Tibhar Shangkun AC: built-in aromatic carbon, external speed


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In the past, built-in fiberboards (such as built-in ALC and ZLC), the first thing to ensure is the feeling of eating the ball, the fiber is deeply buried, attached to the two sides of the large core, and it has a pure wood-like feel under medium and small strength; second is the sufficient bottom after exerting force. It is strong, because the built-in aromatic carbon plate often uses a large core of Ayous, which can stimulate the deep fiber strength and the deformation of the large core under high power. But after the Tibhar Shangkun series came out, there were some differences.

Both Shangkun ZC and Shangkun AC are based on eating the ball while greatly improving the speed of the ball. If the traditional built-in aromatic carbon, the spin and speed is 6:4, then Shangkun ZC and AC are at least 5:5, or even 4:6. You will feel that this is no longer like a normal built-in carbon blade.

We already released the evaluation of Shangkun ZC. Today we will mainly talk about Shangkun AC.

How to achieve the uniqueness of Shangkun AC

The structure of Shangkun AC is: lymphatic surface material + lymphatic transition layer + ZLC or ALC + Ayous core. Comparing the works of the two major manufacturers on the market:DHS’s Hurricane Long 5 (built-in yellow aromatic carbon) and Butterfly’s Innerforce Layer ALC (built-in blue aromatic carbon), we will find that the difference in wood first appears in force material. The second layer of Long 5 and Innerforce Layer ALC is Ayous, but Shangkun AC is lymph. The main function of Licai is to “accelerate”. Lymph is generally slightly harder than Ayous. After force materialis replaced with lymph, the speed should be faster.

The common feature of the built-in aromatic carbon blade is that the lymphatic surface material is soft, which ensures the ball-eating feeling under small force, and can create good spin and arc. Medium strength, pure wood feel. After exerting enough strength, he touched the deep aromatic carbon fiber, and then stimulated the innermost Ayous core. Because the shape of the Ayous core becomes stronger and the power is strong, after applying the force, there will be a sense of power amplification. One hit burst is perfect.

Shangkun AC has outstanding elasticity under medium power. Its speed is faster than Long 5 and Innerforce Layer ALC, and its rigidity is more prominent, but the ball feel is still very comfortable and the arcing ability is also very strong.


The design of the handle is getting better and better. The concise color and lines give a sense of fashion. The SK capital letter stands for “Shangkun”, and the aluminum nameplate and tail mark give people a sense of concise and atmospheric design.

The surface material has been treated with anti-drawing, it feels very smooth, the glue sticks tightly, and it is not afraid to tear the rubber. The fiber is cut neatly, the large core has dense pores, and the workmanship is high-quality.

Measured thickness: 5.83mm; board size: 159*151mm.

Compare the Shangkun ZC of the same series

In terms of structure, Shangkun AC and Shangkun ZC are only different in fiber, but in fact they feel very close. Shangkun ZC is like a badminton racket, which is more bouncer; while Shangkun AC’s holding time is slightly longer, and the speed is a little slower than ZC. But it is still very fast, comparable to the classic external aromatic carbon panels on the market, such as Vis and Ball ALC.

The Shangkun series are all high-elastic blade, and the elasticity induces a higher sense of speed.

The Shangkun AC is not like a general introverted and reserved built-in carbon blade, the speed of the ball is obviously as fast as that of an external; sometimes, it feels that it is indeed built-in, because it also has a sense of amplification after exerting power, and it is very comfortable With a sense of ball.

Actual combat

Backhand: Pink Quantum X, Forehand: Sanwei Provincial Standard 3

Send and receive:

Relying on the bottom plate and rubber that are deep enough to eat the ball, the choice of serving is very good, and he can control the landing well. When receiving a serve, half-introduced twists and pulls are also easy to handle. The speed is faster than Long 5 and Innerforce Layer ALC, but the time to eat the ball is still enough, and he can better adjust the arc. It can also actively increase the spin to control the ball, such as short swing and long split.

Defense and bounce:

It is indeed a tall and tall flagship series. The hand feels clear and the sweet spot is quite large. He was steady on defense and felt very good. It is also very powerful if you want to hit a blade with more force. The blade itself is highly elastic, and has very good rigidity and support. These are very useful when applying force, and the hand feels very crisp. The directivity is very good.


It’s no problem to rush and half a billiard ball. It’s easy to hit a half-board backspin. Shangkun’s AC has a strong ability to wrap the ball and it’s also very easy to spin. When fitted with an adhesive sleeve, the overall feel will not feel too stuffy. The board is relatively transparent.

After pulling hard, the arc lengthened a lot. You have to depress the arc appropriately. The sense of strength is very threatening, there is a sense of smashing the table, and the strength instantly increases. Whether it is pulling or smashing forehand, it can be switched freely, and the hardness of the blade is just right. It is a rigid and flexible base.

When the belt is reversed, both Shangkun ZC and AC have one characteristic. When hitting the ball vigorously (smashing or backing with the help of the force of the ball), the ball will become very deep, so that the return of the ball has a high stability. Conducive to the continuous confrontation of the mid-stage topspin.

Comparing Long 5 and Innerforce Layer ALC, Shangkun AC has enhanced rigidity, first-speed and direct rebound force. Under medium power, the first-rate performance is better. It can be said that the price-performance ratio is not inferior to the two blades. Its center of gravity is still somewhat dependent on the head, but the handle is fuller than the Long 5. Adapt to the core problem of Shangkun AC or ZC: It may still be the center of gravity caused by the long board surface. But undoubtedly, the Shangkun series can be said to be, so far, the most tall and straight board can match the butterfly level.

So, how to choose Shangkun AC or ZC? Shangkun AC looks like Shangkun ZC with a slower pace and a longer time holding the ball. In other respects, the two are very similar. In fact, it depends on whether I like to eat more balls or feel harder.

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Author: 邵璧林

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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