Finally, Butterfly Super ALC is coming


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Under the calm, undercurrents have long been surging. Finally, butterfly super alc (SALC) is coming.

When Stiga’s alien warrior “Cybershape 6” was born, people should have thought: the seemingly calm lake, in fact, the contest under the three big families will be more turbulent and surging.

On November 1st, on the eve of the World Table Tennis Championships in Houston, Stiga took the lead in throwing out the imaginative Cybershape 6 (we know the story later, Moregold held the Cybershape 6 and deduced the legend of). On the same day, Butterfly announced the signing of Fan Zhendong.

Just when people are looking forward to Fan Zhendong ALC and Super Fan Zhendong, there will still be some “more pursuing” golfers who feel that they are just tasteless. Everyone says that you have a nesting doll, and it does not prevent you from having a nesting doll, but after all, it is still a nesting doll (this does not represent the view of Author).

We also discuss in other table tennis talk show: Butterfly is studying the technology of “bouncing” in fiber weaving.

Also in November, DHS applied for the registration of the trademark of “Hurricane Sha”. – Later people may jokingly call it “November show”: Fan Zhendong, Wang Manyu, and Sun Yingsha went their separate ways, each with their own destination.

However, the Butterfly, who has the first position in the table tennis arena, is obviously not willing to “equally share”. In fact, as early as March and August, Butterfly had registered the word and pattern trademark of Super ALC (SALC). However, the author feels that this is just the same as the Tenergy 09c that Boll tried two years ago, and it is still far from the market. – Dignics 09c was launched later instead of Tenergy 09c. The already registered Tenergy 09c is more like being prepared to prevent others from using it.

However, last year’s All Japan Championship Men’s Singles champion Kazugawa Riki happened to be caught “using a Butterfly Special Note with a Super ALC sign” recently.According to the general law of history, Butterfly signing players use handles with specific mosaics and signs, which means that this board will be listed in the next year!

Dark Horse Jun urgently calledBrother Xiao Ma , and had a discussion.

Author: In fact, I always feel that super alc is not so reliable. Although many netizens have been asking me. But I always feel that the end result of Super Alc (fiber densification like szlc) is to cause salc to play like zlc. The characteristic of alc is that it has a sense of pause that bites the ball. Fiber weave is too dense, not necessarily a good thing. Therefore, I always feel that it will not be listed.

Brother Xiaoma: I said this before, if he wants to make this kind of money, he will definitely adjust the alc fiber. But changing ZLC, Fan Zhendong may not appreciate it, so it is estimated that this will be changed. We both think the same thing, and I also think the possibility of gimmicks is higher. Possibly more likely than real.

Author: However, as long as the board is actually made more bouncy (or, as we’ve talked about before, a “more bouncy on fiber weave” technique), people will pay.

Brother Pony: I don’t think it will increase the elasticity too much, but rather increase its strength. Many people confuse these two concepts: strength and flexibility. It doesn’t necessarily increase the speed of the ball a lot, but the stamina must be increased. Another point, where is this salc, the backhand ability, strengthened. When twisting and pulling, if the board is too hard, it will be overwhelmed, and mistakes will increase. This from Cybershape 6 we can see. If you twist and pull, you need better control, stability and continuity of the ball, which is slightly contrary to the strength. See how the Butterfly Company handles this.

Author: In fact, Super Zhang Jike SZLC feels like it bites the ball more than Zhang Jike ZLC. Zhang Z is more elastic. So I think SALC may not have to play too much.

Brother Pony: You are right, salc may not have as many bombs, but it must be powerful. The question now is whether it will work no matter how hard it is. It takes a while for Fan Zhendong to get used to it. For an amateur board, it is best to make it similar to Ocha ALC, and you can play it when you pick it up. Don’t take the steps too high.

Author: If the super aromatic carbon super alc is more solid, the topspin stalemate will be more comfortable to carry, but the requirements for our amateur active force are higher. Of course, it is possible that the fibers are actually similar, and then the butterfly will play a little bit, and it is called salc. It is not impossible, haha.


Author: 邵璧林

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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