Houston World Table Tennis Championships Men’s Singles Top 16 Equipment Configuration


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As Fan Zhendong clenched his fists hard and celebrated calmly, the World Table Tennis Championships, where the ups and downs were so high, and young people carried the lead, finally came to an end. In the end, Fan Zhendong won the championship, the Swedish teenager Moregold won the runner-up, and Liang Jingkun won the bronze medal.

If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. Let us review the respective magic weapons of the top 16 men’s singles, and see what magic weapon helps them gallop on the field.

Fan Zhendong: Special Vis, Hurricane 3 Neo National Blue Sponge , Dignics 09c

Nowadays, whether it is a men’s team or a women’s team, Visaria and its variants (Zhang Jike ALC, Lin Gaoyuan ALC, Gold Label Vis) have almost become the most important standard equipment. Similarly, choosing Hurricane 3 Neo National Blue Sponge forehand is the first choice. Nowadays, regardless of men and women, the forehand of the national team is not the Hurricane 3 Neo National Blue Sponge, it can be said that it is rare. The powerful spin, the weird double jump, and the surging bottom strength all define the concept of the strongest forehand.

After signing the butterfly, Fan Zhendong’s backhand was still using Dignics 05 some time ago. For this World Table Tennis Championships, the same series of Dignics 09c was used. The sticky D09c can better strengthen the stability of the arc and let himself be better, which should be the reason for his choice.

Moregold: Cybershape 6, DNA Platinum XH, DNA Platinum XH

It now appears that, in addition to the “regular supplies” of Hurricane 3 and Viscaria, Cybershape 6 has become the biggest dark horse and beneficiary of this World Table Tennis Championships. This blade looks weird, I didn’t expect the damage to be so big, and it really feels transparent and has a big sweet spot. It is with such assistance that Moregod can let go of himself and attack wantonly. Evolve this World Table Tennis Championships into a “dark horse journey.”

DNA platinum version XH can be said to be a new generation of DNA. The first generation is DNA Pro, with deep ball and good arc; the second generation is DNA platinum version, which further strengthens the sense of speed. Then comes the DNA Red Dragon version, which is up to 55 degrees, with a slightly sticky rubber surface, and the ball-holding and lethality have been greatly improved. The DNA platinum version of XH currently used by Moregold is said to be aimed at professional players. The high hardness of 52.5, the thin rubber surface and the thickness of the sponge are about 2.3mm, with high speed and firm bite force.

Liang Jingkun: Vis, Hurricane 3 Neo National Blue Sponge,Hurricane 3

Hurricane 3 or Hurricane 8 is specially made, as one of the first choice rubber sets for domestic men and women, it has actually entered the amateur field. Nowadays, many amateur masters in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta also use “two-sided hurricane”. Relatively speaking, Hurricane 3 bites the ball better, but it requires a bit more force; Hurricane 8 takes more shots and saves effort. Especially after the Hurricane 8-80 and 37-degree soft Hurricane 8 came out, they are even more popular.


This blade “PRIMORAC CARBON”, which was born in the era of the small ball, has given a new lease of life. Ball was first used in the German League. At first, everyone thought it was just for fun, but they did not expect to use the Tokyo Olympics and the World Table Tennis Championships. The 6.9mm thick blade has stronger support and direct rebound performance, which makes it more comfortable with force. For a veteran, it’s really important to play more easily and effortlessly.

Adhesive rubber cover D09c has been loved by many famous players. Boll and his teammate Ocharov, who did not participate this time, are on the forehand, and national talents such as Fan Zhendong and Lin Gaoyuan are on the backhand. It can be said that this is the representative rubber on the other side of the butterfly.

Wang Chuqin: Vis, Hurricane 3 Neo National Blue Sponge, Hurricane 8

When many foreign brands are trying to open up new frontiers in forehand sticking, DHS has already reaped a lot in the backhand field. “Two-sided hurricane ” has become an important step in national technological reform. Many national players choose low-degree NEO National Hurricane 3 or National Hurricane 8 in the backhand position. In the era of plastic balls, “recovering the lost spin” is the top priority. And Hurricane has always been a high-quality choice for national players.

Huang Zhenting: Zhang Jike ALC, D09c, T05H

(The handle is Super Zhang Jike ‘s look, but the structure is known to be Zhang Jike ALC.) We noticed that those players with strong backhands may choose the most lethal backhand jacket, that is, Tenergy 05 Hard. The fierceness of its power and the sense of speed of the electric light stone fire are beyond the reach of other astringent rubber sets. It is hard enough and fierce enough, but for amateurs, putting it on the forehand is a bit of a test of basic skills, not to mention the backhand. But professional players don’t need to worry.

Lin Gaoyuan: Lin Gaoyuan ALC, Hurricane 3 Neo National Blue Sponge, D09c

Both Lin Gaoyuan ALC and Zhang Jike ALC are variants of Viscaria, with the same structure and thickness. In contrast, Lin Gaoyuan’s ALC has a stronger natural arcing ability. It seems that the power is not great, but the offense can be continuous. Many national players such as Zhou Qihao and Wang Manyu are also fans of this blade.

