[2021/12/06]Wang Chuqin’s blade; Stiga ‘s new model


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We may be about to usher in the best era for audiophiles. Not only the players, but also the brand manufacturers are coming together. This week, we will take a closer look at the WTT World Cup Finals.

Wang Chuqin – – Yinhe Xu Yingbin Special

In the men’s singles semifinals last night, Wang Chuqin lost to Fan Zhendong 2:4. The base plate used is made by Yinhe Xu Yingbin (the same external blue aromatic carbon structure as Viscaria). The dark horse conjectures that it is because the big head always loses to the Fan. Then when I practiced with Xu Yingbin, I thought this blade was okay. Why don’t you change your luck? The indirect effect is: it contributed to a successful marketing for Yinhe.

In the semi-finals of the World Cup, it was bold and ambitious to use his teammate’s blade passively without using his own blade. In this regard, we can also see the increasing level of Yinhe’ s special blade.

(Picture from WTT)

Wang Manyu — Wang Manyu Carbon

Wang Manyu, who won the women’s singles champion of the World Table Tennis Championships, has not adjusted his state yet and lost to Kaiyan 0:3. It just so happens that Du Kaiyan is the star of Stiga ‘s endorsement, and the blade used is Carbon Dynasty (why not use the blue label, but use the black label, I have to ask about this). Isn’t this the best time for Wang Manyu to switch to Stiga Wang Manyu Carbon?

With Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC, he can win the World Table Tennis Championships and get out early. It shows that the lower limit of eel is not high enough. The impact of the blade on the players is not as great as imagined. At this moment, isn’t it a smooth flow to change into the upcoming Stiga Wang Manyu? Considering Fan Zhendong’s use of VPS, I guess “Stiga will not step into the same river.” Although Stiga officially said that players have the right to freely try other brand blade, as the new no.1 of its blade, the same story should never happen again.

In another episode, Xu Xin used Xu Xin’s gold label in the Hong Kong trip.

Stiga ‘s next “mode”

Since Xu Xin blue label/Carbon Dynasty, Stiga ‘s designers seem to be enlightened. Look at the appearance of these two blade, one is the upcoming Rose Carbon, and the other is the silent Intense CCF.

Coupled with the Cybershape 6 that is in the limelight, you will find that: hardwood surface material + built-in carbon, it seems to be the new blade model of Stiga . Strictly speaking, Cybershape 6 is just a dyed KOTO face material. But Rose Carbon and Intense CCF are both: hardwood, built-in carbon, and Ayous core.

The hardwood surface material is easy to control the ball in the table under a small force, and it strengthens the speed of the rebound. At the same time, in order to save effort and better adapt to the upspinning of the plastic ball, the built-in carbon treatment is used to strengthen the support and Absolutely strength.

Fang Bo — Banda

Although Fang Bo retired, his influence is obviously greater than that of many former national players. In April last year, Mr. Dark Horse wrote that Stiga started to restart Banda, and even the new blade had come out. Unexpectedly, it was officially restarted after more than a year. When Wang Manyu became the final winner of the women’s singles of the World Table Tennis Championships, Wang Manyu Carbon is about to be released; Cybershape 6 reached the men’s singles final; Banda signed Fang Bo; Stiga found a new board-making model and design approach. For Stiga , who was reloaded into battle, everything is getting better.

In addition, Aruna used Storm 53 (the model suffix EL to highlight power and rotation, and XT to highlight speed) to beat the violent forehand of the thieves and defeated Liang Jingkun 3:1; Hugo used Omega 7Tour on both sides (this The rubbers was only produced in small quantities. Faced with the rubber skins of the contracted players, it was time to go on the market.), 3:0 won Lin Gaoyuan.

The gaps between players and brands are constantly narrowing.

Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Zix7UtfZ6CxSZM9B_DyIyw

Author: 邵璧林

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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