About Hurricane series, the three most doubtful questions among amateur player


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Hurricane 3, the standard matching rubber for the forehand of the national players, once reached 95% of the national forehand market share. The high combination of spin and power , strong arcing ability and fault tolerance, as well as the sneaky double jump, have made it the favorite of many amateur playerin the past 20 years. Although new rubber sleeves are emerging in endlessly, some domestic and imported adhesive sleeves have become substitutes in a sense and have lost part of the market share of Hurricane, but it is still No. 1 in the forehand field of Chinese people.

Moreover, in the new plastic ball era, in order to retrieve the “lost spin”, double-sided hurricane has become a fashion. Ma Long, Xu Xin, Wang Chuqin, Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha, and Wang Manyu have all become representatives of double-faced hurricane. So, what should be paid attention to in the selection and use of hurricane and its branch rubber?

Which Hurricane 3 is more suitable for amateur player ?

As soon as this question comes up, many people will reflexively answer: Hurricane 3. In fact, this is more of an economic choice. Indeed, Hurricane 3 is good and cheap. But in fact, it has its problems. Table tennis equipment is different from many ball sports equipment, which is: most of the time, the more expensive it is, the better it is to play. The foaming degree of the sponges of the provincial and national hurricane is more even than that of the general mads. Hurricane 3 seemed even more blunt. It seems to be easy to control, just because of its weak flexibility, but it doesn’t feel as good as the province hurricane and the national hurricane, which will affect the fault tolerance. It stands to reason that provincial hurricane and national hurricane are more stable than ordinary hurricane, and the error of hardness is smaller.

However, here, the author recommends Hurricane 3 NEO more. Because no matter the general hurricane, the province hurricane or the national hurricane, they all originated in the organic era. It is still used by many amateur player, but it is better to use it with oil or glue. This way it feels more flexible. For beginners, it is not good at filling glue or brushing oil, and it takes effort. It is better to choose a good NEO pre-set before leaving the factory. Although, in the eyes of professional players, this kind of bottoming may not be enough, and the power cannot meet their needs. But for beginner amateur player, it’s definitely enough. NEO hurricane are more even than organic hurricane, and the quality control is better, and at the same time, it saves the link of self-priming.

In the choice of hardness, 38 or 39 degrees is generally appropriate. Do basic skills, the degree should not be too high.

By the way, in the recent National Games, many players have chosen the star blue sponge national hurricane suit. Some are above 41 degrees. However, in fact, the sponge feel of the celebrity national set is flexible, a bit like the jelly feel of the jacket, and it is not as hard as the height number shows. amateur player with a certain degree of skill need not be afraid of the high number of star national sets.

How to choose a high-viscosity and high-elastic backhand adhesive rubber?

Hurricane 3-50, Skyline 3-60 and Hurricane 8-80, how to choose these? Although the 38 degrees of the Hurricane 8-80 is attached to the tougher blade, it can also be used in the forehand position. But here we are mainly talking about the backhand position.

Hurricane 3-50 and Skyline 3-60 are considered seniors. In terms of feel, Hurricane 3-50 is slightly harder than Skyline 3-60, so it will be slightly stronger in terms of strength. The hand of Skyline 3-60 is more delicate and clear, which has a certain relationship with the smaller particles of Skyline 3, which are more elastic and easy to penetrate. Of course, the absolute strength is stronger and the 37-degree soft Hurricane3, but because of its smaller sponge pores, its force threshold is higher than the Hurricane 3-50 and Skyline 3-60. Among these, the easiest to control is Skyline 3-60, and the continuity is also good.

Hurricane 8-80 is this year’s latest masterpiece. It should be said that it is the continuation of the high-viscosity and high-elastic style of Hurricane 3-50 and Skyline 3-60. The elasticity is very close to the astringent coat, and it has the solid feel of Hurricane 3-50 sponge and the transparency of Skyline 3-60 sponge. On the whole, the performance is more flexible. It is not perfect, its strength is not as good as Hurricane 3’s 37-degree softness or some astringent coats, but its viscosity and elasticity go hand in hand, and the start-down spin and the upper spin are more fully balanced.

Is Hurricane all-match to any blade?

Generally speaking, Hurricane 3 and its variants are more suitable for matching with a soft blade that is easier to deform as a whole. However, from the actual operation point of view, the national players seem to think that hurricane is all-match, what is going on?

It should be said that Hurricane 3 is indeed very adaptable to different blade. From the Butterfly Taksim Vis with the external ALC Carbon to the Hurricane Long 5 with the built-in KLC Carbon, the national players have used the Hurricane 3. From pure wood to carbon to ZLC, there is almost no exception. Personally, I think it is necessary to look at it dialectically. First of all, for amateur players, generally follow the principle of soft rubber with hard blade and hard rubber with soft blade. For the hard blade, Hurricane can choose a lower degree. The blade is soft, the degree can be raised. Moreover, when the national players use Hurricane, because a lot of oiling is used for the primer, this reduces the hardness in terms of feel. Therefore, their madness with high numbers is not necessarily that hard.

We generally think that the external ZLC and Hurricane are not too good. But in this year’s game, we saw Chen Xing with Lin Gaoyuan ZLC with Blue Sponge National Hurricane 3. On the one hand, brushing and primer can really soften the Hurricane; on the other hand, the Hurricane of the blue sponge is softer than that of the orange sponge. The orange sponge is better than the natural arc, and the average player can control it better. The blue sponge is softer, the ball is better controlled, and the upper power limit is higher. But the requirements for force are also higher. Moreover, everyone’s hand feel will be differentiated. If you don’t need to get used to it, you need to experience it yourself in many cases. It just means that we generally choose the degree of rubber and “choose one of orange sponge and blue sponge” according to different blade.


Author: 邵璧林

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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