Double Happiness Hurricane 3 Series


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Double Happiness Hurricane 3 (National Set)

Hurricane 3 is one of the Hurricane series of table tennis rubber sets produced by China Double Happiness Sports Company. It is often used for arc-type forehands. This rubber set has always occupied the most important position among Chinese fans and belongs to the national set. glue.

Sticky glue surface is easier to rotate and stronger


Cyclonus 3 is a sticky rubber. It is characterized by high viscosity, high friction coefficient, flexible sponge, easy to eat the ball, fast circle ball, fast first speed and second speed and arc thief, the opponent is difficult to defend . In the era of small balls, professional players filled Hurricane 3 with glue (organic glue) to increase the elasticity and soften the sponge of Hurricane 3, increase the feeling of gripping the ball, pull the ball and spin better, faster, easier to penetrate the board and have a stronger sense of strength powerful. In the inorganic era, due to the implementation of inorganic glue by the ITTF, the VOC value of the equipment was strictly checked before the competition. Professional players changed to use expanding oil to fill the sponge with oil to achieve the same effect as glue filling. Double Happiness also launched in response to the new regulations. The corresponding version of Cyclonus 3.

After being filled with glue/oil, the sponge will expand rapidly and the rubber sleeve will roll out as a whole.


In the mid-to-late 90s era of small balls, although Double Happiness had the best sponge technology in China (12#, 30#, 20#, 22#), its anti-adhesive surface technology was not as good as Tianjin’s products until Double Happiness launched the G888 series. The rubber sleeve, which is sold in the form of sleeve rubber, has achieved great success in the domestic market, and the G777 launched later is the predecessor of Hurricane 3. (G888 is the predecessor of Hurricane 2), Wang Liqin, Liu Guozheng and others of the Chinese national team in the 46th World Table Tennis Championships used the Hurricane series rubber to achieve good results in the Olympic Games and World Table Tennis Championships, making the Hurricane series rubber resound throughout China. , is deeply branded into the hearts of the majority of fans, from the national team to the amateur fans, it can be described as a hurricane 3.

Market circulation version

Cyclonus 3

In the early days, only the ordinary Hurricane 3 was in circulation in the Chinese market, while Double Happiness has a special version for professional players, which can be roughly divided into two categories, the provincial madness for the provincial team, and the national madness for the national team. Amateur players also flocked to buy provincial and national madness in various channels in pursuit of higher quality and performance. At that time, the market was chaotic, and there were many cases of shoddy charging and sky-high prices. So Double Happiness launched the provincial and national madness versions for the market in 2006 and 2009 respectively.

In addition to the difference in the outer packaging, the three different grades of rubber sleeves also have different shapes, which largely prevents the problem of shoddy products. (National madness quadrangle, provincial madness hexagon, general madness octagon)

Hurricane 3 uses 20# sponge, which is based on 22# sponge, by adding plasticizers and changing processing techniques to strengthen the control ability of the sponge, making it slightly softer. With the reform of the 40mm ball, the 20# sponge ushered in its spring. In this era, it shines brightly. Hurricane 3 has different hardness and thickness, including blue sponge and orange sponge. Orange sponge is more elastic than blue sponge, has lower toughness, is easier to penetrate, and requires less force from users, while blue sponge eats The ball is deeper, the ball is a little slower, there is more room for adjustment, and the ball is more thief, but it needs better and more concentrated force to support.

NEO Mania 3

After the ITTF banned the use of organic glue, Double Happiness launched NEO Hurricane 3. The only difference between NEO Hurricane 3 and Hurricane 3 is that NEO Hurricane 3 will use a special oil on the sponge for primer, so that the performance of the sponge is close to that of Hurricane 3 after brushing organic glue.

Is there a difference in craftsmanship between the general mad, the provincial mad and the national mad. Double Happiness has also made an official response, and the general madness, provincial madness and national madness use the same formula. The main difference between the three is the tolerance accuracy of the indicators. For example, the hardness requirements of national team athletes can be accurate to 0.5 degrees, so the tolerance range of the national set of indicators detection accuracy is smaller. There is also a saying on the Internet that the sponge is a large piece after foaming. Guo Kuang uses the middle part, which has a uniform texture and a good degree of foaming. The second is the use of madness, and the uneven part of the edge is the use of madness.

star country maniac

Double Happiness has launched Star Country Mania 3 in limited quantities on the market. It is a rubber set for the star players of the Chinese table tennis team. The name of the star players is specially marked on the sponge. It was previously provided to athletes for personal use. Now fans can pass The market channel has obtained the same products as the national first team. The parameters of this kind of rubber are fixed, and the hardness, thickness and color can not be selected like other series of products.

The picture shows Chen Mengguo mad

Nittaku Mania 3

Nittaku is a famous Japanese table tennis brand. It has a close relationship with Double Happiness. As early as 1992, a joint venture was established to introduce Nittaku products in the Chinese market and export Double Happiness products to Japan. There are also quite a few cooperations on the technical level of products, such as: Nittaku Hurricane 3, Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3, Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue/Turbo Orange, etc.

The Nittaku version of Hurricane 3 features that the rubber surface uses the rubber surface produced by Double Happiness, and the sponge uses the Japanese sponge produced by Nittaku.

Nittaku Hurricane 3 is rarely used by amateur golfers, and professional players are rarely used except for the Japanese team. The following Nittaku Hurricane 3 Pro Turbo is the latest Nittaku Hurricane 3 series, similar to Neo Hurricane 3. Primed already, no need to refill.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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