Popular brands and their popular product (Part 1)


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As a Cantonese dish, when the red fried chicken is thin and crispy, it tastes salty and delicious. When the author tastes the popular stars of popular brands, I also feel that the magic weapon in their hands is soft and crisp. This is one of the “high fever” symptoms of fever lovers.


Ma Long, Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng

Unlike previous speculation that Ma Long will gradually retire after the Tokyo Olympics, everyone is now starting to gauge the possibility of the Grand Slam captain participating in the 2024 Paris Olympics. Because apart from Fan Zhendong, the other boys on the men’s team are not very reassuring.

As long as Ma Long doesn’t retire for a day, he will be the most handsome boy and the most popular “fried chicken”. The combination of W968 and two-sided hurricane equipment he used will continue to have a profound impact on professional players and the vast majority of amateur players.

When it comes to DHS’s blade in 2022, the first word that pops up in the author’s mind is “Hurricane Sha”. Will the Hurricane Sha that everyone is waiting for really appear? It is known that the special W968 new model used by Sun Yingsha is on the basis of the original, which shortens the holding time and strengthens the backhand and the first speed of the ball. If Hurricane Sha is really listed, it will definitely be popular.

And Liang Jingkun and other national players, although not yet popular, but also have a strong influence. We can also look forward to whether Double Happiness will build an external aromatic carbon blade for it.

Although Chen Meng failed to continue the glory of the Olympic Games in the World Table Tennis Championships, he won the Olympic championship anyway. The special combination of forehand blue sponge hurricane 3 and backhand Hurricane 8 is also an uncompromising weapon in the new plastic ball era. Last year, the launch of Hurricane 8 Soft Hurricane 8-80 also captured a group of amateur players.


Fan Zhendong, Boll, Ochalov

Looking forward to the new year of Butterfly, I am afraid that many people think that it is Fan Zhendong ALC. Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC continued to fight over the past year, Zhou Qihao used it to become a dark horse, and Wang Manyu won the World Table Tennis Championships women’s singles championship. So, if this piece of Fan Zhendong ALC is really released, what will be new?

It is worth noting that the D09c rubber used by Fan Zhendong and Lin Gaoyuan for the backhand has opened up a new sales market. The stronger sense of arc and the ability to cover each other’s arcs make the sticky rubbers D09c “suitable for forhand and backhand”.

Boll and Ochalov are still the guests of the semi-finals of the World Series in recent years, and they are also the most powerful opponents of the national table tennis. Their classic equipment (Boll ALC, Primorac Carbon, Ochalov ALC, and rubber D05 and D09c) all have good performance, which leads to many imitators.

Although Zhang Benzhi and Lin Yunru have fluctuated in their records, they are still relatively prosperous teenagers. Zhang Benzhi and ALC, Super Zhang Benzhi and Super Zhang Jike and Super Lin Yunru are also quite good in sales.


Xu Xin, Wang Manyu

The price of Xu Xin’s gold label is still rising, and even Xu Xin’s blue label is sometimes hard to find. The Carbon Dynasty Black Label, Blue Label and Gold Label all have different fans. Carbon Dynasty is crisp and refreshing, and it plays briskly near the table. Although it does not take as long as the blue label, the threshold for power generation is also low, so the sales volume is also high. The blue label and the gold label are sought after by straight cricket players because of their better material selection and ball quality.

In the new year, the expectation of Stiga’s new board will undoubtedly escape Wang Manyu Carbon. It is said that it has been designed in seven, seven or eight. Can Wang Manyu continue to create brilliance with this new board? We will wait and see.

In any case, the alien Cybershape 6, which was once considered to be unrestrained, was “down-to-earth” by Moregold and won the World Table Tennis Championships men’s singles and runner-up. And the carbon roses and carbon walnuts, which are amazing in appearance, have also made many fans look forward to it. I believe that the sales of Stiga’s soleplates will be very prosperous in 2022. And whether Platinum DNA and the Red Dragon version will help Stiga take it to the next level is what we are curious about.

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Author: 黑马聊乒乓

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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