blade, everyone thought it was the top work of the Vyzzyz series, “The Scepter”; some people thought it was Nobilis in Zhang An’s hands. But now, Zhou Qihao used the Freeze. (The Dynasty ZGR he used on his backhand is also worthy of attention. It is one of the best in the midsole of sticky jackets.)



Основание YASAKA Falck W7 - Tabletennis.ru

As the runner-up of the 2019 World Table Tennis Championships, Falck ‘s rapid positive rubber hits and violent backhand arcs are all unique scenery on the field. Falke carbon is a built-in aromatic carbon structure similar to W968, but uses German fiber, which is more powerful. The anti-glue Rakza X was once the most popular German set in the Table Tennis Super League. Amazing bite and strong spin.



GEWO Holz Aruna Kids - GEWO TT

The 3-1 victory over Liang Jingkun in the World Cup made Aruna once again attracted attention. What kind of violent artifact lies behind the powerful forehand arc. The tough Storm 53 is the magic weapon of Jiewo. Moreover, Aruna also used the upgraded version of Storm 53 with green rubber surface this time. I should meet the players in a month or two.

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This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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