How to choose an XIOM rubber set? Teach you to recognize all kinds of V and find the most suitable rubber


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In recent years, XIOM rubber set has gradually occupied a large share of the market for no other reason-affordable. But its classification is a bit dazzling. Can you tell the difference between the “V” rubber sets we usually use? Let’s stroke it today to recognize the characteristics of “V” so that you can choose

Golden V——Vega VEGA TOUR

Gold V is a newly launched product on the market, with gold lettering on a white background. We call it Gold V according to our habit. This rubber set represents the highest technology and highest performance of the “V” series. The black carbon sponge is used as always, but the sponge technology of Omega 7 is used. The fine control and strong speed. High elasticity and easy control are its biggest characteristics. Long-lasting internal energy, strong toughness, and a solid feel. Bullet, solves the shortcomings of the red V feeling weak. The texture of the rubber surface is better, the teeth are thick and short, and the arrangement is close, which can transmit force well and increase control. Moderate hardness, suitable for both forehand and backhand. This rubber cover also solves the problem of the heavy weight of the other “V”. The entire uncut cover is only 66 grams. As an internal rubber cover that can be used for both fore and back hands, it is relatively light, generally 70 grams. about.


There are three versions of Blue V. Vega China is a viscous rubber with black carbon internal energy sponge. The whole rubber is harder, more flexible, and has a solid feel. It has both speed and rotation, but it is quite different from our traditional adhesive sleeve. , Because the sponge has great elasticity, so many people are not used to it. The sponge is hard and heavier, about 75 grams, suitable for forehand arc quick play.

Vega Europe is relatively soft, 42.5 degrees, designed for backhand. The sponge soft bomb uses a new generation of internal energy carbon sponge, which produces super strength, longer service life and hit resistance. It eats the ball deeper at the moment of touch, and controls the ball more freely. The weight is light, 54 grams uncut, and the weight is about the same as DHS Skyline, suitable for backhand use.

Vega European DF version , for plastic balls, innovated the rubber technology, increased friction, and rotated better. Soft play, good control, light weight, similar to the weight of Weijia Europe, it is recommended to use backhand.


Vega Japan is indeed rarely heard, this is a set of rubber developed for the Japanese market. The arc circle is better, the power is more sufficient, and the control is precise, which is in line with the consistent feel and characteristics of the Japanese suit. The hardness is unknown, there are guinea pigs you can try, it’s really rare.


Everyone is familiar with Silver V. It is also a black carbon sponge. The friction ability of the rubber is its main feature. The softer rubber surface makes it easy to rub the arc. Transparent feel, sharp touch and precise control. The hardness is medium, about 45 degrees, suitable for both forehand and backhand.


Red V once occupied a large part of the backhand rubber market with its high cost performance, and once became the first choice for entry-level backhand jackets. It’s just that the emergence of other cost-effective anti-glove rubbers in recent years has given more choices and won’t affect amtuer players’ love of this rubber set. The red V is also a black carbon sponge, with a soft touch to the ball, and the elasticity can be felt by the small force close to the table. The ball is fast, fast, accurate, easy to use, and can be used as an anti-glove glue for entry-level players.

Summary: XIOM Blue V, viscous rubber, sponge is relatively hard, suitable for forehand arcs as the main play; Gold V is moderately soft and hard, both forehand and backhand, it is the latest technology sponge, elasticity and feel are the best in the V series ; Silver V, rotating rubber cover, both forehand and backhand, suitable for arcing as the main play; Blue V Europe and Blue V DF are both new products, soft bullets, suitable for backhand full-scale play; Red V is suitable for backhand bounce The main style of play, the far stage is a bit empty, the middle and near stage are good.


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This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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