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In the blade system of Joola, the pricing of the Vyzrryz series can be described as “sky price”. But the core behind the high price is the quality of the flagship. Three pinnacle works were launched at once. This is to drain the wallets of amateur player! Unexpectedly, the Vyzrryz series, especially the flagship product “Scepter”, was sold out of stock in the market for a while. It can be seen that it is not just for fame and reputation, it is really expected!

All from the same boat

Trinity, Freeze, and Hybrid are the three blade of the Vyzrryz series. What do they have in common on the same ship?

The price is high, and Korea, Japan and Italy work together. South Korea is responsible for splicing and assembly, Japan imports fiber, and Italy imports handles. Get up tall all at once. The appearance is indeed not bad, and the workmanship is strict. The grip of the handle tends to be consistent, similar to Vis, but relatively flat.

External fiber structure, strong fiber flavor. Although the trinity(PBO-C and AL-C), hybrid (Super PBO-C and PBO-C), and freeze(AL-C) use different fibers, they all place the fiber layer under the surface material , Which causes the feedback feel to be brittle and hard. And because of the different flavors, you will feel that the fiber feel is stronger than those of the external fiberboard of the butterfly. To put it simply, you can feel a lot of wood feel on the butterfly board after you put your strength on it, but Joola’s Vyzrryz series seem to have more fiber feel. The trinity is the most obvious. In order to match this strong external fiber, both the hybrid and the freeze use a large core of paulownia wood. Although the official said that the trinity is a large core of Ayous, the author observes that it should also be a paulownia core. The paulownia core, which has always been transparent and weak in hand, has better control of offense and defense close to the table, and the ball handling in the table is stable.

1-rate speed good, fast arc style. Because these three blades are all external fiber structure, the style of the ball is relatively simple and neat, and the speed of direct rebound is good, and it is quite easy to use the force. Although there are differences in style, in general, they are more suitable for fast arc players.


The most ferocious, the technical requirements are also the highest. Used by amateur masters and above.

Joola Vyzrryz Trinity

The horizontal layer of PBO-C and the vertical layer of AL-C are mixed, that is, ZLC and ALC are combined, the fiber feels very violent, and the spherical quality is indeed extraordinary. The overall release speed is very fast, give a little strength, it is very sturdy. The speed is fast and the sense of strength is full. To be honest, the rotation is not particularly strong, but this bottom plate uses a softer linba surface material, which is neutralized, and the arc and the ball are good. And in the fiber layer, not only the ZLC with high rebounding force, but also the ALC with the feeling of stopping the ball in an instant. Therefore, the rebound speed and the sense of holding the ball are still relatively balanced.

The speed is between the butterfly external ALC and the external ZLC. However, the fierceness after exerting the force did not allow much. An absolute killer. The flexibility is a bit too strong, and the ball in the stage is easy to rise. Only a golfer with a solid basic skills can hold it. Otherwise, the error rate will be higher.


Amateur players above the intermediate technical level. Between “fast” and “arc”, “fast” is more inclined. If the level is average, but pure fast break is the main focus, I think it can be used.

Joola Vyzrryz Hybird

It is worth noting that both the Trinity and the Freeze face material used Limba, while the Hybird used KOTO. Limba holds the ball softer, and the head is crisper and faster. The mixed fiber layer has PBO-C on one side and Super PBO-C on the other. Such a direct hitting surface material, coupled with the excellent rebound PBO-C fiber, is naturally the word “fast” at the head. Under such circumstances, people will wonder if the ball is enough!

Frankly speaking, this combination is really not that good for pure circle golfers. Still properly fast arc wind. On the Super PBO-C side, the author puts on the forehand; the PBO-C side, puts on the backhand. It feels that the sweet spot on the forehand is more obvious and bites the ball more; the backhand does not bite the ball that much. Because of the differences in personal technical styles, it’s okay for you to use PBO-C for forehand and Super PBO-C for backhand. On the whole, this is still not a soleplate that is easy to handle with pure friction. This hybrid is hard and tough as a whole. It’s not bad to play fast break. Both bounce and attack are smooth. If you really want to play arcs, it is recommended to find some rubber that holds the ball better. For example, a sticky sleeve for the forehand would be even better.


General amateur players can try it. The one with the lowest technical threshold in the Vyzrryz series is also the one that is most capable of “circularization”.

Joola Vyzrryz Freeze

The first is to use Limba noodles with a delicate ball feel. Although the fiber is still external, it is AL-C. AL-C holds the ball longer than PBO-C. Although the rebound is not as strong as PBO-C, the overall strength of the board is not bad. According to the official statement, the freeze-solidification process used strengthens the ball holding time and can create stronger spins and higher arcs. This blade reminds me of Maze Carbon, but it’s better in strength and feel more solid.

Compared with the Hurricane Long 5 with built-in ALC, the hand feel of Freeze under medium and small power is slightly blurred, but it is tougher and more handy in defense. The overall deformation and power amplification are not as strong as Long 5, but there is still quite good deformation and power. The overall performance is steady and stable. It should be said that it is relatively close to the people, and ordinary golfers can get started, and the ball has a high degree of balance, and the spin and speed are good.

Hardcore summary:

Technical threshold: Trinity> Hybird> Freeze

The Trinity is the most ferocious, but it does require high technical requirements.

The ratio of fast break and circle: Hybird> Trinity> Freeze

For amateur palyers who dominate arcs and have average skills, it is recommended to choose Freeze, which is more secure.

On the whole, the quality of these three blades is good, but it is also important to choose the one that suits you. It determines whether you think it is good or not.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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