Victas star’s journey to the Houston World Table Tennis Championships


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As a supplier of the men’s official clothing for the Japanese national team, obviously, the performance of the Japanese men’s team in the singles of the World Table Tennis Championships is not as dazzling as the VICTAS jersey. None of the five players made it to the top 16, which is not a small upset. It may be because of the exhaustion period after the Olympics, or like Harimoto Tomokazu, experiencing the dual troubles of academics and technical reforms.

However, in the mixed doubles, Tomokazu and Hayada won the silver medal, Hayata and Mima Ito also won the women’s doubles silver medal, and the All Japan Championship men’s singles champion Yukiya Uda and Hayabusa Togami won the bronze medal in the men’s doubles. Can be regarded as a kind of comfort.

Looking back on this trip to the World Table Tennis Championships, the performance of the main signing stars of VICTAS can be described as mixed.

Pitchford, despite defeat

Equipment configuration: VICTAS Pitchford, V> 15 Extra

The 3:4 loss to Liang Jingkun was an acceptable result. There is no shortage of top ten balls in the game. The game score went from 2:2 to 3:3 and then to the final game. Pitchford gave full play to his speed advantage and also had several high-energy performances in the remote station. The topspin duel is not downwind.

After this Pitchford signature board was charcoal-fired by Licai, the speed of approaching the station increased even faster. At the same time, he can also hold the heavy board from Liang Jingkun’s backhand position. And V>15 Extra is not easy to eat the opponent’s rotation characteristics, which also helps the performance of the stalemate stage. Make Piche more calm when defending. The final unsuccessful defeat can only be said that both sides have tried their best.

Niwa Takaki, not in the state

Equipment configuration: Niwa Takaki Pure Wood, V> 15 Extra

In the second round of the men’s singles, the loss to Austrian veteran Habesson 2:4 was indeed unexpected. The Niwa teacher at the last World Table Tennis Championships lost to Liang Jingkun after reaching the top 8. The stop of the top 64 this time is indeed a bit unexpected. When looking back after the game, he said that he didn’t feel at all and his performance was too bad.

In fact, when we look back at Niwa Takaki’s performance in competitions over the years, although he always said that he played Buddhism, his results have not been Buddhism, and he is quite stable. Belongs to one of the best performers in the Chinese team’s opponents.

With the elimination of Niwa, few men’s singles players use pure wooden boards. Although this piece of Niwa Takaki’s seven clips is pure wood, it has good elasticity and is transparent and light on the whole. With V>15 Extra, it has a unique defensive performance: it can easily unload, and it is also abrupt to pull back the belt.

Wang Yang, God’s will make people

Equipment configuration: Spinpips D1

The year before, he signed with VICTAS, and the chopper Wang Yang started using TSP’s classic positive glue Super Spinpips 20812 on his backhand. In the history of the Super Rotation series, there was once a famous god: Liu Guoliang, the winner of the Grand Slam. “Ease of use” is an important concept of the TSP particle philosophy, which should be easily mastered by people who have never used ortho glue. Although it is a positive glue, D1 has a strong ability to increase rotation, which is why Wang Yang uses it.

In this World Table Tennis Championships, Wang Yang, who performed well, reached the top 16 men’s singles. However, God’s will make someone who was determined to be a close contact in the routine test of the new crown virus, and had to withdraw from the game, and his opponent Boll was automatically promoted.

Xu Xiaoyuan, a little surprise

Equipment configuration: Curl P1V

For Xu Xiaoyuan, another chipper, reaching the top 8 women’s singles is already an improvement. Helplessly, the player in the quarterfinals was “Little Devil” Sun Yingsha, who was really struggling.

The predecessor of VICTAS Curl P1V is actually the famous TSP Curl P-1R. It is the longest, thinner, and most variable long glue in this series. Zhu Shihe has used this piece of rubber for a long time. On the one hand, the degree of change is very strong, on the other hand, it is also offensive and defensive, which is quite stable. No, Teacher Ni Xialian also uses this one, except that she uses a single rubber, and Xu Xiaoyuan uses a set of rubber.

Ni Xialian, the sword is not old

Equipment configuration: SWAT, VO> 102, Curl P1V OX (long rubber single rubber)

In this World Table Tennis Championships, Teacher Ni failed to continue the prestige of the WTT Slovenia sub-station (3:2 victory over Wang Yidi), but was eliminated by Wang Yidi. But it is still a treasure. In the women’s doubles competition, won the bronze medal. At the age of 58, she won the World Table Tennis Championship again after 36 years. This is also the first women’s medal at the World Table Tennis Championship in Luxembourg history.

SWAT has been at the forefront of floor sales in Japan in recent years. Although the structure of Linba face material, Ayous sub-layer and Ayous core is simple, after being smoked, it has a more transparent and clear hand feeling, which is a balanced seven-fold. And 102 has become a new generation of positive rubber kings, national players Muzi, Sun Mingyang, and folk masters Huang Jianjiang and Lei Leilei are all using it.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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