Pitchford: Pitchford, V> 15 Extra, V> 15 Extra

ZX-Gear Out has quickly become one of the most cost-effective high-end boards on the market after it went on the market. As a result, it has become a template for many base plates in the Victas 90th Anniversary Edition. In order to further strengthen the speed near the station, Victas tailor-made the “Piccheford signature board” for Pitchford, the main part of the force material has been charcoal fired to strengthen the stability of the first speed and the block near the station.

V>15 Extra has always been the queen rubber of Pichford and Niwa Takaki. Strong defensive ability (not easy to eat and turn), combined with the balanced characteristics of easy pilling and rapid rebound with force, makes it one of the first choices of German sets enthusiasts.

Daktronics: Daktronics DJC, K3, change MX-P

With a strong sudden and explosive backhand, and the skill of tearing and throwing, he is a personal portrayal of the rising star of Slovenia, Dakko. And this new board-Daktronics DJC really makes it even more powerful. Although it is built-in fiber, it uses strong and strong Dyneema carbon fiber, which is very high elasticity and very fast. At the same time, the surface material and strength material are processed very thinly, which quickly penetrates the board, inspiring the board’s “high-speed” characteristics.

K3 is also a new upright sticky sleeve. Compared with K2, it is easier to produce deformation and has better energy storage. Backhand position, the current information given is to change MX-P, but it is said that tall and straight will produce a new change (different from the national change and 5G core change), which is aimed at professional players.

Hugo: Hugo HAL, Omega 7 Tour, Omega 7 Tour

“I don’t add carbon because I’m too violent.” This sentence can be a monologue of Hugo. In the first three games against Liang Jingkun, Hugo fully demonstrated the amazing explosiveness and lethality under the extraordinary physical fitness. Don’t be too sturdy backhand! In an interview with Hugo, he said: Although speed is the most important factor, it is not as fast as possible. I am considering the balance between speed, control and hitting feel. Therefore, he finally chose Hugo Hyper Axilium (Hugo Hyper Axilium) without carbon.

Omega 7 Tour is currently in the process of small batch production and is only available to Xiom contract players. As a flagship work, it is said to have a feeling of gripping and sponge throughput. Looking forward to it entering the market!

Lin Zhongxun: Special Innerforce Layer ALC, T05H, D09c

Innerforce Layer ALC has been active in the hands of Ishikawa Jiachun and Lee Sangzhu for several years. As a butterfly contract player, Lin Zhongxun is also fully armed with butterfly. This base plate has built-in blue aromatic carbon, and it seems very stable to eat the ball under medium strength. After the force is exerted, it can stimulate the bottom strength of the Ayous core. There are many similarities in style with Grand Slam winner Malone’s W968.

Aruna: Gewo Aruna Off, Storm 53, Storm 53 (Green)

After October 1, it has actually entered the “color rubber era”. But this time, Szokos did not become a “pink girl” (tall and upright launched pink quantum), nor did Mr. Mudak have a bright blue (Victas launched blue V>15 Extra), only a few used color Rubber. One of the most famous is the Gewo contract player Aruna.

And this Storm 53 is brand new! Not only the green rubber surface, but the sponge is also green. It is said that the performance is also a brand new thing, which can be regarded as an upgraded version of the original Storm 53. However, it will not be listed until next year.

Karlsson: Butterfly SK7, D09c, T05H

Enthusiasts may have noticed that Ball tried the injured SK7 in the previous German league. To be honest, it is not fast or slow, its strength is not much, and the rotation is not too strong, but it is as stable as an old dog. This is also the portrayal of many pure wood seven clips today.

D09c and T05H, as the flagship representatives of the butterfly company’s sticky sleeve and astringent sleeve, are suitable for both forehand and backhand. Whether it is placed on the backhand or forehand depends on the player’s personal characteristics and strength.

Wang Yang: HARIMOTO ALC, T05H, TSP Super Spinpips

As a signed star of Victas, the information currently displayed is: Chopper Wang Yang uses TSP Super Spinpips for his backhand, which can be said to be the king of positive rubber. The current model name has also been changed to Victas Spinpips D1.

And HARIMOTO ALC are indeed loved by many pellet players. For example, Zhang Mo of Canada used it to make positive glue.

Carnac: Boll ALC, T05H, T19

Although Boll, the older and more demon “old man”, does not use Boll ALC anymore, he has too many fans in Europe and the United States, and the same is true for his previous motherboard Boll ALC. When you output more power, it will convert more rotations at the same time, which is a major characteristic of wave A.

With T19, which “bites the ball better than T05, has a shorter arc but better bounces”, it can be said to complement each other.

Feirus: Butterfly special pure wood, T05H, Feint Long III

Another chipper played well in this World Table Tennis Championships, reaching the top 16 men’s singles, using a butterfly chip. The rubber configuration is naturally also fully equipped with butterflies: the ferocious Tenergy 05 Hard, and the varied long rubber Feint Long III.

The Hurricane 3 Neo National Blue Sponge with the dominance of the national forehand, the trend of “two-sided hurricane” in the backhand position, Vis and its variants, and flagship jackets such as D09c and T05H are all long-term winners of the World Table Tennis Championships. Unexpectedly, the emergence of this weird guy in Cyber 6 really caused a big wave of the World Table Tennis Championships!



This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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