[2021/12/27]Fang Bo, Sun Yingsha, South Korean men’s team blades


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Highlights of this week: Fang Bo, Sun Yingsha and the “thugs” South Korean men’s team blades.

Fang Bo — Banda SF

Banda Offensive was originally a piece of pure wood with five clamps, the structure is very classic Linba face material + spruce strength material + Ayous large core, it can be said that it is one of the templates for the later five-layer arc board. However, when Banda becomes Banda by STIGA (awarded), the new Banda Offensive is a piece of charcoal-fired pure wood with seven clips. Starting from the surface material, because there is no side view, I don’t know which other layers of charcoal are similar to VictasSwat? This kind of seven-layer pure wood, as long as the surface material is not too hard, it is compatible with all kinds of rubber and playing styles.

Also on the market, there will be Banda Allround. From the naming, you can see the shadow of stiga, the author thinks of AC and AE. To this day, AE is playing with hurricane rubbers and is still stable. The overall performance is still very linear. As long as the glue is solid, the confrontation can make do with it.

Banda Carbon is a blade with Koto face material, built-in carbon, and large core thickening, which reminds me of Hurricane 301. But everyone is more concerned about Banda Carbon SF, which Fang Bo will use. What is interesting about this blade is that the fiber layer is a blend of two fibers, similar to a scepter or Hurricane 301T?

Hurricane Sha

It is known that DHS applied for the registered trademark design of “Hurricane Sha” last month. According to the previously understood information, Hurricane Sha ‘s direction will be a more balanced backhand version of Hurricane Long 5 and a faster speed (may reduce the effect of forehand charging). It can be said that with the taste of carbon 45 or Vis, an external carbon blade, the shot is even more crisp.

It’s hard to say whether this kind of treatment is suitable for me. Some players choose Long 5 because they like the kind of long-term storage and surging power. When the Long 5 thinned the face and strength materials, and thickened the core, starting from the sharp forehand blade toward the two-sided swing-speed blade, it turned into a Hurricane Long 5X, in fact, the number of fans has decreased.

South Korean men’s team: built-in, the favorite of thugs

Last week, Author asked a few familiar players: Which aspect (spin, speed or power) do I mainly rely on for scoring? In the end, the most common answers were: backhand rotation and forehand strength. Facing the situation that I can’t afford the Yoshimura limited edition in the future, I have recently been thinking about transforming and playing the market version of the floor. Originally, I looked at Vis as if it was reluctant, but I explored the thugs’ choices and found that for the Korean men’s team with a violent spherical culture: built-in is the king!

Lee Sangzhu: Special note for Inn ALC. At present, it should be the special note inn alc of inn zlf handle parquet.

Zhang Yuzhen: W968.

Ahn Jaehyun: Ice cream AZXI.

Zheng Rongzhi: The picture I have seen before is AZXI with AZX handles. Vis was used later. This is complicated.

Lin Zhongxun: Special note for Inn ALC.

Park Kangxian: Inn ALC.

Come on, I still play the built-in!

Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/RupUIhNShb1dVVk7o4JZAQ

Author: 邵璧林

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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