Joola Freeze: Why was Zhou Qihao’s choice?


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As the new signing star of Joola, obviously, Zhou Qihao will choose one of Joola’s blade. And after the Vyzaryz series went on the market, they are quite popular in the market. The mighty Trinity, the heterogeneous Hybrid, and the freeze that is as stable as an old dog all have fans. So why did Zhou Qihao choose the most inconspicuous and least fierce blade in this series?

It is known that Zhou Qihao’s latest blade configuration: the blade is freeze, and the backhand rubber is Dynaryz ZGR.

The story starts with Lin Gaoyuan’s “redress” of ALC. It is also an external carbon base blade with natural arc and stable like an old dog. Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC was not as pleasing to the market because its power limit was not as good as Vis. Until Lin Gaoyuan, Zhou Qihao, Wang Manyu and other national players have used this blade to achieve results. People only re-examined the boost that the “natural arc ability” and “stability” bring to the players.

We have no shortage of physical fitness, no lack of power technology, and the most important thing is to be stable, so that we can control comfortably and use power unscrupulously. —I believe this sentence can be used as a monologue for Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC users. Although pure wooden soleplates and built-in aromatic carbon blade can often achieve this, the faster shot speed and easier defense with external aromatic carbon blade are also what the stars want.

In the same way, Joola ‘s Freeze also possesses very similar attributes.

Structure analysis

Lymphatic surface material + ALC aromatic carbon layer + lymphatic transition layer + paulownia core, this is an ice-sealed structure. The soft lymphatic surface material guarantees the ball-holding feeling under small force, and the external aromatic carbon layer guarantees a quick feedback when leveraging the force. The large paulownia core has a transparent and controllable feel, which is conducive to the stability of defense and counterattack. sex. Basically, such a structure is almost always more biased towards the near middle stage, and the bottom strength of the far stage is relatively average.

Is there a uniformly structured base blade on the market? It really does. Nitaku’s Hurricane King speed. This board was first typed out by Taiwanese beauty Zheng Xianzhi, and then she “fudged” (in fact, it was a recommendation among good friends) Liu Xin and other female national players. But obviously, the speed of Hurricane King is only brisk, in fact it is not that fast, the overall flexibility and strength are not as good as that of ice.

So, let’s compare the more popular Lin Gaoyuan ALC and Visaria. This way everyone will be clearer.

The Lin Gaoyuan ALC and Visaria that Zhou Qihao used before have the same structure. Koutou face material and aromatic carbon type are different from Freeze. Koutou is more brittle and harder, and it is better at first speed. The ALC used for the butterfly external carbon plate is blue carbon, while the ice-sealed ALC is yellow carbon (it should be the kind of Hurricane Long 5). Lanfang Carbon is harder, more explosive, and has a faster speed. KLC is softer and has a good energy storage effect. So Hurricane Long 5 and Hurricane 301 like to use this kind of yellow carbon.

In terms of physical properties, we can know that under medium and small forces, the presence of lymphatic surface material and KLC will eat the ball very much when Freeze. Wow, when the power is not strong, eating balls is even better than Maze Carbon. Maze ALC is lymphatic surface material + external blue aromatic carbon.

Compare Vis

Why does Zhou Qihao use Vis instead of Lin Gaoyuan ALC before? Because Lin Gaoyuan ALC has stronger arcing ability and is more stable. Freeze is also very good, very stable. In terms of power limit, Vis can be pulled higher. Under medium power, Vis is dull and impenetrable to players of average level, but at six points, the Freeze may be penetrated. At this time, the Freeze is not as easy to drop the ball like Vis. After exerting force to nine points, I feel that Vis’s power can still be raised, but at this time Freeze feels that it is difficult for the power to rise again.

To sum up briefly, if you have average power, and like to penetrate easily and control well, then freeze is an easier choice. You have a strong momentum, and the kill of the veneer is the most important, then Vis will be better.

Of course, the scepter of the Vyzaryz series is even more powerful. There is also a very good sense of holding the ball. But the stability is not as good as Freeze. For Zhou Qihao, you see his amazing backhand force, what is more needed is stability and fault tolerance.

Contrast with Lin Gaoyuan ALC

The same is the lymphatic surface material, the ice seal will be slightly better than the elasticity of Maze Carbon, and the strength is also better. Maze Carbon now has only stability after hitting.

So, what about Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC? Although the type of surface material and aromatic carbon are different, the overall feel and style are very similar. It can be said that Zhou Qihao can seamlessly connect from Lin Gaoyuan ALC to play Freeze.

The commonality is: the two boards have a very strong sense of holding the ball, and the arc is good. Defensive fault tolerance is also very good. With Frozen and Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC, if you still make a mistake, it can only be a technical problem… What Zhou Qihao wants is: a good board and a good game, I can use my skills to my heart’s content.

The difference is, in fact, very small. At the top of the board (the opponent’s strong attack), Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC may have a slightly faster speed during the afterburner due to the presence of the Kouhead face material and the harder Lanfang Carbon, and the feedback feel is also firmer. The Freeze is that the acceleration is more sudden (suddenly faster) when the force is applied, and the spin is better when the force is small (the softer lymphatic surface material and the KLC are used to create the spin change).

But in terms of absolute strength, it is clear that these two plates are not as good as Vis. But at the same time, your mistakes will be reduced a lot, and there are very few situations where you can’t get through. For average amateur player, Freeze can enhance your stability.

Regarding the question that some golfers have said, which is the clearer feeling between the ice and the Lin Gaoyuan ALC, the author thinks that it is just the personal preferences and habits of different surface materials and aromatic carbon types.

The key that ultimately determines whether we will choose Freeze is: the degree of demand for absolute power, of course, is Vis and the scepter; the control of medium-strength ball holding and control performance, obviously this is ice Advantages of closure. Of course, whether Zhou Qihao’s future performance can produce enough star effects will also have a profound impact on Freeze ‘s sales vitality.

In today’s push, there will be a comparison of the Vyzaryz series written before in the second article. You can also revisit it.


Author: 邵璧林

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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